10 Things About Captain America: Civil War You Didn't Know

If you think every new Marvel movie is scrutinized past the point of reason, well, you’re right. Mainstream media, fan sites, Facebook pages and online forums explode with contradictory rumors, budget and script revelations and casting controversies (hello Terrence Howard). We can’t get enough of our superheroes; they are the new American mythology, replacing the Founding Fathers, Babe Ruth and even Mickey Mouse.

From Iron Man to Batman, fans are obsessed with superheroes, whether from the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe. It truly doesn't matter, so long as the superhero movie respects the story lines found with the popular comics from which they originate.

Captain America is no different. When the first installment, Captain America: The First Avenger, hit theatres in 2011, it captivated audiences worldwide. The second installment, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, was arguably better. So you can understand the unbelievable hype for the third installment, Captain America: Civil War.

Maybe just maybe there are a few things you haven’t yet heard about the new Captain America movie coming to theaters May 6 of next year. Maybe we’ll surprise you. Maybe. Read on to find out. Unless you don’t like odd facts and a few Easter Eggs along the way.

Here are 10 Things About Captain America: Civil War You Didn't Know.

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10 “Divided We Fall” Tag Line Is Not Original

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Most Americans, if they think of the historical origins of this phrase at all, probably think President Lincoln coined it during the Civil War. And he did use it. Before he was president. But he didn’t come up with it. He borrowed it from the Bible. Lincoln wasn’t even the first American politician to use it. Patrick Henry, more famous for uttering “Give me liberty or give me death,” used it in a speech right before passing out. Powerful stuff! But the truly epic moment will come when we see whether The Avengers will divide and fall because of Captain America and Iron Man’s civil war.

9 Robert Downey Jr. Civil War Salary

Iron Man himself is making $40 million for this one film. It’s not even his movie and the dude is still rolling in bank. The whole world knows that Iron Man is the real heart and soul of the Avengers franchise and apparently Robert Downey Jr. knows it, too. Downey even asked to have a bigger role in Civil War and the studio granted his wish (and gave him more moeny than originally planned, of course). There are even rumors that Downey will receive a huge back-end payday if this installment outperforms the other stand alone Avengers flicks (CA: The Winter Soldier currently holds that honor). We don’t know about you, but we’re thinking if Downey is making this kind of money for playing a billionaire superhero he just might start thinking he actually is one. Thank God he’s clean and sober nowadays.

8 Black Panther Is Finally Here

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Okay, we see him for less than one second at the 1:50 mark of the first official Captain America: Civil War trailer, but man does Black Panther look cool. Of course, he was seen in the animated 2010 series but for a superhero who’s about to celebrate his 50th birthday not much has been done with the character in the Marvel movie universe. Until now.

His appearance in Civil War is just the beginning of a new dawn for Black Panther; actor Chadwick Boseman has a five-picture deal with Marvel Studios. Get used to “T’Challa” kicking some butt in theaters everywhere. Since the Black Panther was originally an ally of the Fantastic Four, it will be interesting to see how his time in Avengers land plays out.

7 Captain America Easter Egg In Ant-Man

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If you really can’t wait to see the new Avengers' facilities we caught a brief glimpse of at the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, (you know, the buildings ‘Cap, Black Widow, War Machine, Scarlet Witch and Vision were all popping poses in front of), check out the scene in Ant-Man where he flies over the Avengers' headquarters. According to the head of Marvel Studios, the buildings we see will be featured prominently as the new headquarters in Civil War. We know we missed it the first time because we were still trying to recover from seeing the first appearance of the Falcon.

6 Captain America Loss Revealed In Trailer?

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If the trailer (and production leaks and news reports and etc.) are right, Captain America fans should feel pretty nervous about his team’s chances when all-out Avenger’s civil war breaks out. We’re not saying that ‘Cap, Ant-Man and Hawkeye are the superhero equivalents of the Indianapolis Colts to Iron Man’s New England Patriot’s juggernaut, but it sure does seem like there’s a bit of an imbalance, shall we say. Never fear, though, says Chris Evans. He’s been telling everyone who will listen (well, at least MTV News) to wait and see for the movie and not to worry about his guys. Go ‘Cap!

5 Trailer Reveals Role For Martin Freeman

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Nobody’s been bigger the past couple of years than the guy who brought us the hilariously befuddled “Dent Arthur Dent” in the Hitchhiker’s movie. Well, except maybe his nerd-verse compatriot Benedict Cumberbatch. But anyway… we fanboys have been loving him ever since, especially when he hit critical mass as Watson in Sherlock and as the inestimable Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit marathon. You can see Freeman in the background of the ‘Civil War’ trailer at 1:22. He’s the guy in the suit; a three-piece, not a spandex one, so it will be interesting to see who and what his character really is.

4 The TV Rights Are Already Sold

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It’s no secret that Marvel Studios (or Marvel Entertainment or whatever they want to call themselves) is owned by Disney. Everything is owned by Disney. So Disney is releasing the movie here in the U.S. And in supremely unsurprising news, also over much of Europe. What’s fascinating, though, are some of the other distribution rights for Civil War. Like the fascinating little nugget that there are already two theatrical distribution companies lined up for Kazakhstan. We mean, who knew Kazakhstan was such an Avengers hotbed? Or, more importantly, that TNT already has the TV distribution rights, currently scheduled for 2018. That’s right cable-cutters. If you’re too cheap to see the movie in theaters, start thinking now about whose cable-account password you’re going steal in two years so you can stream it.

3 The Superhuman Registration Act Also Not Original

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If you think the Superhuman Registration Act that’s going to be so important in this film is the first of its kind in Marvel movies, think again. It’s already been done, notably in the very first X-Men installment way, way back in 2000. In the X-Men ‘Verse it was first called the Mutant Control Act and then the Mutant Registration Act but it’s basically the same thing as what’s facing The Avengers, just a different set of superheroes being affected. Marvel doesn’t even have a monopoly on superhero-related legislation. Cult graphic novelist Alan Moore created the Keene Act (which prohibited “costumed adventuring”) for his Watchmen story and it sometime seems like someone somewhere in Gotham tries to outlaw D.C’s Batman every other day.

2 Not William Hurt’s 1st Time In The Avengers' Universe

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A lot of us still remember when William Hurt was considered a serious actor. But do people remember him from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk flick penned by Zak Pen and starring Edward Norton as the Hulk (and who thought that was a good idea? Edward Norton?). We think not. We’re not even sure Hurt himself remembered the role until Marvel dug him up again for this one. In fact, is it really William Hurt? Pause the trailer at the 51-second mark. That looks like Harvey Keitel to us. No? Do it again at the 58-second mark. Is that Christopher Plummer? Ok, we jest - it sure sounds like Hurt so we’ll just have to accept that it really is him. You can never be too sure when it comes to guys from the Hulk story line though. Remember, Eric Bana was once the Hulk.

1 The Weirdest Cameo Of All

Does anyone remember when Marisa Tomei was young and hot? We’re talking Oscar-winning My Cousin Vinny hot. How about when she was kind of old but still super hot, like in The Wrestler? Well, you probably won’t anymore if the rumors that she’s going to make a cameo as Aunt May (she's supposed to be playing the character in the 'Spidey reboot) in Civil War come true? Marisa Tomei? Aunt May? What has the world come to.

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