10 Social Media Accounts That Are Dumbing Down The World

While it can be said that all social media is dumbing down the world, there are some accounts here and there that actually contribute something positive to mankind. Anna Kendrick has mastered Twitter and -insert female athlete's name here- has mastered Instagram for those of us who like fit women and workout pictures.

Social media is the perfect way to share humor, opinions and of course important information, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever smaller niche site in which one has membership. With regard to celebrities, now that they have a simple, fast way to reach their fans, there is more opportunity to interact and entertain. A perfect example of this is George Takei's Facebook page.

Unfortunately, like any other invention/discovery, humanity found a way to make it suck. Nearly a century ago, nuclear energy was being discovered, and of course, shortly thereafter, someone said "I bet this stuff would make a hell of a killing machine", it did, and while it ended the Second World War with brutal efficiency, the thought of nuclear annihilation loomed for decades after (and is still somewhat present today). While social media isn't killing by the hundreds of thousands (yet) there are those who use it and make it suck. These are the people whose online presence makes the world not only a worse place but also a dumber place. Here are ten celebrities whose social media presences are complete wastes of time and are contributing to making this world a less informed, dumber place.

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10 Floyd Mayweather


"Money" may have solidified himself as the greatest boxer in the world, but his social media presence is painful. It may be entertaining for his six and seven million followers (Twitter and Instagram respectively) to see his activities inside and outside of the ring, but between the rampant wasting of money and the betting habit that would lose a normal man his house, Floyd Mayweather is among the worst athletic role models out there. Gifted boxer, possibly the best of all time, but also a dirtbag. A multiple incident spouse abuser and still, he is idolized on social media by millions. Remember kids, boxing is more than taking selfies, betting on other sports and beating women.

9 Any Member of a Royal Family


Much like many members on this list, it isn't just the social media activities of royalty that make them sentient slime, but their lives. Royalty, in its very essence, is a relic of a harmful, manipulative and despicable method of ruler-ship that has been widely done away with. While they are kept in place as ceremonial figure heads, and in some cases given real jobs (for instance, Harry and William of the United Kingdom who served in the military), but these people are reminders that long ago, Earth-changing decisions were made unilaterally by individuals whose heredity was the sole distinction that put them in their place. From Canada to Cambodia, Oman to Norway, it is time to stop pretending that a monarchy is anything to be proud of. The fact that many of these beings post their "adventures" on social media is icing on top of the middle finger shaped cake that they wave in the faces of their people on a daily basis.

8 Justin Bieber

Months ago, I wrote an article on some reasons that are illegitimate to hate Justin Bieber. He's a marketable, marginally attractive young man, with questionable musical talent. But hating him because he "looks like a woman", "sounds like a woman", or "is filthy rich" are poor reasons. His Instagram and Twitter feeds however, are decent reasons, he's the epitome of the arrogant, unnecessarily outspoken clowns who give "young money" a bad name.

Looking at Instagram, I'd swear this is the largest sea of pictures of a young man with a stupid look on his face on the face of this cursed Earth. Can somebody start filling Justin in on where he is and what's going on before a picture is taken so that he can wipe that confused golden retriever look off his face? Additionally, the DUI, the comments and the questionable actions have all been detailed on his social media accounts; in short, the kid needs to keep some of his life private.

7 Perez Hilton

While he should be applauded for entrepreneurship and creating a mini empire, Mario Lavandeira (Perez Hilton) is an example of how to make a bucket of money being human scum. Calling him a journalist would be like calling me Ernest Hemingway; a reach by even the most creative of imaginations. Admittedly, while he used to be little more than the starter of awful rumors, he has gotten better recently, but he is one of a few people on this list whose massive fan base and pointless content make up a recipe to dumb down an inexcusable number of people.

6 Miley Cyrus

She's just the female equivalent of Justin Bieber, but I decided not to list them under the same heading. When I say the opposite gender of Biebs I mean: marginally attractive, suspect talent and highly marketable. In her case, as a former Disney girl she was already the fantasy of millions of heavy-breathing, trench-coat wearing "gentlemen" worldwide. Once she hit eighteen it became time to cash in on her jail-bait factor.

