10 Surprising Things About Marvel's Agent Carter You Didn't Know

Captain America: The First Avenger initially jumped into cinemas in 2011. The film was a critical and box office hit that loaded movie-goers with anticipation towards the future of Marvel Studios. Most notably was the long awaited inclusion of The Avengers onto the big screen.

One character was featured in the movie that not many Marvel fans had known about beforehand: Peggy Carter. Hayley Atwell stepped into the shoes of this forward thinking agent, and provided an enjoyable performance as the love interest to Chris Evans' Captain America.

She later returned two years later in the one-shot titled "Agent Carter" along with the home release of Iron Man 3. It wasn't until another two years that she'd return in the smash hit series that went by the same name. From this point on, the series was loaded up with adventure, intrigue, espionage, and of course a bunch of Easter eggs and production secrets.

So let's jump into it with 10 things you didn't know about Marvel's Agent Carter.


10 Armor Wars

Via Marvel Comics

It's no secret that Marvel likes to take inspiration on their film's plot from the countless comic books they've published over the last 77 years. The TV shows have done this as well, as it makes sense. Normally it's what the viewers want to see and they have had wild success doing this in the past.

Agent Carter, likewise, is no stranger to this, though it does throw a few curve balls. The entire plot of Agent Carter's initial season is actually based off an Iron Man story titled "Armor Wars" published in 1987. In this story, Tony Stark is shocked to discover that blueprints for his Iron Man technology have been stolen right under his nose, not unlike what happens to Howard, although be it with deadly wartime weaponry rather than battle armor.

9 Hayley's License


Hayley Atwell is a great actress, and she serves the role of Peggy Carter fantastically well. So much in fact that she's described it as being more fun than she could have ever imagined.

Although that hasn't stopped her from one tidbit of personal embarrassment, it's far from a serious concern. It turns out that during filming of the show, Hayley had to run out during a break to reach an appointment in time. This was to renew her driver's license, and since she'd gone over in such a hurry, she didn't actually have any time to get out of costume or makeup. Because of this, Hayley Atwell's license is in fact a picture of Peggy Carter.

8 JARVIS vs Jarvis

Via 20th Century Fox

Back when Iron Man first came into theatres, fans were very happy about the inclusion of JARVIS in the film, voiced by Paul Bettany. Although, some viewers were disappointed that Marvel didn't opt for the flesh-and-bone Jarvis and instead went with an artificial intelligence. This was later rectified by the inclusion of a living and breathing Jarvis in Agent Carter, played amazingly by James D'Arcy.

But what's interesting is that these two actors have both been on screen together in the 2003 film Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World. James D'Arcy played First Lieutenant Tom Pullings, and Paul Bettany played Dr. Stephen Maturin.

7 Daniel Sousa - Time Traveler

Via Marvel Studios

Enver Gjokaj, of course, plays Daniel Sousa in the Agent Carter series on ABC. But along with this, he's known for playing short-lived characters in other shows like Community, The Walking Dead, and Dexter.

Additionally, he also made an interesting cameo in 2012's The Avengers, though it wasn't a very noticeable cameo unless you take a look at the deleted scenes of the film.

After Captain America kills one of the Chitauri, he takes the alien's weapon and tosses it to Gjokaj's character, a police officer, wherein he asks him to try and make good use of the weapon.

6 The Griffith Hotel

Via Marvel Studios

An interesting inclusion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the Agent Carter series is the Griffith Hotel, a location described in the series as "a haven for proper young ladies."

The building itself is strongly influenced by the historic Barbizon Hotel, which is also located in New York City as well as a reused set from the television series, Angel, that ran from 1999-2004. In addition, the set was again later re-used in Agents of SHIELD under the guise of a hospital in "Who You Really Are." This has also lead some connection-seeking fans to believe that the two buildings are in fact one and the same.

5 Dr. Ivchenko's Ring

Via Marvel Studios

Doctor Johann Fennhoff, also known as Dr. Ivchenko, originally stepped into Agent Carter as a kind-hearted psychiatrist who wanted nothing less than to help the SSR as best he could. Of course this turned out to be a ruse in which he managed to gain the upper hand, killing Roger Dooley and many others before eventually being stopped and imprisoned thanks to Peggy Carter.

One of the more interesting aspects of the doctor is the ring he carries with him, meticulously rubbing as he puts various characters into hypnotic states, getting them to do his bidding. Some fans have suggested that this ring may in fact belong to The Mandarin, and not the knock-off version from Iron Man 3, more along the lines of the nigh-immortal being alluded to in the Hail to the King one-shot. A very interesting idea indeed.

4 One-Shot Undone

Via Marvel Studios

On the subject of one-shots, it's interesting to think that originally that's all that Peggy Carter was going to be limited to; a short film revolving around her life a few years following the events of Captain America: the First Avenger where she kicks butt and wins every viewer's heart. The interesting thing though is the ending, when Howard Stark gives her a call and asks her to be a founding member of SHIELD with him.

By the time the series rolled around, this event was undone. The possibility existed for a while that the show could be leading up to these events, but now it's clear that the Agent Carter one-shot has been nixed from the MCU's canon.


3 JARVIS vs Jarvis 2.0

Via Marvel Studios

Moving on with actors Paul Bettany and James D'Arcy, it's interesting to note that when James was given the role of Jarvis he specifically chose to abstain from watching anything that included Paul Bettany's involvement as the artificial intelligence JARVIS.

This was in order to cut his own unique path for the character while also going without receiving any negative influences by having "knowledge" of future events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

2 Iron Man's Gallery of Rogues

Via Marvel Studios

A difficult thing about choosing to make a series placed at a historic point in time for the MCU is the limited selection of villains. These are usually the weakest thing going for Marvel in terms of quality, but thankfully Agent Carter manages to pick and choose their opponents very carefully.

Some villains have even been alluded to but not fully brought to life yet, such as The Crimson Dynamo. There was also the inclusion of The Black Widow in the first season, albeit a post-war version who was never officially given the code name. The most recent season also includes Madame Masque, meaning that Agent Carter likes to swim in the Iron Man side of the villain pool.

1 Time Jumper

Via Marvel Studios

One of the biggest draws toward Marvel's Agent Carter is the fact that it takes place briefly afterwards. The sad fact is that this could become a novelty for the program, along with the drawbacks of limitation from the 1940's time period.

Thankfully it's been reported in the past that Agent Carter is intended to make occasional jumps into the future, 50's, 60's, and even the 70's. This opens the gates for a world of possibilities as we can see the Marvel Cinematic Universe's history unfold in the events leading up towards Iron Man.


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