10 Superheroes You Didn't Know Were The Most Powerful In The Marvel Universe

Everyone seems to be gravitating to the comic book world more and more every single year, to see people like Captain America and Iron Man. They may be popular, but in terms of power, they are actually kind of weak.

What matters most to Marvel is the connection you have with a certain character or even group, like the Fantastic Four. At the end of the day, that is what matters. However, if we're going to have a little fun here and bring out the most powerful characters in Marvel history, we need to dismiss the popular ones to make way for the powerful characters.

We will be dismissing types like One-Above-All, Death, and Eternity, among others, as they represent the creators and ways to kill off people, and not the actual characters involved in the comics for an extended period. So for those nitpickers, you were warned.

Knowing that popular doesn't equal powerful, you may be stunned to find out how amazing these characters actually are.


10 Deadpool

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Deadpool is very dangerous, someone you have to fear simply because there is nothing you can truly do to stop him. He once made a powerful villain quit just for talking to him too much. Seriously.

If there is one person that could literally spell the end of anyone he comes across, Deadpool is that guy. The reason for this is not only the fact that he has a problem dying, he can also withstand a lot of pain who's a skilled warrior with the ability to do things no normal man can. Unlike Wolverine, who is also quite difficult to go against, Deadpool is not made up of a substance that would give easy ways to beat him. Therefore Deadpool beats Wolverine every time.

He can live a long time, but Deadpool's most gifted assets include his fighting skill and his ability to use weaponry well. Whether hero or villain, one thing is for sure, you cannot sleep on Deadpool. If you do, you will die. (He's killed people in their sleep, too, so yeah.)

9 Quicksilver

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If we get down to brass tax, Quicksilver has to be on this list simply due to physics alone. The man is going at speeds that are faster than any bullet. In fact, he could stop a bullet and place it down, which means he can control the force of objects he moves, slowing them down or making them faster.

If he were to hit you at a speed he feels comfortable with, he could literally open your body or take off your head. Then, if you caught up to him, he could bend time and potentially go forward (or backward) in time similar to the Flash.

Speed kills and Quicksilver has it in spades. The son of Magneto certainly has some surprises that you will never see coming.

8 Thor

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Thor comes from a line of warriors with a family lineage that would make anyone jealous. The real thing to look out for is the lightning he brings to the table. The biggest thing here is that he can summon weather to help him, but also control lightning, which ends up causing massive harm as an enemy.

He also has super strength, not to mention a big time hammer called Mjolnir that can take out anyone at any time. Only the worthy can use it, meaning unless the hammer feels you are equal or more worthy than Thor, then you'll have the ability to use it. This means you won't see many bad guys using the hammer other than Thor.

7 Hulk

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When you think of powerful Marvel heroes, Hulk comes to mind and rightfully so. When he gets going, he is almost impossible to stop. The product of gamma radiation, he possesses the strength of a million men and cannot be stopped by normal means. The Avengers felt they would have to put him in a cage and drop him from the sky in order to bring him down a peg, if needed.

Dr. Bruce Banner is considered a genius that ended up being both blessed and cursed by the fact that he put himself in the line of fire when working with gamma radiation. When he became Hulk, it was never his plan to lose control.

While Hulk possesses strength and durability, as well as longevity, what makes him even more powerful is the IQ he has. While originally not under Banner's control, he eventually gives up his life to become Hulk full time, which allowed for the meshing of both.

6 Ant-Man

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The Ant-Man tech was first invented by Hank Pym and later used by Scott Lang. Both of which use the technology to its extent. However, Ant-Man can do things that would surprise you.

Resizing is tame compared to what he can actually do when he's pushed to the limit. In fact, he could change the universe in the blink of an eye and no one could stop him. If he were to go subatomic, which is smaller than any atom, he could have a problem on his hands.

Since the mass of the man is basically compacted using Pym Particles, Scott or Hank will be more than able to use their mass in this area. If he shrunk down in size, science dictates that he could possibly create a small black hole. We would not notice it, until the world was sucked into it with Ant-Man himself.

