10 Things Kanye Wants To Change About Kim Kardashian

Prepare yourself: this is another article featuring the Kardashians (and Kanye West). In their defense, there are many reasons why their love story is significant in the current times, reasons which Kanye has laid out himself. First of all, they are a modern-day “Romeo and Juliet kind of thing, a love story for the ages.” That is nice, except when we consider the words of Prince Verona himself: “For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”

Nevertheless, even if you’re not into love stories, Kanye reminds us of why their relationship is significant in other ways: they’ve got an “interracial thing going on; you have mega-media and mega-art crash; you have, you know, the Vogue-and-reality show combination.” Kanye has not been coy about his obsession with Kim Kardashian, who he fell in love with when he first saw her – in fact, he was “in love with her before I ever got to talk to her.” Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. It apparently took Kanye nine years to go from “friend to fiancée” before he finally landed his dream girl. He has made many statements professing his love for Kim Kardashian, who he sees as a “fantasy, period. She’s like a dream girl. And I think a dream girl should live in a dream world” (how nice). He is proud of her too, especially considering the fact that “Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a pic like what my girl instagrammed the other day.”

Despite these public declarations of love, Kanye certainly wants to change a lot of things about Kim Kardashian, too, which have been well-documented on her reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. Take a look.


10 Her Hair (Ditch the Extensions)

Is Kanye at fault for thinking that his girl is a natural beauty and doesn’t need to alter her looks with hair extensions? Or is that really the reason why he isn’t a fan of Kim’s famous hair extensions? We can’t be sure, but Kim’s hair is just one of many things Kanye has reportedly commented on regarding his wife’s appearance. Apparently, he simply doesn’t like her hair extensions and thinks she looks better without them. Other reports, however, suggest that he thinks shorter hair makes her look “edgier.” Kanye was also apparently behind the decision when Kim went platinum blonde. Whatever the reason, Kanye is just not feeling Kim’s hair.

9 Her Makeup (Wear Less)


While Kanye has not been shy about Kim’s good looks (he once said “All barber shops, fashion designers, architects, corner stores, Wall Street, all over the world: Y'all acting like this ain't the most beautiful woman of all time! I'm talkin', like, arguably of human existence - the top 10 of human existence”), he would prefer that she wear less makeup, ideally none at all. On this, Kim had this to say: “He loves the dress up aspect, but he also likes me without make-up on.” However, apparently, he went so far as to instruct Kim’s glamour team to go for a more “natural” look on Kim.

8 Her Fashion Choices

In an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kanye was seen giving Kim’s wardrobe a complete makeover because her wardrobe was “too ghetto.” In a later off-hand remark, Kim said to Khloe, “I love that you get to live your life by yourself at this time in your life, to have everything your taste.” She also later admitted in an interview that she cried when Kanye threw out a bunch of her clothes and shoes, a pile that was up to the ceiling. Kim said: “When we first started dating, he went through my closet, he put everything he thought wasn't cool” and Kanye gave her an entire room filled with “really cool designer stuff.” But, in Kanye’s defense…, he said: “You're getting on best dressed lists now. You're stepping into this territory. You look amazing - it's a new Kim!” Despite the original tears, Kim now credits Kanye for making her more sophisticated.

7 Her Need to be in the Spotlight


Kim and Kanye’s relationship is much like night and day – Kim loves to be in the spotlight, while Kanye prefers to be a little more private. In fact, Kim Kardashian’s career depends on staying relevant, which is dependent upon the paparazzi taking her picture. It is well known that she stays in regular contact with certain media outlets. There have been reports that Kim hates when the spotlight isn’t on her (like when the media focuses on her other sisters), so she does everything she can to get it back on her. Nick Lachey has even accused her of setting up paparazzi ambushes when out on a date, back in the day.

6 Be Less Concerned with North's Appearance

Kim’s preference to keep North’s hair slicked back in a tight bun instead of having her hair be natural has reportedly been a source of tension for the couple, with an insider claiming that North’s hair bothers Kim because it “doesn’t fit the vision she has for her daughter.” Kim apparently does not like North’s hair down and wishes that North had straight hair. This statement does not seem far-fetched considering that any picture of North with her naturally curly hair is very rare. However, North has apparently been complaining about her head hurting and Kanye has since intervened in the matter. Kim is also very particular about North’s outfits, saying, “She doesn't like pink or purple. She likes greys, creams, oatmeal colors and black. Every once in a while she'll add in some color, like with her little red Air Yeezys, but other than that she likes to keep it pretty simple.” We didn’t know two-year-olds could be so fashion forward.

5 Lead a More Private Life


Not only would Kanye prefer that Kim not seek out the media, but he would also like Kim to lead a more private life and share less with the public. He wants her to have boundaries with the public, something she hadn’t embraced until she met Kanye. In a blog post, Kim wrote: "I have learned to understand that it's important to have boundaries, especially when we are having a private date night dinner. So if someone came up to the table at dinner, I used to get up, take pics and sign an autograph in the middle of our meal. Now, I know that this time is our private time, and I absolutely will as soon as I'm done eating! It's not that he won't let me sign autographs for my fans... far from it! Just as soon as we're done! Totally understandable!"

4 Be More "Highbrow"

Kanye wishes Kim Kardashian and her family reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, were more highbrow and less lowbrow. In other words, he wants people to take Kim Kardashian seriously and for people to respect her. While, according to Kanye, Beck might not be entitled to an award, he does think that Kim Kardashian’s reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians should have won a lot of Emmys by now, saying, “Whoa, reality show, that’s so f****** new of an art form.” For now, any Kardashian interest in being high-brow likely has much more to do with the shape of their eyebrows.


3 Amp Up her Sex Appeal


Despite Kanye comparing Kim Kardashian to Marilyn Monroe, the famous and ill-fated sex symbol, he still feels Kim could stand to be a little sexier, which surely comes as a surprise to many. Kim herself confirmed this in an interview where she was quoted as saying, “Kanye always says “dress sexier” – he’s always the most encouraging.” If that isn’t encouraging, we aren’t sure what is. Apparently, he is also against Kim wearing maternity clothes and isn’t fond of her wearing sneakers, stretch pants or loose blouses. He insists that her clothes be formfitting and that she wears high heels at all times.

2 Her Career Choices

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, has notably managed Kim’s career since the beginning. However, ever since Kim began dating Kanye, he has wanted to take control over Kim’s career in an effort for the public to take her much more seriously so she can reach an entire new level of super stardom. He has reportedly told her to end various fashion endorsement deals, including one with the likes of Sears, for example. He has also played a role in cutting her public appearances by a significant amount, which stands in direct contrast to Kris Jenner’s attempts to maximize Kim’s publicity.

1 Her Parenting

We all know that the decision to not have their daughter, North West, be on Kim’s family reality show was a largely Kanye influenced decision. This should come as no surprise given Kanye’s violent history with the paparazzi. Kanye is reportedly not happy with a few aspects of Kim’s parenting. For one, he is not pleased with Kim encouraging North to be a “selfie queen” and wants to keep her away from technology, like phones, tablets and TVs. In addition, Kanye is not happy when it comes to Kim wanting to parade North around.

It was reported that Kanye accused Kim of setting up a paparazzi ambush after they managed to take pictures during North’s first outing to the pediatrician – a meeting that reportedly no one outside of the immediate family could have known about. Kanye would prefer his daughter stay away from the media. It would seem that North might even agree after a video surfaced of her irritably telling the paparazzi, “I said no pictures!”


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