10 Stars Who Married Gay Partners And Didn't Know It

The presence of a “gaydar” is not a right, it is a power and unfortunately, not everyone has one. Time and time again women and men make the mistake of marrying someone who could never really love them. This is not because they are incapable, too damaged or have their guard up; it is because physically, they are just not into you, like at all. Let’s not be fooled by some of these incidents, we can give human beings some credit here; some people know that they are married to someone who prefers the same sex but they are what is so commonly now called a “beard”. There is also the common occurrence of being duped and getting caught up in someones sham of a life; unfortunately, in Hollywood this has happened more times than most would assume. Judy Garland got tricked twice however; some would say she knew exactly what she was doing. Carrie Fisher was definitely caught off guard and has been very vocal about it and Fran Drescher; well, we all know how that story ends. A “tradition” like this has been common as far back as old Hollywood can take us; Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Ethel Merman, Jacqueline Susann and the list goes on and on. Fortunately, for society being gay is becoming more and more accepted and being involved with someone that is gay is no longer as shocking as it used to be. Nevertheless, here is a list of some famous people who did not realize that they were married, in love, involved with, in lust or obsessed with someone who batted for the same team.

10 Carrie Fisher

Our beloved Princess Leia did not have the charmed life that she deserved; after a short lived marriage to musician Paul Simon, actress Carrie Fisher married Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd and fell head over heels. They were only married for three years when Lourd decided it was time to leave Fisher for a man. Fisher has stated that the whole incident was embarrassing, humiliating and complete betrayal. She even believed that she had somehow made him gay. In her autobiography Wishful Drinking, Fisher stated that she carries on a healthy relationship with Lourd for their daughter Billie, and even takes somewhat awkward vacations with them every once in a while.

9 Liza Minnelli

Singer, actress, dancer and all around triple threat, Liza Minnelli followed closely in her mother’s footsteps when she married an older “wiser” man; musician Peter Allen. Unfortunately for Minnelli, Allen was a gay man who was not quite ready to leave that comfortable closet. Married from 1967-1974, Allen reportedly knew he always liked men but was unsure of how to articulate that to his family and friends. Allen died in 1992, after a long battle with AIDS. At the time he was in a 15 year relationship with a man he met after his divorce from Minnelli. Minnelli however, has sworn off of marriage after four failed attempts.

8 Judy Garland


The apple clearly did not fall far from the tree for Liza Minnelli, as her ultra famous mother Judy Garland, also continuously fell hard in love for the wrong men. Garland's second husband was director Vincente Minnelli; they were married from 1945 to 1951 and produced one child (Liza Minnelli). The relationship did not work out mainly because Minnelli was a gay man trying to live as a straight man. He was reportedly an openly gay man when he spent time in New York, but in the closet when he stayed in California. Minnelli maintained public relationships with women until his death in 1986.

7 Vanessa Redgrave

Actress Vanessa Redgrave, must have been shocked to learn that her famous well respected husband and father of her two daughters was gay. Director Tony Richardson came out as bisexual in 1985, after he was diagnosed with HIV. The couple was married from 1962-1967. Although many of his friends assumed he was gay, he would never confirm it, and he reportedly swept Redgrave off of her feet. Redgrave is unfortunately very familiar with having to deal with a fleeting husband, as her father was also a gay man who repeatedly cheated on her mother and eventually moved his lover into their family home.

6 Angela Lansbury


Murder, She Wrote star Angela Lansbury was married to actor Richard Cromwell, from 1945-1946. Why so short lived you ask? Well, that is simple; Cromwell was bisexual and Lansbury was having none of that. Cromwell was the hot older guy, 15 years older to be exact, and at 19-years old that is very appealing, but less than a year later Lansbury said that she came home to find a letter that simply read, “sorry, I can’t go on”. A publicist had to later explain to her that Cromwell was gay. They remained friendly until his 1960 death and during that time, Lansbury married again to manager Peter Shaw; that one lasted 53 years.

5 Lou Diamond Phillips

Some call him unlucky in love and others may see him as a jumping off point. Actor Lou Diamond Phillips was taken by surprise when his wife Julie Cypher, announced that she was leaving him for a woman; rocker Melissa Etheridge. Cypher and Etheridge met while they were filming a music video together in 1990, and that was enough for Cypher to decide she wanted a change in spouse. Phillips eventually got over the heartbreak and married Kelly Phillips in 1994. Three kids later they divorced and Cypher also ended up being single.

4 Star Jones


3 Hilary Lyon

Okay, so her name may not sound familiar but she is a pretty respected actress in the UK who was married for eight blissful years to mega-star Alan Cummings. Apparently Cummings was always very open about his bisexuality, therefore no one should have been surprised when he jumped from Lyon to the beautiful Saffron Burrows, to theater director Nick Phillippou and currently graphic artist Grant Shaffer. Lyon reportedly suspected that Cummings was not 100% straight but after eight years, it is hard to think that someone who is such a huge part of your life could be gone just like that.

2 Jackee Harry


In 1996, actress Jackee Harry of the Sister Sister and 227 fame married a man named Elgin Charles. It is unclear if Harry knew that Elgin was gay when she married him but their relationship has taken a turn for the weird. She adopted a child, Frank, in 1997, remained married to Charles until 2003, and even after the divorce they continued to somewhat successfully co-habitat together as seen on various reality shows like Celebrity Wife Swap and Beverly Hills Fabulous. Charles has never said that he is gay but at this time his actions are speaking louder than his words.

1 Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher was married to writer, director and producer Peter Marc Jacobson, from 1978-1999 (or in other words until he came out as a gay man). Of course, she had a pretty normal reaction; she made a television show based off of her crazy family. Their relationship began at age 15; they were high school sweethearts who married at 21 and both became huge supporters of the LGBT community. They officially separated in 1996 but held out on divorce because hey, what’s the rush right? Jacobson and Drescher remain good friends and created the TV show Happily Divorced; Drescher also remarried in 2014.

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