While she used to Tweet barely readable nonsense, now she reads nonsense that nobody needs to be reading. She's now a confirmed bisexual (perhaps pansexual or omnisexual, given her attraction to inanimate objects like hammers) and it frequently manifests itself on her social media pages. This isn't a problem, and in fact it's a flavor of the week issue and she is flaunting her sexuality like she is the first ever.

She tries to represent herself as a savior to the LGBT community and a crusader for other disadvantaged groups, but between Instagram and Twitter, there just appears to be a never-ending waterfall of stupid faces and semi-coherent thoughts, laughably punctuated by duckface and tongue-sticking out pics. With twenty million followers on both Twitter and Instagram, her messages on behalf of the communities she supports are good, but her delivery, along with the self obsessed stupidity is dumbing down the planet.

5 The "Rich Kids of Instagram"


Call me a "hater" if you want, but this group of ultra-rich young people have a great opportunity to do amazing things with their lives but post self-gratifying pictures of their lack of exploits. I don't mean they could do charitable nonsense either, these clods could start amazing businesses and become the next huge thing, but here they are "duck-facing" in front of a pool. Do note that some members of this little group are self made millionaires who have become successful through their own dedication and endeavors, but most are just the kids of rich people essentially giving a subtle middle finger to anyone not born into wealth.

Don't misunderstand, people who have made incredible wealth for themselves deserve to enjoy it. Any good capitalist will never disagree, but these people have immense wealth and power; rather than using these gifts to start something amazing, they take pictures on themselves passed out with bottles of champagne in their hands and on beds of money. If you are rich, and your children act like these people, it may be time to cut them off and send them to school.

4 Chris Brown

Chris Brown might be the worst person to be called a celebrity today. Because the world is a place where justice is hard to find, he also has legions of fans out there. 10.5 million on Instagram and 14.3 million on Twitter. Hitting Rihanna is the worst thing he has ever done but it almost helped his career. After the Grammy Awards in 2014, women Tweeted about willingness to be beaten by Brown. This is nothing short of an indication of the stupidity of the world these days.

It may not have been directly caused by the rapper, but his continued success and self promotion on social media, you'd never think that he viciously beat one of the best singers out there now. Looking at his continued success, and social media presence, it stands as an example of an already confused world, that his ongoing career seems to be nearly exponentially improving.

3 Lindsay Lohan

2 Jaden Smith

When discussing a person and his or her offspring, the phrase "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is often thrown around. This apple seems to have fallen into a gutter of ignorance. Will Smith is one of the most likable celebrities out there, fondly remembered for being a talented rapper, entertaining comedic actor and a respectable drama and action star.

His kid is an actor and rapper as well. He isn't untalented by any means, but his Twitter feed is an example of what happens when a well-meaning young lad tries his hand at professional philosophy. One great example is; "I Should Just Stop Tweeting, The Human Consciousness Must Raise Before I Speak My Juvenile Philosophy". A nice roundabout way of saying "I'm not dumb, the rest of you are". Another one is; "Jealousy Just Reassures Your Love". That sounds like what would be said by a cocaine addicted musician in divorce court. Then again, Smith the Younger isn't trying to hurt anyone here, but his barely comprehensible tweets and tirades against education stand as reasons why a teenager might not need a smartphone and Twitter account.

1 Any Jenner or Kardashian


Much like any royal family, these people's online presence are just microcosms of their overall existence.

Everybody loves Caitlyn Jenner right now, but while she may be an icon for the LGBT community, her publicity stunt is, in reality, just another example of her (former?) family trying to consistently one-up each other for fame and fortune. The reality show, the photo shoots, all of it; is a media campaign by publicity hungry people who, with the notable exception of Caitlyn (when she was Bruce) have done nothing for their fame. They are spoiled brats, with shallow, unexamined, superficial lives, who, by being on television and in the media, represent a serious problem not only in North America, but around the world. Fans may say "oh, their show is an escape from my own life", and therein lies the problem, why escape your own life by watching someone else's?

If it is dissatisfying in the least, you have the power to change it, and sitting back watching these sad, unworthy creatures is something that may seem like an escape to many people, but is a distraction from the opportunities one has, along with the capabilities. The same can be said of the participants on many "reality" shows, but this family of duck-facing, makeup-caked, contemptible wretches is one of the most harmful forces in the world today.

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