10 Things JLo Did In The 2000's She'd Never Do Today

Like a fine wine, Jennifer Lopez is really getting better with age. In fact, I think that JLo is actually aging in reverse. Not that she's ever looked bad or made any huge missteps, but she really is constantly improving. With that said, I have to point out that the Jennifer Lopez of today is pretty different from the JLo of yesteryear. There are a lot of things that were super pivotal to her success and image in the early 2000's that Jennifer Lopez would never even consider doing now.

Not that Jennifer Lopez has really been through an embarrassing or awkward phase, but she is constantly becoming a better version of herself as time goes on. Just like the rest of us, I'm sure she can't help cringe at her fashion and beauty choices in some throwback photos. She has said some words that she wishes she could take back and erase from the public's memory. She has made some career moves that were pretty controversial at the time.

And of course, you know that a lot of what I am going to point out is from the super polarizing Bennifer era. Personally, I was a huge fan of that time, but I have an inherent bias as a super fan. Nevertheless, there were a lot of moves she made during that very public relationship that were not well-received.

Sure, everything from the past has helped make Jennifer the epitome of perfection that she is today. But needless to say, there are a lot of actions that JLo will never repeat again. These are ten things that Jennifer Lopez would do in the early 2000's that she would not do today.


10 Use The "N" Word In Her Lyrics


9 Perform For Corrupt World Leaders

8 Let A Relationship Eclipse Her Career

7 Put Her Man In A Music Video


6 Wear A Bandana On The Red Carpet


5 Manage To Shock Us By Showing Off Her Body

4 Get Accused Of Being A Diva

I cannot imagine someone not loving Jennifer Lopez, but there actually are some haters out there. As tough as it is to believe, these demented people do exist. Back in the early 2000's, specifically during the Bennifer era, there were so many rumors about JLo being a diva. She didn't help her case with all the reports out there about her requesting "the help" to not make eye contact in her presence.

3 Bomb At The Box Office

2 Rock Cornrows


1 Rush Into A Marriage

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10 Things JLo Did In The 2000's She'd Never Do Today