10 Things We Learned Watching The New Batman V Superman Trailer

There’s a showdown brewing between DC Extended Universe’s two most prominent superheroes. Gotham City’s billionaire vigilante Batman will travel to Metropolis to wrestle head to head with Superman. What will happen when Batman confronts Superman? And has Superman, the once humble journalist, obtained too much power by becoming a modern-day God-like savior? Is the Joker ever going to make an appearance? Why is Doomsday in the movie? Why did they ruin the surprise? And what will they do with him? All such questions and more will be answered in the feature film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, set to release March 25, 2016.

It’s not so much a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel, but the next film in a series that will portray the Justice League, and all of its recurring characters, well into the future (circa 2020). The new movie isn’t meant to be a sequel to The Dark Knight Returns, however director Zack Snyder says, “We’re bringing Batman into the universe that now this Superman lives in.” And Henry Cavill, who will be portraying Superman, has said “I wouldn’t call this a Superman sequel. This is Batman vs. Superman, so it's a separate entity altogether. It's introducing the Batman character, and expanding upon this universe, which was kicked off by Man of Steel.”

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10 Batman Has A Gun?

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Batman has sworn off guns since the Detective Comics of the 1940s. It has been an intrinsic detail, something that defines Batman’s character. And in the Dark Knight trilogy of the 1980s, Batman never used guns. He only uses “guns” (more accurately projectile-mechanisms) on his vehicles, occasionally. But he never kills people with a gun, per se. This could mean one of two things. Either this is a Batman we’ve never seen before... or that’s not a gun, but rather a grenade launcher, or an energy beam that produces ultra sonic sounds, or something non-lethal that can immobilize a threat. Or that’s actually a real gun. If it is a real gun, "Dawn of Justice" will be an historic film. The only way to know the truth is to watch the movie. Either way, it’s weird for Batman to be holding a weapon that looks so much like a gun because it betrays his morals.

9 Ben Affleck's Bat-Voice

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Common consensus is this is a good thing. Many think this could be one of the best Batman portrayals to ever hit the big screen. Or any screen. From big screens to small screens. It looks like Ben Affleck is going to nail the part of Batman. Which is a hard thing to do, because our ideas about what Batman should be are already high up in the stratosphere. How can a mere human being put forth such an accurate rendition of a figure we’ve exalted to near perfection and God-like status? I don’t know, but maybe DC Comics got it right this time. All in all, Ben Affleck should live up to expectations. And the Bat-Voice: love it or hate it, some of us think it’s nonsense. But most of us think it’s awesome. Or at least, it’s better this time around than it was in The Dark Knight. Much better.

8 Batman V Superman Battle Will Be Epic

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The most exciting thing about this movie is what should still be an epic battle between Batman and Superman. Hopefully DC Comics doesn't mess that up. From the trailers, we can deduce that the tension between Batman and Superman is going to provide for some great action scenes. And that’s something worth getting pumped up for. It’s clear that the two don’t see eye-to-eye; they misunderstand each other. And what could be better than watching two superheroes, two of the most powerful characters in DC Comics’ Universe, that we as the audience have no ambivalence towards, battle it out head to head? All bets are on. Who will end up dominating? We think this should be about 20-30 minutes of pure action. And from the conversations between Superman and Batman in the trailer, we know neither one of them is scared. They’re “edgier” than they’ve ever been.

7 Everything Is Darker, More Intense

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There is a possibility the movie will contain dark humor, more so than Man of Steel. Also, the writing has improved. The mood of the film is "intense," and some will ask if this is too dark for Superman. Superman was always the civilian vigilante, the beacon of hope, and in this new film, he will initially be introduced as someone many people don’t trust. Some people think he’s wielding too much power, or he’s a false-god. The movie is definitely darker in tone than anything we’ve ever seen before. Will we see a different side of Superman? We definitely don’t know what to expect, and so this brings excitement for movie-goers. Greg Silverman of Warner Bros. has explained, "There is intensity and a seriousness of purpose to some of these characters [...] the filmmakers who are tackling these properties are making great movies about superheroes; they aren't making superhero movies…”

