10 Strange and Expensive Celebrity Gifts

After we fantasize about the exotic destinations and fast cars we'll buy when we win the lottery, most of us wax unselfish and start making mental lists of special gifts we'd love to bestow upon our loved ones, presents picked not so much for value but for distinctiveness…which, alas, also carries a typically high price tag.

Celebrities with seemingly limitless funds are already livin' the dream and their inimitable gifts for family and friends run the gamut from practical to poignant, including a few so odd you don't even want to imagine the back-story.


10 David & Victoria Beckham – 2 $50,000 Audis

You might occasionally give your babysitter a $50 gift card for taking extra special care of your kids or putting in extra time with no notice but David and Victoria Beckham were so thankful for their mothers' childcare contributions, they gave them each a $50 thousand Audi. Sure, keeping track of four kids is a challenge but these kids must be unholy terrors to earn such a price tag. Or maybe the moms-in-law know some family secrets and their kids felt a little hush money on wheels was in order. All jokes aside the Beckham's sure know how to show their appreciation!

9 Katy Perry - $100,000 Trip to Space


When Katy Perry's then husband Russell Brand turned 35, she bought him a round trip ticket to space for $200 thousand. Unfortunately, in a relatively short time, he found the air in Katy's world too thin to breathe and ended the marriage. It's unclear whether he returned the wild gift when he coldly broke the non-binding ties by text message on New Year's Eve. If Katy could get the ticket back, she'd have a chance to send recent ex John Mayer into an alternate atmosphere. And think of the possibilities if she could trade in the round trip ticket for two one-way tickets.

8 Jamie Foxx – Horses for Robert Downey, Jr.

Jamie Foxx was thrilled for his friend Robert Downey Jr. when he bought a ranch for him and his family but when Downey showed him the empty stables, Foxx was saddened by the empty stalls.

For a housewarming gift, Foxx gave him two horses, one for Downey and one for his wife. On Foxx's next birthday, Downey presented him with a 1967 vintage El Camino. No word on whether that gift was prompted by an empty garage or just Foxx's penchant for old truck-car combo classics.

7 Courtney Cox – A Bicycle for Friend Jennifer Aniston


Best friends on T.V and in real life, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox always exchange birthday gifts. One year Jennifer mentioned she'd like to tool around Los Angeles on a two-wheeler to avoid the legendary traffic congestion, so Courtney ponied up $12,000 for an 8-speed bike with a quilted leather seat and saddlebag from Chanel. After all, that's what friends are for.

6 Kanye for Kim – Ten Burger Kings

What better wedding gift for a woman who is known for "having it her way" than 10 Burger King franchises? Kanye gets kudos for creativity, especially since the burger joints are not just local yokel outlets but scattered throughout UK, France and Italy. Kanye's no dummy; he's not going to put a gifted BK in Chicago where he owns a handful of Fatburger franchises. Since they're getting married in Paris, maybe the reception will be at a BK…the burgermeister big wigs have already offered their services for the May 24 nuptials.

5 Kim for Kanye – Computer Mice Signed by Wozniak and Jobs


Since North was born, Kim Kardashian has yet another holiday to come up with a cool gift to take that scowl off Kanye's face: Father's Day. To celebrate his first FD, she scored a pair of computer mice signed by the biggest daddies of technology, Steve Wozniak and the late Steve Jobs. Can't wait to see what Kanye comes up with for Kim's first Mother's Day; 10 Burger Kings are hard to trump.

4 Angelina Jolie – A Waterfall for Brad

In between fighting for world peace and adding children to her fold, Angelina found the time (money was no problem) to buy Frank Lloyd Wright's renowned Fallingwater waterfall for husband Brad as a combination birthday/Christmas gift. Brad, an architectural buff, had been mesmerized by the famous architect's creation since his first visit there, so Angelina purchased the waterfall and enough surrounding acreage for Brad to build his own house. Look out Niagara Falls—Father's Day is around the corner.


3 Scarlett Johannson for Ryan Reynolds – Her Gold Encrusted Wisdom Tooth


Ryan Reynolds probably had a few gifts in mind when he turned 31 back in 2007 but a gold coated tooth probably wasn't on the list. Sure, it came from the beautiful mouth of his then-future wife Scarlett Johannson but still very odd, regardless of the origin.

Considering their short-lived marriage and reportedly tumultuous relationship, an incisor may have been more appropriate than a wisdom tooth.

2 Adam Sandler – Luxury Cars for Movie Co-Stars

When Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade agreed to co-star with Adam Sandler in his movie Grown Ups, he was very pleased. Instead of throwing a party or treating his friends to dinner at a posh restaurant to show his appreciation, he bought each of them a $200 thousand Maserati. The comedy cost $80 million to make and box office sales brought in $270 million, so the lavish $800 thousand expenditure doesn't sound so crazy.

1 Jessica Simpson – Speed Boat for Tony Romo


Jessica Simpson took a lot of flack when she was dating Tony Romo. A number of Dallas Cowboys fans wanted her banned from the stands during the Cowboys games, claiming her presence was a bad omen that threw off Romo's prowess on the football field. When she gave him a $100 thousand speedboat for his 28th birthday, naysayers whispered she was trying to buy a wedding proposal.

That pass fell short of a touchdown and the two parted ways, but Jessica told him to keep the boat. Not only a devoted Cowboys fan but a good sport to boot.


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