10 Sith Lords We'd Love To See In The Upcoming Star Wars Movies

Star Wars has been the talk of the town for months, and for good reason. Disney brought back the franchise big time with The Force Awakens, and they plan to do a ton of other movies. In fact, the trailer for Rogue One just dropped on Good Morning America and got the world talking about Star Wars even more. In fact, Rogue One comes before The Force Awakens and could give us some answers to questions we have had from the movie we just saw.

With heroes come bad guys, and the Sith Lords are known for being in the right place at the right time throughout the Star Wars world. Whether they are called a Sith or called something else, all the bad guys seem to come from the Sith name.

Due to the fact that Disney is not using a lot of the info from the Star Wars books (yet they are still borrowing from them a bit), we could see some guys from those stories used in the movies. Even if they are altered a bit, they could be helpful.

Due to all the great Sith we had to use, we decided to put together a list of Sith Lords that could be big additions to the Star Wars movie universe.


10 Darth Vader

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How is it possible to bring back Darth Vader when he died off in the movies a number of decades ago? The reason is the use of the timeline. Rogue One happens to be in the timeline between the Revenge of the Sith and a New Hope. That means Vader is alive and kicking, and can be used in this story in some way.

The idea of Rogue is that a resistance unite tries to steal plans from the Death Star. The Galactic Empire still lives due to this, which is a major thing for the movie universe. This story is quite useful, as this little story that no one talks about is actually quite important to the universe. The plan stealing is referenced in the opener of a New Hope even!

That said, Vader is clearly someone that Darth Sidious would have used to bring down this unit, or he would have been part of the fight the moment they tried to get on the Death Star. On top of this, due to the anthology movement Disney is going to go for, Vader has to be thrown in somewhere due to the timelines all revolving around him there.

9 Starkiller

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Starkiller is clearly someone fans would love to see. We spoke of Vader above, but what many do not know is that he actually had a pupil he was teaching to become a major Sith Lord before he ever died off.

He could be used in the films after the Galactic period, especially if Disney does not stick to the books entirely. However, it may not happen, so his use in the times before could be helpful.

Starkiller was known as Galen Marek, the son of a Jedi named Kento Marek and freedom fighter named Mallie. Mallie would die protecting Wookies, which left Kento to raise his son. Vader would eventually catch up to Kento and kill him. Galen showed a lot of force knowledge, and being so young, Vader felt he would exploit him and make him into a Sith Lord.

Starkiller was a Sith Lord, but he was mostly used as an assassin. He would take out many of Vader's enemies for him and would serve as a right-hand man. Vader, however, was not allowed to have an apprentice due to the law of the Sith. This would eventually lead to a controversy regarding Vader having one, and Galen eventually turning back to the Jedi.

8 Kylo Ren

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Clearly, the main man behind the last movie needs to make a return. Playing the role of what Jacen Solo was in the book series, Ren is an interesting character that has a lot of great possibilities for future use in the Star Wars series.

He failed to take out Rey in the last film, which makes us believe it will be a goal of his the next time the two meet. It seems like young Ren will eventually learn more to hopefully get him further in his quest to become like his grandfather, Vader.

While he will clearly be on a war path for Rey, it will be interesting to see how he balances one rage for another. He killed his own father due to the force his master has over him, so could his mother be the next on his list? How about his uncle Luke? There are various fun, and interesting circumstances that will need to be looked into.

7 Darth Stryfe

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"I am Darth Stryfe. I am death."

Darth Stryfe is not very well known by Star Wars fan,s as he comes from the newer book series and is part of the One Sith Order. The reason Stryfe is on this list is simply due to the impressive resume he has.

The Order was led by Darth Krayt (we'll get to him) and Stryfe learned from this man, a complete and utter badass in his own right. When Stryfe told you he was the walking version of death, he was not lying. He would go after women and children on top of men and if you aligned with the Jedi, you were on his list of death.

In fact, it was Stryfe who would go to the Jedi Academy on Ossus in an attempt to find and kill every single Jedi he could find. He would of course destroy the academy and would go on to become Krayt's right-hand man, as a result of his accomplishments and death of others.

Due to the timing, this character could be used at some point in the new universe of Star Wars. It would line up perfectly and fans of the book series would love to see this type of character whose only design on life was to be ruthless and kill anyone he felt like, with no one holding him back.

6 Lady Lumiya

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With a nickname like "The Dark Lady Of The Sith," you don't exactly come across as bad at your job. Lady Lumiya in most ways can be seen as one of the better Sith Lords simply due to her longevity and the fact that she was crucial to various stories or had a big role in them.

She was kind of born into the dark side, as she was around it most of her young life and into her adulthood. She was force sensitive, so when it came time to use her gifts, the dark side made the most sense. She served two masters, Lord Vader and Darth Sidious. Both taught her a great deal of things regarding the force, but she was also an assassin similar to Darth Maul. It made sense to use her in this field, which was her primary purpose most of her life. She would be sent out to handle the Emperor's business and became part of his hand.

Once both Vader and Sidious were gone, she would go after Luke Skywalker seeking vengeance for the death of her masters. Eventually, she would steal Jacen Solo from Skywalker and turn him into a Sith. This was horrible for Luke who had to see his apprentice turn. He would eventually go on to die.

Lumiya was powerful and was under two major names in the Star Wars universe. Due to the need to go back and forth, there could be an option to use her in the story involving Kylo Ren for the next movie, or some time down the road. It feels like the studio will lean somewhere in this ballpark; hopefully, they keep the Lumiya character involved as she was one hell of a great Sith.

