10 Things That Got Us Excited In The New Batman V Superman Trailer

Superhero movie trailers have classically been an engine to fuel excitement for the revival or the new representation of a well-known property. The official trailer for the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film has most certainly ignited the comic book world in a major way.

While the first teaser managed to just barely confirm that this project was happening, we somehow received the premiere“OMG” package from this year's Comic-Con, which not only confirmed the appearance of certain characters and plot lines, but gave us all a better scope of the world director Zack Snyder plans to create with his DCU.

While being treated to the trailer's glorious visuals and film score, fans most likely overlooked a plethora of tidbits and Easter eggs Warner Bros. managed to sneak in there. This list has been compiled to aid you in navigating some of these aspects, and to inform you on why you're not going to want to miss out on this epic superhero flick.

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10 Wonder Woman Is A Confirmed Badass

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Was this truly ever a question? Whether the skepticism of the character comes from her being a woman or just not being represented well enough in a live-action medium, Wonder Woman has regularly been one of the more formidable forces in the Justice League, making her inclusion in this action-packed showdown that much more anticipated.

The minor shots of the character we received in the trailer confirms that Gal Gadot will represent not only a combative version of the Amazonian warrior, but a very feminine and sexy one outside of her identity. Either way, it's common knowledge that this superheroine won't be sitting on the sidelines for this movie.

9 Lex Luthor Is Downright Insidious

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It's been confirmed that the non-serious, campy version of this character has been justly discarded for a more cynical and believable version that we can all get behind for a film of this magnitude. The notably younger representation and long hair threw a lot of viewers off, but it all just adds to the new inventive portrayal that Jesse Eisenberg plans to bring.

Much like many roles in this film, Eisenberg's casting received initial criticism that this trailer proves he didn't deserve. While his character's motives aren't yet revealed, his depiction of the genius billionaire only continues to make more sense.

“The red capes are coming… The red capes are coming.” They most certainly are, Eisenberg.

8 The Dark Knight Just Got Darker

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If it's something almost all Batman fans can agree on, it's that the character is at its best when he's dark, and we mean really dark. While this movie depicts a retired and more hard-boiled version of the vigilante, the grittiness is still in full effect.

Whether it happened to be from the recent Superman fiasco, or the collective taunting from what we believe to be The Joker, this Batman is certainly taking no prisoners. This concept was highly implied in the clip that displayed a tied up criminal with a branded bat on his chest. We can all probably assume that wasn't self-inflicted, and that this version of the Batman resorts to torture if need be.

7 Kryptonite Appears

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The allusive green rock has finally made its way into this DC cinematic universe, and seeing it in the hands of Lex Luthor can only mean one thing. You don't suppose the evil genius would have opposed the man in the red cape without it, do you?

While there is hardly ever a battle against Superman that doesn't involve the mysterious substance, it now raises so many more questions. How did they come across the alien rock? How have they deduced that it can render Superman helpless? Will this serve as Batman's ace in the hole in the big showdown?

6 Robin's Existence In This Cinematic Universe Confirmed

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Gotham's Boy Wonder will be acknowledged in the Batman V Superman movie, and judging by the trailer's clip, his existence (or absence) will play a huge part in explaining Batman's character and motivations.

Don't get too excited, as judging by the graffitied depiction of his costume, its implied that this movie will be adopting the comic book story “Death in the Family,” where the second iteration of the character is beaten to death by the Joker, who we all know will exist in this universe.

While this is all still fair speculation, the graffiti reading “Hahaha Joke's on you Batman” probably wasn't placed there by any regular thug.

5 Zod is Set to Appear

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Well, at least in a manner of speaking. The trailer depicts the Kryptonian villain as still being very much dead from *spoiler* Superman's neck snap of doom; however, his appearance in the preview only confirms that even after his death, he'll still be a thorn in the Man of Steel's side.

This only raises questions as to what purpose can Zod's body serve to the movie. The trailer hints that it's in the possession of Lex Luthor's camp, making our minds wander into what nefarious acts the villain can hatch up with a dead alien life form. History has taught us not to underestimate the billionaire, and with what we've seen so far, it's a wise idea not to.

Many wonder if Doom is coming for Superman...

4 The Joker is Heavily Referenced

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Apart from the whole “I killed Robin” plot line that the trailer is relentlessly referencing, signs of the deranged villain pop up in another scene. Following the devastating attack on Metropolis that revealed to have destroyed one of Bruce Wayne's towers, the billionaire receives a very unfriendly message in the mail that reads, “You let your family die,” in red graffiti.

Now, while this letter could have come from anyone of Wayne's adversaries that inexplicably carries his address, it is a lot more plausible to pin this on the infamous Clown Prince of Crime. It's still far too early for the film to reveal any surprise appearances, although it's quite apparent that this showdown won't solely be between Batman and Superman.

3 Superman Worship

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This idea has been experimented with in more recent iterations of the Superman comics, however this will mark the first time that we see it really expounded on in a movie. Zack Snyder claimed in creating this film that he set out to make it as realistic as possible, and the sentiment on Superman being a deity on Earth sounds quite believable.

The trailer revealed shots of the character being clearly heralded as some kind of celestial figure by groups of people. His influence has even moved out so far as to have his own army of soldiers that don Superman patches on their arms. While it's uncertain if the attention is warranted or not, it's clear that there are those that oppose the ideology just as strongly.

2 We Now Understand Batman's Motivation

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There's probably no comic book fan out there that doesn't think this matchup is massively epic, and for good reason, but the premise of the film is just a lot easier to get behind once a clear motive is established. We have certainly received this in the recent trailer, as it cleverly shows the battle between Superman and Zod from Man of Steel from Bruce Wayne's perspective.

The character looks completely mortified from the destruction the aliens caused as he tightly grips an abandoned little girl. To add insult to injury, we get a clear shot of a Wayne Financial sign, indicating the annihilation of one of his own buildings. Oh, it's on Superman... It's on!

1 The Dark Knight Returns is Referenced

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While director Zack Snyder has gone on the record to state that this film will not be a direct adaptation of Frank Miller's “The Dark Knight Returns,” he certainly has no problem with referencing the classic comic in the movie.

Hardcore comic book fans recognized one of the shots where the superhero was grappling from a rooftop to be a direct nod to one of the most famous Batman depictions of all time. Whether the movie turns out to be heavily influenced by the story or not, it's still refreshing to see the director pay such homage to true fans of the franchise.


Source: moviepilot.combusinessinsider.com

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