10 Superheroes You Didn't Know Lifted Thor's Hammer

The rise in popularity of the Marvel comic world through the art of film has made Thor one of the more fascinating superheroes in the fantasy world we all enjoy. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe features Thor as an Avenger and gave the character two solo movies to show what the character could offer. The first Thor film made $450 million in the box office. The sequel Thor: The Dark World raked in over $650 million and a third film is set to come out in 2017 to add to the series. People enjoy the story of Thor and his weapon of choice is a big reason why.

Thor is synonymous with carrying around the powerful hammer known as Mjolnir. Part of the magic regarding the hammer is that Thor is the only superhero that can use it in most scenarios. The most recent Avengers: Age of Ultron movie poked fun at the other superheroes failing to pick up the hammer. All of the Avengers gathered around after a party trying their best to lift it up while Thor laughs at them for not being worthy. The message emblazoned on Mjolnir reads “whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor” making it clear no one else should have the ability to pick it up.

Years of comic books and a couple of other outlets have given us a very small sample size of what it would be like if other characters possessed the power of the hammer. Many of these situations have used loopholes that allowed others to pick up Mjolnir for the intrigue of the story, but Marvel has always done a great job of protecting the mystique of Thor being the only one that can have its use. Most of the names to pull off the impossible are not the ones you would expect and we’re looking at the odd situations that have seen other superheroes pick up Thor’s hammer.

10 Black Widow


Black Widow may be the most underrated member of the Avengers in the current MCU films and the superhero has always been a great character in the comics. The Marvel “What If?” series created a world in which Thor was dead and that led to Natasha Romanoff being the one that possessed the power of the god.

9 Vision


The most popular example of a superhero having the rare ability to pick up Mjolnir was Vision in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Vision is a synthetic being with great power that was introduced as one of the newest members of the super team scheduled to be in future movies.

8 Deadpool


Deadpool has become one of the hottest superheroes today following the success of the character’s first blockbuster film in February. Fans enjoyed the film about the anti-hero because it stayed true to the comic, as Deadpool is meant to be a wise-cracking mercenary that breaks the fourth wall.

7 Conan the Barbarian


One of the sillier instances that saw someone lift Mjolnir was Conan the Barbarian. Loki’s dastardly plotting caused Thor to go back far enough in time to the era of Conan’s time and the two muscle heads met. The “What If?” comic would see Thor and Conan become friends before Conan’s enemy Thoth-Amon entered the picture.

6 Awesome Andy


The most obscure name on this last has to be comic book character Awesome Andy. Originally created as Awesome Android by the Mad Thinker to be an evil robot that followed his orders, the robot would use its powers of absorbing the abilities of others.

5 Jane Foster


One of the recent Thor comic series has seen Jane Foster become the new Thor. Many speculated what the story would be when it was revealed a female Thor superhero was being introduced but it turned out to be perennial favorite Jane Foster. The former love interest of Thor became the new Thor when the Mjolnir dictated the former Thor was no longer worthy. Confusing enough?

4 Storm


Storm is one of the more popular members of the X-Men as the mutant that has the power to control the weather. The crossover comic featured Loki once again going out of Asgard to try to manipulate someone into getting rid of Thor. Storm was given the duplicate hammer called the Stormcaster.

3 Superman


Marvel and DC finally brokered a deal for a massive comic crossover featuring The Justice League of America and The Avengers meeting. The comics were met with positive reactions and one of the more pivotal moments featured Superman lifting Mjolnir.

2 Captain America


The debate of which Avenger is truly the leader can be factored in many different ways. Captain America would probably go down as the most popular choice due to his pure intentions and wanting to always fight for what is right. The patriotic hero was able to lift Mjolnir on multiple occasions in the comics during Avengers stories.

1 Wonder Woman


Marvel and DC didn’t create the aforementioned huge crossover comic that saw Superman pick up Mjolnir until the 2000s but there was a sillier crossover concept in the 90s. The superheroes from Marvel and DC faced each other in various fights in a short comic series to see who would reign supreme.

Thor lost the hammer during his matchup against Captain Marvel. Wonder Woman would pick up Mjolnir with ease during her battle with Storm but didn’t want the unfair advantage so refused to use it. The honor showcased by Wonder Woman by refusing to use it also gave us insight into why she was deemed worthy enough to lift it up in the first place. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman lost her battle against Storm but she earned the respect of comic fans everywhere.

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10 Superheroes You Didn't Know Lifted Thor's Hammer