10 Superhero Pairs Who Would Have Powerful Offspring

Comic book fans are well-versed in amazing history of superhero cross over  and team up story lines. But what about teaming up of another sort?  What would happen if the most powerful heroes teamed up to produce offspring? The possibilities are mind boggling when you consider the broad range of abilities like x-ray vision, invisibility, telepathy, flight and even the ability to manipulate the weather and other natural forces.

Superheroes are defined by their fantastic god-like powers that set them apart from mere mortals.  These heroes are busy saving the planet while everyone else struggles just to get to work on time in rush hour traffic.  According to the rules that govern the comic book universe the children of  superheroes would inherit some combination of powers and abilities.  A whole new generation of superheroes would be born.  They all would exhibit unexpected and enhanced abilities from the super DNA passed on to them from their super parents.

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10 She-Hulk & Dr. Xavier

via forums.marvelheroes.com / via redandwhitekop.com

Women want men to be able to read their minds, but what if there was a hot green chick who could toss you around like a rag doll and read your mind. It could make for a pretty interesting first date if She-Hulk and Dr. Xavier got together. She-Hulk might seem a little forward for the reserved man of science, but at least he'd know exactly what she was about to do to him. Their son could be an unbeatable combination of brains and brawn. Imagine a formidable mind with telepathic powers in a body stacked with rippling green muscles. He'd be able to smash everything in his path like his second cousin the Incredible Hulk. But, in an added wrinkle, he would also be able to pummel his victims using only his mind.

9 Spider Woman & Dr. Manhattan

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Spider Woman has always been one of the sexier superheroes and this was high-lifted recently when an artist was accused of being sexist for making her look too sexy in a suggestive pose. Dr. Manhattan was transformed into a mild mannered scientist by a mysterious energy field into a superior life form seemingly unfettered by the laws of physics. He is also unfettered by any wardrobe, choosing to confront evil in his electric blue birthday suit. Fan boys could only hope Spider Woman and Dr. Manhattan would produce a statuesque blue young lady who didn't feel the need for incidentals like clothes. Naked or not, she would be quite formidable with her spider sense, spider strength and god-like powers to manipulate time and space.

8 Flash & Witchblade

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Witchblade, or Sara Pezzini, former police detective has been given extraordinary powers by the alien artifact that fell to earth in the distant past. However, her most impressive super power seems to be her ability to somehow keep her impossibly skimpy outfit from slipping off her perfect body. The Flash, with his unimaginable speed, would be the perfect father for Witchblade's daughter. This is the only way she'd be fast enough to outrun all the drooling fan boys constantly hitting on her. The Witchblade's powers are not to be taken lightly; the mysterious artifact gives its bearer tremendous abilities including flight, healing, agility and strength. He would be a killer combination of super abilities and an unbeatable body that could strike like a flash of lightning.

7 Human Torch & Valkyrie

via comicvine.com

Like Thor, Valkyrie is a resident of Asgard and a superhero here on Earth. She is a tough, beautiful blond with god - like powers, but with superheroes there's always room for improvement. Jonathon Storm became the Human Torch when he, his sister and his friends were exposed to cosmic radiation. The daughter of Valkyrie and Human Torch would be plenty hot in more ways than one. As if her demigod warrior powers wouldn't be enough to wreak havoc she would have the ability to "flame on" at will. hurtling through the sky she could blaze a fiery path straight to her enemies. But she'd also have the chops to wield huge swords and hammers to dispatch all comers with the same ferocity as her Asgard brethren.

6 Wolverine & the Invisible Woman

via allwallpaper.in / via comicbookkid.co.uk

If these two heroes had a daughter, she would be as beautiful as she would be badass. As parents these two might clash a bit since Wolverine can be crusty while the Invisible Woman is known to be low-key and pretty delightful. Depending on his mood, their son could choose to take on the bad guys with the help of his power of invisibility or he could choose to chew on a cigar as he kicked the crap out of them. If he has his father's attitude, and we all hope he does, he'll choose the latter. A son of Wolverine with invisibility would not be shy about using the power to his advantage. He might use it to fight evil or just to have a little fun at Cyclops' expense.

5 The Thing & Thundra

via comicvine.com

When its lobbying time who better to call than the big orange rock man known as the Thing? He weighs in at a hefty  500 lbs. with the incredible strength and durability to match. Back in the 1970's Thundra, a 7'2'' Femazon warrior from an alternate time line crossed paths with the Thing. This beauty boasts superhuman strength of her own and exceptional fighting skills. Thundra saved the Thing's life once so they might be ready to take their relationship to the next level. You can bet it'll be clobbering time for whoever or whatever gets in their son's way. He would be massive piece of rock-solid muscle to rival the one and only incredible Hulk - only with a slightly more charming personality. Add to this a set of otherworldly fighting skills and  you've got a thing of beauty.

4 Captain America & Raven

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This would be a case of opposites attracting because Steve Rogers/Captain America is about as straight-laced and "what you see is what you get" as superheroes can be. The emotionally overwrought half demon woman known as Raven is something else all together. She is at the other end of the spectrum and would be quite a handful for Cap. But if their son could combine his father's steadiness, strength and force of character with his mother's magic and psychic powers he would be a very powerful hero indeed. His extraordinary mental powers inherited from his mother would have to be monitored so the would only be used for good. If he was allowed to get out of hand there could be serious unintended consequences as happened with the powerful Phoenix/Jean Grey of X-Men fame.

3 Spiderman & Tigra

via comicvine.com / via comicbookartwork.tumblr.com

Tigra gives new meaning to the term "animal magnetism" with her ample curves, seductive tail and razor-sharp claws.  She might be too much of a man eater for straight-laced Peter Parker, but its too good a matchup to resist.  As Spiderman he might have to rely on his spidey senses to keep up with her and not get sliced to ribbons.  If he can handle her they'ed certainly produce an amazing daughter.  She would be an epic combination of feline sexy and formidable spider powers.  Her heaps of sex appeal and spidey senses would make her hard to beat and even harder to resist.  Whether swinging her way downtown from building to building or clawing her way through a gang of henchmen, she would be quite a sight to behold.

2 Batman & Storm

via youtube.com / via comicvine.com

Batman has two attributes that allow him to be a superhero without any super powers: his intelligence and his iron will. He is a self made crime fighter relying on investigative prowess and hard earned physical skills. The beautiful mutant known as Storm, of X-Men fame, was born with mysterious powers that allow her to manipulate the weather. She can summon a lightening strike and even conjure up a hurricane to assault her enemies. The product of a Batman and Storm union would make for one tough weather babe. This wonder kid would have a cunning intellect with the ability to create considerable mischief for Gotham's villains. If nothing else, she could certainly make the Penguin regret leaving his umbrella at home.

1 Superman & Gamora

via comicvine.com / via wallpaperspal.com

Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy know that the green skinned assassin known as Gamora is the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.  What if she paired up with Superman, one of the most powerful heroes in the entire universe?  It would produce perhaps the most epic offspring in the history of superheroes.  Gamora is a beautiful alien with super skills with ice water in her veins.  Superman is the very definition of  a superhero with powers far beyond those of mortal men. There's too much potential here for one child so these two would likely produce twins.  A pair of siblings, a boy and a girl, both winners in the super genetic lottery.  Both of them would be attractive demigods nearly invulnerable and immortal. These two young superheroes would have the entire galaxy at their feet.


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