10 Things Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book Gets Right

If someone had told you some ten or more years ago that we would be witnessing an era in film where live-action versions of classic Disney animations were flourishing then you may have declared them insane. Thankfully, with the vast technology and talent available to the film industry in this day and age, that has been made possible and we’ve already seen films such as Cinderella, Maleficent and more taking the leap from the animated realms to human form.

The latest to join this world of endless possibilities is The Jungle Book, the classic tale adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s own stories, that takes form under the careful guidance of director Jon Favreau, a man noted for his previous work with action and adventure with films such as Zathura and Iron Man.

With Favreau behind the camera and renowned stars such as Idris Elba, Ben Kingsley, Lupita Nyong’o and Scarlett Johansson all providing their voicing talents, The Jungle Book is a staggering success and here are ten reasons why it’s a film you cannot afford to miss.

10 The Score


Many audience members underestimate the power of a film’s score and the impact it has on the whole cinematic experience, and John Debney’s music is another spectacular example of how such a feature of a film is so integral to success.

9 A Magical Story


The majority of individuals going to see this updated version of The Jungle Book will already be accustomed to the story of Mowgli as he goes on an adventure as the only man-cub within the jungle.

8 Credit Roll Innovation


While The Jungle Book will certainly captivate with its innovative and scintillating animation throughout (more on that further into this article), it's hard not to revel even in the end credits of the film.

7 Terrifying Kaa


While the actual book itself portrays Kaa as somewhat of a character in similar vain to Baloo and Bagheera, Disney's animation took the mindset that the slithering snake should be nothing but a villain of the piece.

Such is Kaa's status in the new form and, voiced pitch-perfectly by the sumptuous Scarlett Johansson, the character couldn't be more fitting within the darker moments of the movie. Despite only featuring in one specific scene, Kaa's presence is utterly terrifying, with Johansson's soft tones hypnotizing and ushering us and Mowgli into a trance.

6 Seemless Direction


Jon Favreau is an auteur whose skills behind the camera are only matched by the mass respect that he clearly has gained from his peers. This is a man who has helped to forge the Marvel Cinematic Universe, captured family adventure in the past and has even proved his own acting chops in the past.

Now he's tasked with bringing alive a true Disney classic and does so with the utmost respect and complete efficiency. This is a film that is pushing boundaries, in proving to be aesthetically one of the best offerings in years, as well as maintaining a balanced tone akin to some of the most impressive adventure movies out there.

5 The Voices Of Authority


There are many authoritative characters within The Jungle Book who seek to guide Mowgli on his journey through life as the only man-cub in this natural habitat. Their own role in this story is just as important as the human himself and this is something clearly taking into account in the portrayal of characters such as Raksha and Akela.

In terms of the wolves whom Mowgli grows up with, the voices of Lupita Nyong'o and Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito couldn't have been more suited. On the side of Nyong'o we have the subtle and caring mother figure looking to nurture her adopted son, while Esposito's stricter and sterner tone is the perfect balance for a truly realistic parent pairing.

4 Introducing A New Young Talent


At the tender age of just 12, young actor Neel Sethi breaks into a Hollywood blockbuster and simply devours an already vibrant and lush vision of the jungle. This is a child actor whose only other performance took place some 3 years prior in a short film and yet he is dominating a film featuring all manner of award-winning film royalty.

If that wasn't enough, this young man playing Mowgli does so without an incline that he would in fact have been filming for the majority with green screen and little much else. For such a technically-guided movie, a performance as human and impressive as Sethi's is beyond belief.

He brings a true grit to the man-cub, an emotional core and a sense of fun and excitement to a film that could have felt rather artificial.

3 Idris Elba's Shere Khan


While the majority of the time we witness Idris Elba playing the good guy and the hero, when he does get the chance he certainly does take the bull by the horns and smash through those barriers.

He proved his knife-edged darkness in the brilliant Netflix offering Beast Of No Nation last year, but his turn as villainous tiger Shere Khan only bolsters his appeal as a bad guy.

2 Baloo and Bagheera


No matter who provided the voicing for mentors and close friends to Mowgli in Bagheera and Baloo it would have to be a pair whose influence on the character would be just as important as their status with viewers.

Hence why Bill Murray and Ben Kingsley are literally perfect for these roles. Both are cherished actors with multiple years of unmatched experience and, quite literally, their voices are instantly iconic and recognizable.

Murray with his quick wit and penchant for a classic song, Kingsley's grounded and wise words combine to solidify this bear and panther once more in our heart of hearts. Their dialogue is executed in the finest fashion, and the chemistry with one another and their young co-star is beyond belief.

1 Seamless Animation And 3D


How many times have you seen the words "seamless animation" and "3D" in the same sentence? It can be counted on just one hand in all likelihood, with the names Avatar and Life Of Pi possibly the last films that we could truly accept as truly unbelievable feats of animation and 3D combined.

Well, The Jungle Book may well be the latest to have you double-taking, rubbing your eyes and checking your pulse as we whisk our way through the most realistic jungle scenes ever witnessed.

Without any doubt whatsoever, this is a film that will have you utterly captivated in its gorgeous presentation. The beauty and vibrancy of the jungle captured in every frame, with all manner of creatures ensuring that there is no moment to look away, The Jungle Book is a groundbreaking visual experience and one that you won't forget for quite some time.

The Jungle Book is out in theaters on April 15.


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10 Things Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book Gets Right