10 Things Fans Want To See In The Spider-Man Reboot

Manhattan's webslinger has finally returned to his rightful studio and expectations for the hero's third film iteration couldn't be higher. Whether you were a fan of Sony's last two efforts or not, true comic book fans would collectively agree that Spider-Man has not yet been represented at his best, and who better for the job than the superhero film powerhouse Marvel?

The market for these kind of movies are only expanding with time, meaning that the rebooted Spider-Man will have to learn how to adapt. Largely, fans will demand something that they haven't yet seen before. Origin story aside, we need characters that haven't yet been introduced, intriguing plot lines, and an engaging actor that fully embodies the spry quippy vigilante.

Will the third time be the charm for the misunderstood superhero? We have yet to see, as his scheduled solo film is still a ways off. What we do know is what we need to see in this next adaptation. Here are just a few of the essentials that are simply a must for this rebooted franchise.

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10 The Wise-Cracking Spider-Man

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While this idea has been played with in the last two film iterations, true fans will recognize that this aspect of the character is wildly undersold. Spider-Man is funny; like, really funny. We should all be expecting Tony Stark to be taking a backseat when it comes to wittiness and being a smart aleck when the character enters the MCU.

This part of the hero tends to become deluded in the movies when he starts to experience heavy tragedy or goes “dark.” However, on behalf of the fans, we implore you, Marvel, to not discard this very vital character trait.

9 We Need Kingpin

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How fortunate are we to finally have the character casted by the talented Vincent D'Onofrio in the Daredevil series. It's been established that the television universe and movie universe are indeed connected, making crossover between characters all the more possible.

Despite his over-saturation in the Daredevil mediums, many people forget that this villain has been just as prominent in Spider-Man's story than any other. He's the biggest crime lord in NYC, making him quite the adversary for the city's infamous webslinger. He's also one of the only villains Spider-Man encounters without any prominent powers besides his size, strength, and massive influence.

8 It's Time To Bring Out Mysterio

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It's an honest shame that this villain hasn't yet got his time to shine in the movies yet, but fingers crossed that he finally makes it into this upcoming reboot. Mysterio's cosmic and illusionistic powers may have deterred the idea of him working in a film medium, however, the MCU has vastly changed since then and will continue to with the coming years.

The casting for the character wouldn't even need to take too much deliberation, as Mysterio classically dons a huge glass dome on his head. Not that he needs to be depicted as such in the movies, but there really should be no excuse as to why he couldn't work in the reboot.

7 Jean DeWolff

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While it has commonly been translated that the NYPD doesn't initially favor the help of Spider-Man, there was a certain police captain that always opted for the young hero. This was Jean DeWolff, and despite her arc being short-lived in the classic comic books, the relationship she shared with Spider-Man was something he hasn't yet had with any other character.

In a world that primarily fears the masked vigilante, it would add a bit more depth in the movies if there was one particular character that he could collaborate with that didn't have superpowers. An adult figure to keep Parker in line once in a while also wouldn't be the worst idea.

6 Unleash Kraven

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Who better to usher the young hero into his reboot than the self-proclaimed world's best hunter? Kraven is simply a monster in the comics, and it's a shame that he hasn't yet got his time to shine in any previous Spider-Man films. His overall primal demeanor and physicality is something the studio could definitely portray well on screen right now.

It should also be no problem for the reboot to start the villain off as Spider-Man's initial threat. Unlike most of his villains, Kraven doesn't hold any particular disdain for the hero, he simply wants to exhibit his superiority over him... with his bare hands.

5 We Want A Real Black Cat

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The wasted cameo that appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't even worth mentioning, but to be fair, the studio did claim that they planned to fully develop her character in subsequent films. However, due to the franchise being rebooted (again), Marvel may need to hit the ground running with this adaptation.

This anti-hero is perhaps the most interesting female character in the Spider-Man universe, making her inclusion in the movies all too overdue. There's also this really alluring on and off romance between Spider-Man and Black Cat that really helps to shape a side of the hero fans haven't yet seen in the films.

4 Give Venom Justice

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Spider-Man's arch nemesis' appearance in Spider-Man 3 had many of us hanging our heads in shame whilst leaving the theater. Venom is just something fans cannot accept being misrepresented. He's huge, terrifying, and a complete monstrosity in the Spider-Man universe. We're not asking for too much here!

There were a number of reasons that the villain didn't exactly work in his last iteration, but there's honestly no room to mess things up for him in this reboot. Space and cosmic entities have all transcended into the MCU. We've seen genuinely horrific villains. CGI technology is most certainly far along enough to create a more than convincing Venom model. JUST DO IT (Shia LaBeouf voice)!!

3 Make Him an Avenger

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This one is pretty much a given, but it shouldn't be so simple. Fans want to see this Spider-Man earn it. The Avengers have established themselves as the “cool club” for superheroes, and there would be nothing that would denote the sanctity of that group than the initiation process to be made easier for the young hero.

Spider-Man more than earns his spot in the Avengers in the comics so it shouldn't be hard selling it to an audience as to why he belongs. With a team like this behind him, it would only open the doors to more elaborate and satisfactory crossovers with other coveted Marvel heroes.

2 Carnage

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Is there another name for a villain that sounds nearly as insidious? Carnage is one of those end-of-the-line movie villains, so it's perhaps necessary that the last two film iterations decided not to bring him out; however, we'll never get to him if the series keeps getting rebooted!

Marvel may have never known a villain so murderous and twisted. The on screen battle with this character would be downright mind-blowing. He's been so formidable in the comics, that Spider-Man has even enlisted the help of Venom to defeat him, which would thereby add that much more epicness to this on-screen battle.

1 Spider-Man Already Established As A Hero

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The public has been spoon-fed Spider-Man's origin story to death, and rehashing it at this point might just kill us all. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who's familiar with the character that doesn't already fully understand how he inherited his powers, got teased in school, and how his Uncle Ben met his fatal demise.

Besides, if the character is to exist in the MCU, he would already have to be swinging around NYC from well into the first Avengers movie if we're being truthful to the timeline. To put it bluntly, save us all the redundancy, Marvel.


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