10 Superheroes You Didn't Know Lost Their Powers

Superheroes just don’t have to deal with super villains in the comics and movies. Sometimes they also have to deal with losing their powers. Writers often use this gimmick and strip heroes of their po

Superheroes just don’t have to deal with super villains in the comics and movies. Sometimes they also have to deal with losing their powers. Writers often use this gimmick and strip heroes of their powers – sometimes they lose all their powers or sometimes they are depowered significantly. It is usually an interesting story arc when a superhero goes from being extremely powerful, back to being just a normal person.

Of course, some heroes like Batman never have to deal with this problem because they don’t have superpowers to begin with. Some of the most famous comic book story lines have dealt with superheroes no longer having superpowers. Some of theses stories are in cannon and some are not. Here’s a look at ten times superheroes lost their powers or became seriously depowered.

10 Spider-Man No More


In Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker decides he doesn’t want to be Spider-Man anymore after he suddenly loses his superpowers when the love of his life, Mary Jane Watson, becomes engaged to John Jameson. After his abilities are gone, and he throws his costume in the garbage, he returns to a normal non-superhero life without the problems that Spider-Man normally faces as he tries to win back Mary Jane.

9 Superman Deals With A Red Sun


Superman’s abilities come from Earth’s yellow sun. That’s why Kryptonians didn’t have any powers when they were on Krypton – that planet had a red sun. There have been numerous occasions where Superman found himself on a planet that orbits a red sun rather than a yellow one. This of course means all his abilities don’t work.

8 Wolverine Loses His Adamantium


In the 2013 movie The Wolverine, Logan had his adamantium claws sliced off during a battle with the Silver Samurai. This left him with only bone claws. Similar scenarios have happened in the pages of the comic books, too. In X-men #25 Magneto even ripped all the metal from Wolverine’s body.

7 Act of God Renders The Justice League Useless


The elseworld comic book miniseries called JLA: Act of God saw multiple superheroes in the DC universe; including Green Lantern, The Flash and Martian Manhunter; lose their superpowers. In this three issue miniseries from 2000, a natural event caused a plethora of DC Comics superheroes to no longer be super.

6 House Of M Makes Mutants Powerless


This Marvel comic book storyline which began in 2005, resulted in numerous mutants no longer being mutants –and since they weren’t mutants anymore they didn’t have their special abilities. Scarlett Witch is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe. Her ability to warp reality reached a pinnacle in this miniseries, and she was able to completely change the world and create a new reality where Marvel’s heroes had completely different lives.

5 Thor Is Stripped Of His Powers To Learn Humility

In almost the entire first Thor movie, the titular hero doesn’t actually have any of his powers. Odin deems his son unworthy and banishes him to Earth to learn how to be humble. Thor can’t even pull his hammer Mjolnir out of the ground until he learns that he is not the center of the universe.

4 Iron Man Becomes The Mechanic


Yes, Iron Man is not super powerful without his suit, but in Iron Man 3 Tony Stark proved he could get by with just his wits and his mechanical ingenuity. After all, that’s how he built the first Iron Man suit in the first place – with limited supplies while trapped in a cave by terrorists.

3 Hulk Becomes Mr. Fixit


The Hulk has had many incarnations throughout the years. The character is the most powerful when he is green, but he has also been grey – and that’s when he’s not nearly as strong. Grey Hulk is still tough, but not anywhere near as powerful as the Green Hulk.

2 Superman Gets Rid Of His Powers On Purpose


1 Superman Can’t Be That Powerful


Superman has gained new abilities through his 75-year comic book run. When Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel first created the Man of Steel he couldn’t even fly – he could only leap tall buildings in a single bound. Eventually he gained the ability to fly and numerous other powers like heat vision and ice breath. Just recently he gained another new power – the ability to create a heat bomb and basically implode himself.

However, this new power is so intense that it causes superman to lose his powers for a period of time. Recently in the pages of Action Comics, Superman went from being all powerful to severely depowered. He still has plenty of super strength, but he can no longer fly like his used to, and he’s much more vulnerable. Rather than fly, he runs or rides a motorcycle. Even worse is that the world now knows he’s Clark Kent after Lois Lane outed him.



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10 Superheroes You Didn't Know Lost Their Powers