So in theory, Ant-Man holds the key to the planet with his technology. I think that makes him pretty powerful, despite what you get from looking at him.

5 Sentry


There are a few versions of this character. However, nobody can call any of them weak. He is said to hold power compared to one million exploding suns. He has telepathy and immortality on his side.

On top of this, he can raise the dead. Talk about invincible, the man is considered so powerful that he could take on any character, good or evil, and make them kneel before him if he wanted to.

He has taken on Hulk and forced a draw, and we've already seen how strong he can be. So imagine this with immortality, God-like resurrection powers, and the ability to be considered more powerful than not just one, but a million exploding suns. I think we have a powerful hero here.

4 Hercules

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The mythical Greek hero/demi-God is a comic book character, too. Hercules debuted for Marvel in 1965 and for DC Comics in 1941, both under the All Star Comics which DC later bought. DC would give him his own series in 1975.

It obviously made sense for him to appear in the Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel (now Shazam) comics, which he did. He was a great hero whose strength was unmatched. In Marvel, the same happened. However, this man was going head-to-head with Hulk in power.

He possesses durability and his God-like abilities are uncanny. He is also skilled at archery, boxing, and greco-roman wrestling. His abilities put him on this list because few can match him pound-for-pound when Herc is ready to rumble.


3 Dr. Strange

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The Sorcerer Supreme is possibly the most powerful human on earth, or so they say. Possessing unimaginable power due to his magical abilities, Dr. Strange is almost impossible to beat.

While he does not have his own power though mutation like some, he does possess magic, which can take down just about any hero. On top of this, he has martial arts skills. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but understanding this world can help when it comes to fighting other powerful beings.

When it comes to the supernatural, Strange leads the way. When you understand the symbols and amulets the way he does, you can find strength anywhere. If you combine all his abilities, you find a man that could make Hulk kneel if he wanted.

2 Jean Grey/Phoenix

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Jean Grey can control things with her mind, which makes her similar to Professor Xavier. Like Professor X, on top of being able to move things with her mind, she can read a person's brain, too.

Being the teacher of Grey, you would think that Xavier would be more powerful than his student. This was true for a time, until Jean fell to the Phoenix Force. When the Phoenix took over, Jean really had no understanding of how to control the force.

Xavier would try to put blockers in Jean's mind, but the force broke through and it allowed Jean to unlock not only the Phoenix, but also live up to her potential as one of the world's most powerful mutants.

It was not until Mastermind, a powerful illusionist, would plant seeds forcing Phoenix to turn to the dark side. Along with Emma Frost planting seeds, Phoenix was driven mad and the character was even more risky to deal with, due to the amazing power being controlled by a crazy person.

1 Scarlet Witch

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We see the Scarlet Witch today as one of The Avengers. She comes off as a very nice, down to earth mutant that is almost ashamed of her power. You truly never see what she can do in the movies and if you did, you would wonder why she's wasting her time fighting man's battles.

Being the daughter of Magneto (this has changed in some comics), Wanda Maximoff clearly stood up for the bad guys. Her father was one of the most powerful mutants in the world and he made sure he exposed his children to his version of the truth more times than not. Clearly, Wanda would see the bad and side with her father. That was until she saw the real truth, which changed her mind.

In another version, Magneto saves Scarlet and her brother Quicksilver, which makes them feel like they own a debt to him. When Magneto was abducted by the Stranger, they felt the debt was paid and they joined the Avengers soon after. As far as power goes, she is known by some to be a clone of Jean Grey. However, this is clearly wrong ... but she does have a lot of the same powers (such as telekinesis and telepathy). She also has the power of mental projection, energy and matter manipulation.

She can basically make someone see something and be tricked by it, which seems like a parlor trick until you realize how major this is. If she felt like it, she could destroy all matter and energy, or use it to her ability. She could literally destroy the world. On top of this, in the comics, Chthon left a fraction of his essence within Wanda, and, according to Agatha Harkness, that darkness merged with her own repressed dark side.

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