6 Lex Luther Steals The Show

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You’ll love to hate the supervillain Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg. Lex Luthor is very annoying and completely contemptuous of Superman and his “alien nature.” Jesse Eisenberg definitely did a good job portraying a criminal mastermind. A wicked and evil villain who is emotionally complex, disturbed, sophisticated, intelligent, and wealthy. Someone who knows what’s going on even when other people have no idea what’s going on at all. You get the feeling Lex probably has a lot of secrets but at the same time he’s funny, he’s witty, and he’s entertaining. After watching the last trailer, we can tell you that Lex has some of the best lines in the whole movie. He nails it in a menacing and sarcastic tone, when Senator Flinch tells him he’s psychotic, and he replies, “That is a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds.” Bang. So as a supervillian, Lex is the complete package.

5 Realistic Visual Effects

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Movie viewers will get their money’s worth if they choose to pay out however much money it costs these days to go see a film. Because the cinematography is quite amazing and the Metropolis battle scene looks far better than it did in Man of Steel. The fans will totally love the camera work. It’s much better in Batman v Superman than it was in Man of Steel. So the cinematographer Larry Fong did a great job. And this is all to be expected seeing as how this is one of the most expensive movies ever made. Reportedly, it was $410 million dollars to make. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the record holder for most expensive movie, was only $600,000 more. So we’re getting great content and amazing visual effects, along with the best actors money can buy.

4 What About The Justice League?

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They revealed Doomsday. What he looks like. Everyone hates it. Everything sucks. But we still don’t know about the other Justice League members. What about Aquaman? Cyborg? Flash? Or the Green Lantern? And what the hell does “Unite the Seven” even mean? They didn't show much of the Justice League. And I don’t think they’d be ignorant enough to reveal the entire plot of the world's most anticipated film. We still really don’t know what will happen in the movie. We only know about five minutes of what will happen. There’s still the mystery of how the Justice League will be incorporated into the entire scheme of things.

We know Batman is in the movie, Superman is in the movie, and Wonder Woman is in the movie. Yet we still don’t really know exactly what Wonder Woman will do. So we know that we still don’t know very much.

3 Doomsday

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Did they really just reveal the film’s antagonist, essentially ruining the film? For all the fans out there who know this comic book story, the trailer was kind of a sad thing. It now appears that Superman and Batman will team up to fight Doomsday. And somehow Wonder Woman is going to join forces with the two.

But somehow, I think the movie will redeem itself. Doomsday has always been a minor character. And it is not known to what extent he will have an effect on the film’s plot. We know, now, what he looks like. But he could evolve into something else. Let’s remember every time you kill Doomsday, he comes back as something else. And so what this means for how the film will end, or what the second half of the film will be, is still not known. A minor character can have a minor effect on how the whole movie goes.

2 Jeremy Irons As Alfred

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Bruce Wayne: “That son of a b*tch brought the war to us.”Alfred: “You know you can't win this. It's suicide.”

Alfred was one of our most favorite parts of the trailer. And Jeremy Irons is just an awesome dude in general. As Irons told the Hollywood Reporter, Alfred is “not a large role” in the upcoming feature film. However, Alfred the butler will be “quite a different Alfred than we have seen so far […] I would just say he’s more hands-on perhaps than just a butler.” And that’s all Irons would divulge on his upcoming role in the film.

1 Some Notes About Wonder Woman

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After seeing the newest trailer, there is still some speculation about whether or not Gal will play a particularly fierce Wonder Woman. Before this trailer, photos were seen of her at an event with Bruce Wayne. In this newest trailer, we finally got to see her in action, as a part of "the Trinity," in what we assume is the final third of the film. This allows us to put more puzzle pieces together, and we speculate Wonder Woman will have about 15-20 minutes of screen time in the movie.

This will be Wonder Woman’s first live action theatrical debut, the first film to include the Trinity (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) together, and the setup to Wonder Woman’s solo movie in 2017. We do know that Doomsday pulls her into the action somehow. We think Gal should pull off the Amazonian thing well. But we can only hope that she is able to play a convincing warrior to match.Sources: imdb.com en.wikipedia.org hitfix.com

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