10 Surprising Facts About Marvel's Cable

With this year becoming the 'ultimate year of the comic book movie,' fans are looking for the next 'hero' to make their screen debut. With Captain America and Iron Man going toe to toe in Civil War and the X-Men taking on Apocalypse plus the recent success of the Deadpool movie, there is still so much wealth of characters to be explored on screen.

It's already been confirmed that Cable will get his chance to shine in the sequel to Deadpool, and many fans will be saying it's about time! Especially with X-Men movies crossing over so many timelines, now seems the perfect time for Cable's introduction.

Cable has a long history with the X-Men and everyone else in the Marvel universe, which could provide a lot more material for any up and coming projects that Marvel or Fox have.

With that in mind, many people out there may not be familiar with Cable's story. So we look at the 10 things you need to know about the bad-ass mutant.

Brace yourself as his story gets complicated!


10 Cable is Cyclops's Son


After Jean Grey makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her X-Men team, Cyclops (aka Scott Summers) meets Madelyn Pryor. Instantly he's drawn to her and the two marry and have a child, Nathan Summers, or Cable as he will become.

9 Cable is Dying


After his mother, Madelyn Pryor, dies, the evil Apocalypse kidnaps the young cable and injects him with a techno-organic virus. The virus works through the victim's system, slowly turning organic matter into technology until they die.

8 He's From The Future.... Sort of


After being infected with the T-O virus, a being from the future (a member of the Askani clan) helps Cable. She appears to Cyclops and tells him that she can save him but only if she can take him 2,000 years into the future; in which time they have the technology to cure him before it's too late.

7 Founded X-Force and Six Pack


From the outside, Cable seems to be the perfect 'loner.' But in fact he has a long history with working with others and being the pivotal member of several groups - the X-Men included.

When Cable first returns to the present day, he forms a group called 'The Wild Pack.' However, he soon discovers that name's already taken so he decides on the ultra macho name 'Six Pack.' Using excess violence, Six Pack often left a trail of carnage wherever it went.

6 Cable Has A Clone and They're Mortal Enemies


After the young Cable was infected with the T-O virus and taken to the future, he was cloned as they feared he wouldn't survive. While this is happening, Apocalypse attacks and kidnaps what he thinks is the real Nathan Summers. However, Apocalypse has the clone.

5 Cable and Deadpool


It's no surprise that the first on screen appearance of Cable is alongside Deadpool. The pair have a long and colorful history together.

Sharing a comic book series that ran for nearly four years, the two became a highly popular 'buddy team' for fans. With two distinct styles, Cable was focused on his mission to stop Apocalypse and save the world, while Deadpool's hijinks and non-stop motor mouth had a great contrast to it.

4 His Son Was Killed By Wolverine


As with many story arcs involving Cable, the many possible futures play a big role. In an alternative future in which Apocalypse rules everything, Cable adopts Tyler Dayspring as his son and the two join a band of freedom fighters to take down Apocalypse. However, Tyler was captured and then brainwashed against his father. When Tyler attacks Cable's friend Dawn Silk, Cable has no choice but to shoot his son in order to save them both.

3 Framed For The Attempted Assassination of Prof - X


For the most part, Cable agreed with Charles Xavier's dream on how mutants and humans can live together. Although they did differ on the method, Cable often thought that Charles's methods were far too soft, and thought a more aggressive approach was needed.

Because of this, when the professor was shot with a Techno-Organic virus, everyone assumed it was Cable. Add to the fact that the culprit looked just like him. Everyone searched for Cable with vengeance on their minds.

2 Is Cable Wolverine From The Future?


With the ever expanding multiverse of the Marvel comic books, there are many versions and alternative realities that exist within the multiverse. Cable himself is sent to, and comes back from, a possible future. In which there are many.

In The Ultimate X-Men, such a reality exists in which Cable is actually Wolverine. Going by the name James Howlett, Cable/ Wolverine is sent back from the future to capture Professor X and take him to the future in order to train him for the up and coming battle with Apocalypse.

Maybe not a storyline that will best introduce the character of Cable, but with the timelines of the X-Men movies a bit all over the place, and when Hugh Jackman decides to hang up his claws, it could be an interesting re-boot to visit.

1 Not Just a Telepath


Often considered one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, Cable has had face offs against the X-Men and the Avengers in his time and has come out on top.

As a natural telepath, Cable has the ability to read minds and project his thoughts onto others. Not surprising when you consider his mother is an exact clone of Jean Grey. He can also use his mind for astral projection, mind control and he can even cause amnesia in others. Away from the mental powers, Cable is also highly intelligent, can teleport, has control of telekinesis and can even fly! Put that together with his superhuman endurance, strength and speed, you can see why Cable is such a force within the comic book world.


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10 Surprising Facts About Marvel's Cable