10 Stars Who Shockingly Admitted To Butt Injections

It’s no surprise that a number of celebrities have had a considerable amount of work done on their bodies. Some celebs are very forthright about this, while others are pretty coy concerning their plastic surgeries. Some cosmetic procedures can truly enhance the look of a celebrity, while others, unfortunately, cause these famous people’s looks to take a turn for the worst.

While some celebrities opt for nose jobs or Botox injections to enhance their facial structure and make them appear younger, there are also a number of people in Hollywood who are getting butt injections. That’s right. Some individuals think that injecting fat into their backsides will improve their figures and make them look better in bikinis. For the most part this could be true. However, for some the injections went a little too far, and now their butts are what people think about the most when someone mentions the celebrity’s name. Depending on what line of work you’re in, this could be a plus, but it’s safe to say that most celebrities wanted their butt injections to at least look a little natural. For some, the rear end enhancements worked quite well, and of course other celebs weren’t so lucky. Here are 10 famous people who actually admitted to getting butt injections.

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10 Kristina and Karissa Shannon

These hot twins are best known for being two of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and for starring in The Big Brother VIP (they placed fifth during their time on the show). Of course, the twins have no problem showing off their bodies, and have been known to strip down to next to nothing for sex scenes. That probably has a lot to do with why they got butt injections. Even if the identical beauties didn’t fess up to the operation, it’s pretty clear after a quick look at their before and after pictures that they had some caboose work done. Kristina and Karissa are currently starring in Cocked, an Amazon Prime Instant Video show starring Jason Lee and Richard Paxson.

9 Vanity Wonder


Vanity Wonder used to be a popular stripper. She has since left that life behind and become an author. Wonder, who has two sons, recently sat down for an interview with The Source to talk about her butt injections and her concerns for her health. She states that she lives in constant fear that a piece of the injection will travel to her heart, because she knows how dangerous that can be. Vanity says that beauty comes with pain, and that just because people enjoy the look of a risky procedure, doesn’t mean the procedure is necessarily good. Vanity Wonder also stated that because she was getting the injections too often (every three weeks), silicon started to form lumps underneath her skin and the implants became infected. She states that the reason her rear end is so big now is because she had to fill it with more silicon until the lumpiness disappeared. This is a classic case of butt injections gone wrong. Vanity Wonder is now a mentor for young girls, and is considering removing her implant.

8 Shekinah Jo


Shekinah Jo is a professional hairstylist based in Atlanta, but she is best known as Tiny’s best friend and for her appearances on T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, a VH1 reality show. Shekinah has been pretty open about her cosmetic procedures, and has gotten butt injections twice. She shared in an interview with Bossip, that the fat was taken from her stomach and put into her behind, and that her “enhanced” posterior moves naturally. She’s also not shy about showing off her new body, and has snapped a number of pictures for her social media followers to see her new curves.

7 Tiny Harris

Singer and wife of rapper T.I. has recently admitted to having some procedures done to plump up her backside, just like her BFF Shekinah. When Tameka “Tiny” Harris appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, she admitted to the host that her behind was “a little bought.” Tiny also admitted to getting breast implants, and has a few social media pics that show off her new physical enhancements. She’s been getting a lot of negative comments lately about her looks, but her husband T.I. recently took to social media to defend her and to inform his fans that if he really is their favorite rapper, they should be more respectful of his wife. How sweet.

6 K. Michelle


The singer, who was once romantically linked to Memph Hitz (who is currently married to Lil’ Wayne's ex-wife Toya Carter) got the attention of the media again as part of the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. However, her singing (and drama) wasn’t the only reason that viewers were tuning in. K. Michelle always had curves, but viewers who had been fans of hers for a while noticed that her backside was much fuller than before. K.Michelle denied getting butt injections in several interviews, and stated that her figure was exactly the way God made it. She later admitted to having some fat removed from her stomach and injected into her posterior region.

5 Countess Vaughn


4 Renee Graziano


3 Chloe Sims

British celebrity Chloe Sims, decided she wanted a butt lift, so she went to her plastic surgeon and asked for the “Nicki Minaj.” In an interview with Reveal magazine, Sims, who stars in The Only Way to Essex, shared that she actually wanted to go bigger with the injections, and that she loves the way Minaj’s backside looks. She tried to explain who Nicki Minaj was to her doctor, but when she realized he wasn’t familiar with the rapper, Sims explained that she’s pretty dramatic when it comes to her looks, and wanted to look like “the perfect peach.” On Chloe’s small frame, getting injections that are as eye-catching as Nicki Minaj’s would make her look more like a pear. Hey, to each her own.

2 Jenna Jameson

1 Heidi Montag


Heidi Montag rose to fame in the mid 2000s with her then-boyfriend (now husband) Spencer Pratt, when they starred in a series of reality shows on MTV that featured entitled and drama-filled young adults living in California. After the shows ended, Montag likely needed a little more publicity. So, she decided plastic surgery was the way to do it. She got a host of surgeries, including a breast augmentation, a nose job and butt injections. Of course, these procedures made a drastic difference in Heidi’s appearance, and she was met with some backlash from the media. So, she decided to get a breast reduction as an attempt to look less like a p**n star, but the butt injections are still part of her look. Now that her body is a little more proportioned, the injections actually don’t look so bad.

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