10 Stars Who Benefited Most From Their Plastic Surgeries

It’s not a huge secret that many Hollywood professionals get plastic surgery. Some have also opted for minor procedures such as getting fillers in their lips or cheeks.

Sometimes, getting plastic surgery is a recommendation by a star’s agent or publicity team. The procedures are meant to help the celebrity look better, which could result in more movie or television roles, or more musical success. Of course, the mere fact that the star had a surgical procedure is bound to get a significant amount of media attention. Unfortunately, there are some celebrities who are victims of terrible plastic surgery. You almost cringe when you see their faces on the red carpet, remembering that they used to look so much better. That’s why some people think it’s best not to go under the knife, since botched plastic surgery can be hard to fix.

Fortunately, there are also some celebs who look much better after having plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery does wonders for some people, and there are a few celebrities whose procedures look completely natural, which is the goal. After all, having the public wonder whether or not a celeb got “work done” creates even more media buzz, which is ideal before a celebrity releases an album or movie. Here are 10 stars who have actually benefitted from getting plastic surgery.

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10 Kelly Rowland

Everyone remembers Kelly Rowland as one of the original members of Destiny’s Child. However, the singer has also enjoyed solo success as an artist, and has even appeared in a few movies and television shows. Rowland was also a judge on the UK and U.S. versions of the talent competition show X Factor. When she was younger, Kelly had a larger, rounder nose, and wore braces to straighten her teeth. You may even remember when she wore clear braces during her time with Destiny’s Child. As an adult, Rowland decided to undergo rhinoplasty, and her new nose fits her perfectly. She’s also got a winning smile and further showcases her beauty. Her doctor definitely did good work.

9 Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman made some significant adjustments in the bosom department, and decided to show them off in Australia when she was there in the summer of 2014. Perhaps Kidman wanted to get the work done because she’s in her 40s and still wants to maintain a youthful physique. Or, maybe she wanted to get her breasts back to the way they were before she had her daughter, Sunday (with husband Keith Urban). Either way, the cosmetic procedure looks amazing, and Kidman seems to be happy with the results, since she’s been seen in several low-cut gown styles since then.

8 Ashley Tisdale

7 Denise Richards

Reportedly, Denise Richards had to undergo more than one plastic surgery procedure to get the great body she has. Her curves are definitely eye-catching, she’s got great breasts, and she doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard for her age. This is quite a feat, considering that she’s had two daughters with former husband Charlie Sheen. She also went through a considerable amount of difficulty with Sheen, even after the two got divorced, which can take a physical toll. The two seem to be getting along fine these days, though. In the end, it looks like liposuction and a tummy tuck are a small price to pay to look this hot at 44.

6 Jennifer Aniston

5 Cameron Diaz

Actress and model Cameron Diaz, is in her 40s, and looks effortlessly great. However, she also had some plastic surgery procedures done to maintain her youthful appearance, even though some would say it’s not necessary. Ironically, one of Diaz’s first movie roles was alongside Jim Carrey in The Mask, so maybe she was inspired by the film to make some beauty-related adjustments of her own. Cameron Diaz has also started to adopt a healthier diet and renew her understanding of food and energy. She even wrote The Body Book, to help others learn to appreciate their bodies and take control of their health as well.

4 Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian family is pretty much an open book, even during times when they’d rather not be. Unlike her baby sister Kylie, who avoided questions about her lip injections for weeks, Kourtney, the oldest of the Kardashian clan, has been very open about the procedures she’s undergone to get her ideal body. We must admit, the mother of three is looking great. Unfortunately, she and Scott Disick, the father of her children, have recently called it quits, but it’s very likely that someone will have their eyes on her soon. In the meantime, she’s got her adorable children and her millions to keep her company.

3 Brandi Glanville

The outspoken Real Housewife hasn’t been secretive about her plastic surgery and other procedures. She’s admitted that she tends to get a little out of control with the Botox because she doesn’t want her skin to sag. She’s also gotten some body procedures done to maintain her svelte figure. Brandi hasn’t been as vocal these days about her disdain with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, and his now-wife LeAnn Rimes. Rimes and Cibrian fell in love while working on a movie together—and Cibrian was still married to Glanville at the time. Maybe Brandi is so satisfied with her new body that she doesn’t have time to terrorize her ex anymore.

2 Megan Fox

Transformers actress Megan Fox is pretty well known for being hot. Fox was also a model before she found success in movies, which isn’t hard to believe at all. Except for that standard awkward phase that most people go through during their pre-teen and teenage years, Fox has been a looker for most of her life. But when she got some dental work and facial cosmetic procedures done, she started to look even better. Her blue eyes and dark hair are perfect compliments to the plastic surgery. Maybe her hotness is the reason why she had such a strict upbringing and wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend as a teenager.

1 Kathy Griffin

The hilarious redhead has often been criticized for her looks, and has been very open about the fact that she’s gotten plastic surgery several times. She had some work done on her face to enhance her features, and got some body procedures to give her a knockout figure. Griffin has posed in a bikini a few times to show off the work, and has even dated a younger guy since having the surgeries. Kathy Griffin is known for stating her obvious irritation with certain celebrities (most of whom happen to be gorgeous), but we’ve heard a little less criticism from her since she’s gotten some plastic surgery of her own.

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