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10 Things JLo Did In The 2000’s She’d Never Do Today

10 Things JLo Did In The 2000’s She’d Never Do Today


Like a fine wine, Jennifer Lopez is really getting better with age. In fact, I think that JLo is actually aging in reverse. Not that she’s ever looked bad or made any huge missteps, but she really is constantly improving. With that said, I have to point out that the Jennifer Lopez of today is pretty different from the JLo of yesteryear. There are a lot of things that were super pivotal to her success and image in the early 2000’s that Jennifer Lopez would never even consider doing now.

Not that Jennifer Lopez has really been through an embarrassing or awkward phase, but she is constantly becoming a better version of herself as time goes on. Just like the rest of us, I’m sure she can’t help cringe at her fashion and beauty choices in some throwback photos. She has said some words that she wishes she could take back and erase from the public’s memory. She has made some career moves that were pretty controversial at the time.

And of course, you know that a lot of what I am going to point out is from the super polarizing Bennifer era. Personally, I was a huge fan of that time, but I have an inherent bias as a super fan. Nevertheless, there were a lot of moves she made during that very public relationship that were not well-received.

Sure, everything from the past has helped make Jennifer the epitome of perfection that she is today. But needless to say, there are a lot of actions that JLo will never repeat again. These are ten things that Jennifer Lopez would do in the early 2000’s that she would not do today.


10. Use The “N” Word In Her Lyrics



The “I’m Real” Murder Remix is one of my all time favorite JLo jams. She and Ja Rule absolutely killed that track and it’s a certified classic in my eyes. The only thing that is off putting about the song is that Jennifer Lopez says the “n word” several times in the lyrics. It is offensive, aggressive, and unnecessary. The song would have been just as good with some different word choices. It just wasn’t a good look for the pop star.

9. Perform For Corrupt World Leaders


Believe it or not, record sales do not necessarily translate into financial success. Musical artists really make their money from concerts and touring. Jennifer Lopez has done some high profile gigs for private parties, which you would think is beneath her, but she was actually make a shit ton of money performing at people’s weddings and birthday parties. The only issue is that she did not do enough recon when it comes to which gigs she should accept. Jennifer Lopez came under fire for singing at a 2006 party for Telman Ismailov, an Azeri oligarch. She supposedly earned $1.4 million for the performance so I can see why she would be interested, but a lot of people hate the businessman for violating human rights. Hopefully Jennifer or someone else in her squad is vetting her future performances more carefully.

8. Let A Relationship Eclipse Her Career


It is never good when an entertainer is more well known for his or her personal life than for an actual career. Sadly, this happened to my beloved JLo during the Bennifer saga and for a few years after it ended. The super public relationship with its red carpet appearances, break ups, and that pink diamond engagement ring was beyond over exposed. This fanfare on top of some career struggles really put Jennifer Lopez’s work on the back burner. Now, Jennifer Lopez keeps her private life private and her talent speaks for itself. I don’t see JLo going back to anything Bennifer-like ever again.

7. Put Her Man In A Music Video



I have to be honest and admit that I loved and still love the “Jenny from the Block” music video. It was iconic. Sure, the video was ridiculous and completely over the top, but in the best possible way. It is a guilty pleasure of mine, but a lot of other people heavily maligned it because it was another form of publicity for the Bennifer relationship with Ben Affleck starring as Jennifer’s love interest. I will never be able be able to erase the memory of Ben smacking JLo’s perfect booty on that boat. The video was infamous. Nevertheless, Jennifer Lopez would never put a personal relationship on display like that ever again. She learned that lesson the first time.

6. Wear A Bandana On The Red Carpet



There is no dispute about it: Jennifer Lopez is a style icon. Sure, there are some elements that we expect to see from her appearances, but she really is a style chameleon. She has tried every look and she usually pulls them all off. She is almost always super glamorous and dressed to the nines; even her casual look has a certain polish to it. With that said, modern day Jennifer Lopez is never going to rock a bandana on her head in public, let alone a bedazzled one like the one she wore at the 2000 Video Music Awards. This is one fashion statement that JLo has left in the past (thankfully).

5. Manage To Shock Us By Showing Off Her Body


Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to turning heads, but she caused quite the stir when she wore a plunging, green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards. In fact, the dress got so much attention that the influx of searches inspired the creation of Google Images. Nowadays, everyone expects and reveres Jennifer Lopez’s naked sense of style. She is the only one who can consistently pull off this look of clothed nudity. Jennifer Lopez can never shock us with her body ever again. In fact, it would shock the world if she was not showing off her perfect body. That is when I would be both surprised and alarmed.

4. Get Accused Of Being A Diva


I cannot imagine someone not loving Jennifer Lopez, but there actually are some haters out there. As tough as it is to believe, these demented people do exist. Back in the early 2000’s, specifically during the Bennifer era, there were so many rumors about JLo being a diva. She didn’t help her case with all the reports out there about her requesting “the help” to not make eye contact in her presence.

Jennifer Lopez has actively spoke out against this misconception and has opened herself up to the public on social media and in interviews to show people the real her. Another thing that really helped her revamp her image was her status as a mom to twins Max and Emme and her role as a judge on American Idol. She softened her image in a great way and people are finally seeing the true JLo. It seems like those rumors are behind the superstar and hopefully that is where they will stay.

3. Bomb At The Box Office


I have always been a ride or die Jennifer Lopez fan. Sure, there were some rough times in the fandom, specifically during the early 2000’s, but we made it through. Jennifer Lopez is an extremely talented dancer, singer, and actress, but she really does not get enough credit for her abilities. This is in part due to the string of flop movies that she had during the early 2000’s. She had bomb after bomb after bomb and her professional reputation suffered. Now, Jennifer Lopez has made some better career decisions, showed off her abilities, and the audiences and critics have responded accordingly. Now Jennifer Lopez is getting the praise she deserves and her projects all succeeding- as they should.

2. Rock Cornrows



I cannot help talking about how perfect Jennifer Lopez is. She can (usually) do no wrong. She can pull off (almost) any look. She decided to rock corn rows during the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” music video and it just wasn’t her best look. Sure, she looks beautiful because she is, but it just wasn’t the JLo we are all accustomed to seeing. Plus, there’s that whole cultural appropriation thing associated with the hairstyle choice. So aside from not literally being a good look on her, it just wasn’t the best thing for her public persona at all. Thankfully, she sticks with the soft waves, the high bun, or the half-up-half-down style today. JLo is at her best when she has her signature locks and isn’t offending people of other cultures.

1. Rush Into A Marriage


Jennifer Lopez is a sucker for love. She is one of those girls who has never been single for too long. She is a serial monogamist who is almost always in a serious relationship. JLo’s relationships used to go from zero to one hundred real quick. From publicized engagements that didn’t work out to the marriages she got into after only a few months of dating, she really became known as the modern day Elizabeth Taylor with her unlucky love streak. Nowadays, JLo is taking her time in her relationship with Casper Smart who she has been with for a few years. She is not going to put herself through another whirlwind marriage so there’s nothing wrong with moving at a slower pace at this point in her life.

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