10 Of The Strangest Celeb Hookups Of All Time

It's becoming more and more common to see the oddest pair of celebrities hooking up with one another, begging the question on what the two could possibly see in one another. Over the years, some of these famous names have really shocked their fans, having revealed to them who they were dating, which usually ignites an ever-so-long discussion on how he (or she) isn't the right one for the person in question. It should also be added that it is not uncommon to see these celebrity hookups end just as fast as they began; some celebrities use this opportunity to get some publicity on themselves. Meanwhile, others are actually convinced that trying out dating someone who is so out of their league may be something they have been missing in their lives, only to then realize that it really wasn't the case after all. Still, it is not for a fan to judge or decide on who their idol should date; if that celeb is convinced that the relationship will work, why not give it a go? Although, it has often proven not to be the case. In conclusion, the world was left puzzled to understand why these ten celebrities ever hooked-up to begin with. See the full list of celebrities below.

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10 Kristen Stewart, Rupert Sanders


Twilight franchise star Kristen Stewart’s, hook-up with Rupert Sanders wasn’t just shocking, it was very strange (to say the least). It seemed odd for the simple fact that Rupert was not only much older than Kristen, but he was also married and had children with then-wife, Liberty Ross. A lot of respect was lost for the actress by her fans, who were stunned by the revelation that Kristen had been cheating on Robert Pattinson with a married man who directed her movie, Snow White and the Huntsman.

9 Rihanna, Ashton Kutcher


Back in 2012, it was alleged that Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher started seeing each other for a couple of months. It was more or less a fling rather than a relationship, and the twosome seemed to have enjoyed each other’s company for the most part. Rihanna was constantly seen over at Ashton's home, making it pretty clear that they were an item but we found it weird because they couldn’t picture the couple having anything in common. Well, that may have been why they ended up breaking up in the end.

8 Charlize Theron, Sean Penn

Charlize Theron shocked the world when she announced that she was seeing actor Sean Penn. Nobody understood what could attract such a stunning woman to a man that has been known to be trouble; his toxic relationship to Madonna proved just that. Still, Theron seems to like a challenge, and that’s exactly what she got when she began seeing Sean for a year or so, before the two decided they needed a break from one another and called it quits. It is believed that Theron pulled the plug in the relationship — she probably saw what everybody else saw: nothing good.

7 Russell Brand, Katy Perry

Russell Brand’s pairing with Katy Perry was a strange one in itself. Katy went on to confirm that she was dating the British comedian before announcing a couple of months later that the twosome had gotten engaged and were actively planning to get married. Their marriage only lasted for a year and quite frankly, the public was not surprised by the sudden choice in divorce. Usually when you are having a hard time in a relationship, you try and work it out, but these two were quick to file the divorce papers. Clearly they were not meant to be.

6 50 Cent, Chelsea Handler


A rapper and a comedienne, how strange does that sound? 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler created quite the headlines when they went public with their odd relationship. The former Chelsea Lately host would go on to admit that she was blown away by the rapper and couldn’t resist his charm. Handler didn’t care what people thought about her romance to 50, but things got weird when the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Ciara, was said to have been calling him endlessly, knowing very well that the music mogul had already moved on.

5 Rita Ora, Bruno Mars


It’s not quite shocking to hear that Rita Ora has dated Bruno Mars in the past — considering that she has dated everybody — but the same cannot be said for Bruno. The singer is very private when it comes to the people he’s dating, but his romance to Rita wasn’t talked about until the two decided to part ways. In 2009, the couple decided to get together after Bruno was approached to write songs for Ora’s debut album, but by 2011 they were done, having blamed their busy schedules as to why things didn’t end up working out for them.

4 Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez


Talk about just weird. Michelle Rodriguez was smooching with Zac Efron in Italy during their vacation with a couple of friends. This pairing seemed odd for the plain fact that Michelle has never shied away from having dated women in the past. In fact, Michelle was even dating model, Cara Delevingne, at one point. So her decision to start seeing Zac seemed really odd, and probably threw her female fans off a little. It’s still unclear how the two broke up because a couple of weeks after their kissing photos hit the web, Zac was seen with other women, and so was Michelle.

3 Sandra Bullock, Jesse James

Nobody really understood why Sandra Bullock was so drawn to Jesse James when she started seeing him. Her Hollywood friends actually thought she was crazy, but it seemed like Sandra really loved him, considering that she went on to marry "the bad boy". It would eventually come out in the press that Jesse hadn’t been faithful to Bullock, having had multiple affairs with different women behind her back, causing Bullock to separate from the love of her life, followed with a divorce.

2 Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made an interesting pair, simply because Katie was always seen as this bubbly, fun, happy person, whereas Tom was more serious and seemingly always focused his attention to Scientology and work. And while many thought their relationship seemed odd, wondering how they made it for as long as they did, Katie eventually filed for divorce when Scientology reportedly started interfering in her daughter, Suri's life. Tom and Katie have had a rather estranged relationship ever since their split.

1 Janet Jackson, Matthew McConaughey


Janet Jackson famously admitted to having had a little fling with actor Matthew McConaughey, after they first met at a Grammys party. Though Matthew has strongly denied claims that he has ever hooked up with Janet, if we were to believe Jackson’s claims, the two would seem like they probably wouldn’t have anything in common. Matthew seems more dominant while Janet seems sweet, innocent and lovable. It’s hilarious to then see both of them have different recounts of their “hookup” — Matthew says it didn’t happen, while Janet claims it did.

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