10 Stars Who Actually Married Their Obsessed Fans

When you go to sporting events or watch a movie or go to a concert, it’s very easy to idolize; to feel a connection with the creative artist. Many people crave the attention of celebrities on Twitter or Facebook and other social media outlets. When you see a celebrity in public, a lot of people will clamor to get a photograph with their star of choice. Seeing a celebrity away from their chosen craft in regular day life is a great thrill for many. It's not every day you run into someone who you have a great deal of respect for, and at times, a borderline obsession over.

Who hasn’t said, ‘I wish I could date this gorgeous star?’ People even have special fun celebrity sex lists they make up (the Top 5); a list of people their partners will "allow" to be unfaithful with. Everyone knows full well it will probably never happen. Certainly, the odds are terrible for it ever to be a possibility. But what if it did happen? What if you ran into a celebrity and they show the liking towards you? What would you do? It is common for people to long after celebrities but what doesn't always happen is the celebrity actually falling for their fan.

However, this is exactly what has occurred in these instances. And not only do the celebrities end up dating these fans, but they ended up marrying them! These are 10 Celebrities Who Married Obsessed Fans.

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10 Jessica Alba – “Cashing” In

9 Steve Harvey - Think Like A Husband

Comedian Steve Harvey is ripping it these days as host of Family Feud. He has updated the show for a new generation and brought ratings to the long-standing game show it never experienced. But before Harvey broke big, he was a comedian hitting the clubs, grinding out his career from city to city. He had a small following when he spotted Marjorie Bridges in the audience. He stopped the show and proclaimed that he would marry her one day which drew a few laughs and smiles from the audience. Amazingly, 15 years later, the two reconnected. They started dating for two years and then got married. Marjorie was always a huge Harvey fan and her dedication to wait on the star apparently paid off. The two are dedicated partners in life regularly flaunting their love and being the epitome of a happy ending.

8 Christian Bale - Taming The Batman

Sibi Blazic was the personal assistant to Winona Ryder when she first met Christian Bale. She was a big fan of Bale’s already when she ran into him. With Ryder and Bale costarring in a film together, Blazic had an opportunity to interact with the A-list actor for a few months and was apparently “mesmerized” by him. Right after she and Bale were formerly introduced on set, they started an intense romance with it culminating just two months later in Vegas where they eloped. That’s right, just two months later the two were hitched. Blazic has since become a stunt driver and she and Bale have worked on films together. More recently, it was ironic when Blazic forced Bale to give up motorcycles. Bale’s biggest fan is still enamored with him, but now, as his wife.

7 Conan O'Brien - "Late Night" With Conan

Elizabeth Powel was a senior copywriter on the job for “Foote, Cone & Belding” when she first ran into Conan O’Brien. She was tasked with visiting the set of “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” and overlooking the advertisement skit for the company she worked for. She sat innocently in the audience, a fan of O’Brien’s, as the show began. Powel thought she would just watch the show and move on. But when O’Brien saw her sitting in the audience, he didn’t waste much time asking her out. A year and a half later, Powel got to marry the star. They had a small ceremony in Seattle, Washington, and now have two kids together. The unassuming couple live a quiet happy life together. One wonders if O’Brien was just a factory worker, if the same Hollywood ending would have occurred?

6 Ruben Studdard - American Idol Infatuation

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5 Elvis Presley - Met Wife When She Was 14

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This one gets a little crazy. Elvis was literally the hottest thing going back in the day. He was a superstar amongst superstars. He was so legendary that everyone from all walks of life loved the singer and actor. So it’s no surprise that every woman around was pretty much open to a date with Elvis. Priscilla Wagner was asked by her friends if she wanted to meet the megastar. She of course was happy to do so. The two quickly got along well and Priscilla was thrilled she met the star of her dreams. Elvis started playing music for Priscilla, trying to win her affection. He distracted her so much, Priscilla had difficulty focusing in school. That’s right, we said school. See, Priscilla was just 14 at the time! But according to the two of them, love had no boundaries. Eight years after the two met, Elvis made an honest women out of his biggest fan. Certainly, those were different times than now. As opposed to husband, we may have referred to Elvis as a pedophile these days. Just ask Jared Fogle what longing after 14-year-olds does for your life. Now that’s the kind of foot long none of us want in prison.

4 Patrick Dempsey - Fell For His Hairstylist

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Jillian Fink was a hairstylist when she met her McDreamy. Patrick Dempsey was the star of Grey’s Anatomy and Fink was his stylist. She found the star dreamy just like any other woman would. And then a relationship began that evolved into the two of them eventually getting married. Fink even continued to be his stylist. Fink was living out her dream with a sexy superstar until things recently unraveled. Dempsey traded his wife in for a younger model and got caught with his hands (or something else) stuck in the cookie jar. Dempsey wasn’t clearly as enamored with Fink as she was with him and now their marriage is in shambles. It also ended up costing Dempsey his starring role on the hit television show when the mostly female cast and production team angrily bounced him over the incident. Ouch, now that’s girl power.

3 Jerry Seinfeld - Jerry The Homewrecker?

This is probably one of the strangest and most inappropriate stories on the list. Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian and producer who has become legendary for his show that shares his namesake. Jessica Sklar (born Nina Danielle Sklar) was engaged to Eric Nederlander, a theatrical producer. The two were engaged to be married when Sklar came across Seinfeld in the gym they both frequented. Now, Sklar clearly was a big fan and was just another pretty face in the gym. She took to Seinfeld. Sklar, like many, was star-struck. She went on to marry her fiancé, Nederlander, and went off for an amazing honeymoon. Upon getting back, it took just three weeks for her to break her wedding vows and start dating Seinfeld. She left Nederlander high and dry and moved on with the wealthy comedian faster than you can say “Must be the money!” Sklar gives Seinfeld the credit for being able to move on from her “failed marriage.” (Failed marriage! It was 3 weeks!). Either way, the two are happily married and share a wonderful life now with their children. I guess it’s a happy ending of sorts.

2 Nicolas Cage - The Waitress And The Cage

Alice Kim was just a waitress in Los Angeles, California at a restaurant named Kabuki. That is when she had the pleasure of Nicolas Cage sitting at her table. They met back in 2004 and Cage immediately was enamored with the Asian beauty. For her part, Kim was a big fan of the A-List actor. And why not, he was a big time Hollywood actor and wealthy and she was hustling and bustling to make tips. So when he asked her out, she was tickled and jumped at the opportunity to date the star. They got together and didn’t look back, getting married just months later. It wasn’t a shotgun wedding either, as their son was born just about a year after they got married. It seemed Cage became just as big a fan of Kim’s as she was of him. Either way, the two have a son together and are still going strong.

1 Matt Damon - Married A Bartender

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Matt Damon has dated numerous models and Hollywood elite in his day. But while stationed in Miami back in 2003, he was filming the movie Stuck on You. That is when he met Argentinian bartender Luciana Bozan Barroso. Damon was getting mobbed by fans and the sexy bartender played good samaritan and helped him escape. It didn’t take long for the two to form a bond and Damon and Barroso dated. She of course was tickled by dating an A-list actor. Damon liked Barroso’s sexy Latin appeal and the fact that she was down-to-earth. The two clicked amidst criticism by the tabloids. They got married in December of 2005. Now, the two have four daughters together, one of whom was from a previous relationship of Barroso’s. Damon has however since officially adopted her as his daughter. These two definitely have a happy ending…for now.


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