10 Stars Who Have Lost An Extreme Amount Of Weight

Because they live their lives in the spotlight, celebrities are often scrutinized and criticized for all aspects of their looks. In particular, weight is a commonly discussed issue, with gossip magazines and TV shows dedicating their whole focus to analyzing celebrity weight changes. Because of this superficial nature of the industry, many stars have expressed the high pressure and unrealistic pressures this sets upon them. Stars like Demi Lovato have been particularly critical of the industry and the effect this can have on celebrities, with many resorting to yo-yo dieting or suffering from eating disorders as a way to deal with the pressure. Other stars, like Melissa McCarthy and Gabourey Sidibe, have been able to overcome these stresses and carve out a unique niche for them, where their excess weight has helped advance their careers. Below are 10 stars who have undergone extreme weight loss, some in order to deal with pressure from the industry, others to lead healthier lives, while others have done so to achieve a look desirable for certain roles. Read on to find out some of the most impressive cases of celebrity weight loss and how much these stars have lost.


10 Jonah Hill (Lost 40 pounds)

Jonah Hill has been pretty open about both his intention to lose weight and his attempts to do so. When he obtained his role in 21 Jump Street in early 2011, he got the motivation he needed - it was reported he began working towards losing 30 lbs to make sure he would be in shape and well prepared for the action scenes he would be taking a part in for the film. Struggling to reach his goal on his own, he hired a nutritionist and a personal trainer to assist him, which paid off well - he allegedly exceeded his goal and went on to lose over 40 lbs!

9 Christina Aguilera (Lost 50 pounds)

Although Christina Aguilera has always been open about her struggles with weight, she has always had an enviable hourglass body at any weight. Following the birth of her second child, she has shared her struggles and motivation to lose the weight gained during pregnancy. Following a strict diet that involved her consuming only 1600 calories a day (500 of these are because she breastfed her newborn), as well as following a set workout routine, Christina was able to shed the 35 lbs gained during pregnancy in under 2 months, and shed an additional 15 lbs in the third month. She is now 50 lbs lighter and has proudly displayed her new body.

8 Raven Symone (Lost 70 pounds)

Raven Symone has been in the spotlight since she was 3 years old and like many other stars, has dealt with criticism about her weight. She has never let this stop her, and because of her confidence, she's carved out her own path as a full-figured actress in one of the most superficial industries around. After her hit show That's So Raven! came to an end, Raven decided to focus on her health, and through healthy eating and 30 minute elliptical workouts multiple times per week, she began to feel much better and she began losing weight rapidly. When she finally stepped back into the spotlight again for her new show State of Georgia, she had lost over 70 lbs - her body was so different that costume designers on the set even had to pad her outfits to make her look curvier for her new role.

7 Jennifer Hudson (Lost 80 pounds)

In 2010, Jennifer Hudson decided to join the ever so popular Weight Watchers and became an official sponsor, looking for better alternatives to lose the pregnancy weight she had gained. Over her 4 year endorsement of the brand, she managed to lose over 56 lbs and slimmed down from a size 16 to a size 6. Having reached her preferred weight, she decided to stop using the program, but has continued to slim down, losing a total of 80 lbs and slimming down to a shocking size 0.

6 50 Cent (Lost 50 pounds)

50 Cent has always been known as a bulky and muscular star, but when he obtained his role as a cancer stricken basketball player in the movie Things Fall Apart, he no longer fit this description. For months prior to his role, he went on a strict liquid diet and would spend 3 hours training (per day) to lose weight. Originally he has weighed 216 lbs but eventually had hit a low of 157 lbs and achieved such an emaciated look, directors were worried about his extreme weight loss. He was able to rapidly gain the weight back and obtain a healthy look, finally reaching 198 lbs a few months after his role was over.

5 Kirstie Alley (Lost 100 pounds)


Kirstie Alley has been well known for her struggles with her weight over the years - she even made the movie Fat Actress, about her challenges. She has been a spokesperson for Jenny Craig for years and has often lost weight but struggled to keep this weight from returning. Part of the reason for her struggles however, had less to do with the diet not working and more to do with her yo-yo dieting. In 2010, she decided to address her challenges, and by working together with doctors and nutritionists, she developed a plan that finally worked for her. By sticking to a routine over the years (she has made dance a part of her regular exercise routine) and by resorting to appetite suppressing drinks when she knows she may overeat, she's been able to lose over 100 lbs and has dropped 8 sizes - from a size 16 to a size 4.

4 Randy Jackson (Lost 130 pounds)

American Idol judge, Randy Jackson's big wake up call came in 2001, when he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, a disorder commonly caused by obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Realizing his out-of-control weight, which peaked at 350 lbs, could not only negatively impact his lifestyle but could shorten his life, he sought help to manage his weight problem. In 2003, he underwent gastric bypass surgery and has been able to lose 130 lbs. Like many who undergo the procedure, Randy has dealt with some weight gain but has managed to control his weight by following a good diet and exercise routine.


3 Rachel Frederickson (Lost 150 pounds)

In one of the best and most inspirational success stories to come from the extreme weight loss show The Biggest Loser, season 15 participant Rachel Frederickson revealed she lost 155 lbs! When she originally weighed in on the show, she weighed over 260 lbs. By following both diet and exercise guidance provided to her on the show, she was able to shed 155 lbs to reach a final weight of 105 lbs. She went on to win the challenge of the show, but she has won much more than just that - she has felt much better and has been able to deal with years of self-esteem issues and personal struggles by dealing with her overeating and weight issues.

2 Star Jones Reynolds (Lost 160 pounds)

In 2003, Star Jones hit a point where her weight became too much to bear - she found she could barely walk without feeling tired and out of breath. Realizing that her health was rapidly declining, she decided to do something about it. At the time, gastric bypass surgeries were still a new procedure, but she took the chance and it paid off. She lost over 160 lbs over a 3 years period following the procedure, dropping from a size 26 to a size 6, and she has been able to keep the weight off over the years. She finally opened up about her procedure and her extreme weight loss 9 years later, wanting to share her experience with her fans. She finally feels great and has the energy to exercise and keep herself in shape, and her health has improved drastically.

1 Christian Bale

Over his career, Christian Bale has become known for his great dedication to his various acting roles, which involves many shocking and rapid body transformations. In one of his most infamous transformations, 2004's The Machinist, Christian lost 63 lbs and reached the weight of 121 lbs by living on a diet of a coffee and an apple a day, for four months. A year later, he began filming Batman Begins, a role which required him to achieve a muscular look for his role as Bruce Wayne. By following a high-carb diet and daily 3 hour training sessions, he gained 60 lbs of muscle before filming, and an additional 39 lbs while filming. By 2010, Christian was required to shed 60 lbs again, to play the role of a crack addicted former boxer in The Machinist, only to have to bulk up again for his role as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, in 2012. In 2013 he played a con artist in American Hustle, a role which required him to develop a heavy set physique - he achieved this body by eating a lot of fast food, and gained a total of 40 lbs. At his heaviest, Christian was 200 lbs for his roles as Batman, and at his lightest, he weighed 121 lbs for his role in The Machinist. With such incredible dedication to his roles, it's no wonder Christian Bale would be number 1 on our list.



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