10 Things Girls Don't Want Guys To Know

Are you sometimes lost when it comes to your girlfriend’s behaviour? Well, trust me, you’re not the only one. It’s hard enough to please yourself, let alone a person who doesn’t always speak her mind.

There are many things that girls don’t want guys to know, things that they keep hidden from even their own partners. Why do they do this? Well I don’t know, what am I a girl or something?

How much do you know about the female sex? Maybe you think you know all about them or maybe you’re clueless in the matter. Growing up with sisters might help your brain wrap itself around the female psyche, but even then, they will probably leave you out in the dark and laugh as you stumble. However confident you might be, these 10 facts will probably help you encode the complex mind of the typical female.


10 When They Know Something You Don't Want Them To Know

Has your girlfriend ever started acting weird out of nowhere? Started taking longer to answer your calls and then only using curt sentences? Maybe even avoiding looking you in the eye? Well mister, sorry to tell you that you’re in big trouble, your girl is pissed. Nowadays it doesn’t take much to rattle a relationship, especially with social media and dramatization being one of the biggest reasons that couples lack trust. And if a girl has snooped and come up with information, she’s definitely not going to want to tell you that she’s angry and will make you uncomfortable until you confess.

9 That They’re High Maintenance


Ask any girl if she’s high maintenance and nine times out of 10 she’ll say no. Why? Well, beats me, that’s just the way it is. The average girl doesn’t want to seem like she’s asking for too much right off the bat. So she’ll lie and act cool even when little things bother her. This all seems ridiculous especially when all girls should in fact be high maintenance to acquire what they deserve ( if they actually deserve it). When a girl starts to fall for someone, she wants to get them at all costs. She’s like a tiger in the jungle following her prey. Pretty scary stuff, right? You’ve been warned.

8 That They’re Broke

No one likes to admit that they’re broke, and sometimes being in a couple can be quite expensive. Especially if you are the type of couple that likes to go out and eat nice suppers and have drinks with friends. But what every man needs to know is that their girlfriends might have secret shopping addictions. Maybe clothes are their weakness, maybe makeup, or art supplies, heck even natural goods! Whatever it is, it’s there, trust me. Does your girlfriend look tired in the morning? Well, maybe it’s because she spent half the night online shopping.

7 Their Clothing Size


Birthdays or anniversaries can be a stressful affair, so don’t make it more stressful by buying your girlfriend clothing. Even if she wears a size large, when you buy her a size large, she might get upset with you. What size is she? Extra small obviously... so save yourself the money, return time and emotional bafflement by buying her something else. Find out what she needs and get her something thoughtful. And if you ask her what she wants and she says “clothes,’’ then that little witch is testing you. Get her a gift card and write her a card saying "I wanted to get you a nice shirt but they all looked like they’d be too big on you."

6 When They Get Hit On

Your girlfriend might be an obvious beauty or a low-key one, in the end that does not matter because beauty is interpreted differently by everyone. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that your girl is going to get hit on, almost daily. This doesn’t mean that she’s unfaithful and it doesn’t mean that she likes the attention, but it happens more than you are aware of. Most girls won’t tell their boyfriends about when they get hit on because they don’t want to make them angry. Why mention something that might cause jealousy to arise? And if your girl is constantly telling you about all the guys that hit on her, she might be very insecure and want you to get jealous, which is definitely not a good thing.

5 That They Go To The Washroom


There are two different types of relationships, couples who are completely open with each other and couples who quietly escape the bedroom at night to ‘’release the demons.’’ I think that most of us can agree that the second option is the most popular one. It is extremely embarrassing for a girl to admit that she goes to the washroom to do anything but ‘freshen up.’ At the beginning of any relationship, the most common thing to do is to go out for breakfasts, lunches and suppers and then go back to each other’s house and hang out for a long long time. But guys just come to terms with the fact that the second you guys separate you both head straight to the washroom.

4 That They Can Eat More Than You

We all know that girl that weighs 120 pounds and eats 140 pounds a day. She might be the pretty girl who orders a salad on a date and doesn’t finish it because she’s so full, but guys, if you’ve ever taken a girl out for supper and seen this happen, it’s a big fat lie. Most girls can eat so much that they need to re-evaluate their whole lives; they might even have a whole separate wardrobe known as their skinny clothes, for that hopeful day when they’ll stop bringing food to bed. If you’re constantly finding food crumbs in your girlfriend’s bed, don’t be alarmed. If anything, count yourself lucky that she walks to the kitchen at night to eat, instead of eating you.


3 That They Have A Plan For The Future


Girls don’t date people for the hell of it unless they are just seeking to have fun, and if that’s the case then you’ve probably already established the game rules. Most of the time if have been dating a girl for a decent amount of time, she already has a plan in her head. If you don’t know about it it’s probably because she doesn’t want to scare you off. But just know that she already has baby names picked out and what type of house she desires in what specific neighbourhood. If reading this gives you anxiety, then make sure you aren’t dating who you’re dating for all the wrong reasons.

2 What They Look Like For Real

If a girl is anything, she’s a master of disguise. With all the help fashion and makeup brings many girls portray themselves very differently from what they really are. If you think about it, how many times have you gone swimming with your girlfriend or taken a shower, none? Well, oh boy, you might be in for a surprise. She might have curly hair, small eyes, short eyelashes, thin lips, blemishes and well the list goes on. This doesn’t go to say that she isn’t beautiful au natural but it might surprise you to see what she actually looks like vs. what she wants you to believe she looks like. Your best bet is to find someone who is comfortable enough with herself to be herself, well unless you’re attracted by the Kardashian type.

1 That She Tells Her Best Friend EVERYTHING


Girls like to talk, that’s no secret. They are either conflicted by something going on in their relationship and asking for advice. Or they are extremely happy about how it is going and telling their BFF all about it. You know that thing you do in bed that your girl likes? Well, Becky knows all about it. You know when you did that bad thing? Becky hates you for it. Now ask yourself, is there anything Becky doesn’t know? The answer is no. Becky is all seeing, all knowing and even knows things about your relationship that you’ll never know.

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