5 Asajj Ventress


Like many others in the Star Wars universe, it is very tough to put an exact label on Asajj Ventress. She might be one of the most exceptional characters in the entire universe and she is certainly one that Disney should consider using in the movie universe.

The reason is pretty simple. She has been a slave, a Jedi Padawan, a Sith Apprentice, a Nightsister, and a bounty hunter in her life. She is one of the most diverse and interesting characters ever created. All that she has been able to do is certainly worthy of note.

Like many others, it might be tough to pinpoint what she is best at. One thing is for sure, however; she has always been about the greater good in her eyes...not always the best thing for the galaxy.

Her powers got her noticed by Dooku early on. He saw that she was growing, after coming out of slavery and being taught by great Jedi members. She ended up being trained by Dooku himself, who saw her as a threat most of the time but used her in various ways.

She became a commander in Dooky's Separatist droid military and an assassin that the Sith would use at any point they chose. This got her a lot of attention across the universe as she became known for her exploits with the Jedi Order in particular. She would use amazing skill and cruelty so that the Republic knew who they were dealing with.

4 Darth Nihl

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Nihl is one of the more impressive Sith members ever, mainly because he was a Sith without actually being one for so long. He was actually known as a warlord on his home planet of Nagi. There he used his force abilities to make the world bow to him. He would lead bands of followers across the world and they would dominate everywhere.

Sith Lord Darth Krayt found Nihl and offered him a spot in the new Sith Order or "One Sith" as Krayt was trying to rebuild the Sith Empire after the Jedi took them out. Nihl would go with Krayt and learn the dark force from him. After his first taste of pain, his anger and pain drove him to slay an entire village of people. He became Krayt's top enforcer and military commander. He eventually was promoted to Hand, basically being the second in command within the Sith under Krayt himself.

Darth Nihl was excellent, and served as the top enforcer for Krayt for the next seven years until Krayt promoted Darth Talon to a similar spot. Remaining as a top enforcer and guide at times, Nihl felt that Krayt's obsession with Cade Skywalker. The Sith killed his father, yet Krayt still tried to turn Cade to the dark side during his capture once the wars had started. Nihl felt it would unwise to continue, once Skywalker escaped capture, Krayt sent Nihl to kill him. Nihl failed in his attempt and Skywalker even chopped off Nihl's right arm during the battle. Due to his failure, he was bumped out of his position and put under Darth Malad's charge so that they could perform experiments on him using the very interesting Yuuzhan Vong biots.


3 Darth Wredd

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Wredd was known more as a Sith apprentice than Emperor, but he had aspirations that were quite high. Wredd was actually a good guy originally who was force sensitive and used his good natured abilities for good.

He developed a hatred for the Sith itself and he wanted to make sure to bring them down himself. With the death of Darth Krayt, a lot changed as the Galactic Empire fell with his death. Wredd and his master went underground and would strategically infiltrate the governments and corporations across the galaxy.

Wredd found an opportunity to move against the One Sith during the Carreras Incident, where a blockage of starfighters were set up on the orders of Wredd himself.  After the trapping of Imperial Knight Yalta Val, he used the Carreras G51 communications array to announce his presence to the galaxy.

He eventually managed to initiate an insurgency against the One Sith. He began hunting and killing any Sith he came across in his travels. He was a Rogue Sith, and one that was not willing to let the old order of the One take over. He was motivated by hatred, as well as vengeance. They took out his home world, and he knew he needed to take them down.Eventually, Ania Solo(someone you can almost entirely relate to Rey from the new Star Wars films) would run into Wredd and killing him. This would bring an end to the Sith at that point.

2 Emperor Snoke

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We don't know much about Emperor Snoke, due to the fact that he is mostly a Force Awakens creation. Snoke is an older Sith, and actually witnessed the downfall of the Galactic Empire. He was able to take over shortly after as both Darth Vader and Sidious were both gone.

He knew the best way to avoid the Jedi problem was to corrupt a student of Luke Skywalker, so he did so with Ben Solo. While there were thoughts Ben could turn to the dark side, the Leia didn't inform Han regarding the possibility. She ultimately felt responsible for his dark side turn. Eventually Ben's turn caused a rift in the Solo family, causing the split of both parents.

Snoke would take Ben under his wing and change his name to Kylo, the master of the Knights of Ren. That eventually caused a major shift in power. With Ben Solo, a trained Jedi from the best Jedi ever in Luke Skywalker, on his seemed obvious that the Sith would rise to the top once more.

With another few movies coming up, we need far more than Kylo Ren to make things work. Snoke clearly is interesting simply because we don't know a lot about him. On top of that, he seemingly has power that few can stop. In theory, the new Sith dynasty of sorts can be tough to take down with Snoke on top. We'll have to wait and see what comes from him.

1 Darth Sidious

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We know the story of Darth Sidious, so I don't have to go into his long history of duping a large number of people as a Senator in order to make his Galactic Empire work for him. We know he was able to use Darth Vader to his advantage and had ultimate power in the universe until Luke Skywalker killed him....or did he?

We know now that Sidious fell down into space really, and in reality there was no way he could survive. However, his abilities with the dark side make it easier for him to bring out a force ghost or use his spirit to take over a body.

There are many times in the universe when a person will discover a tomb of a former Sith Lord who would then manipulate them and eventually lose their body to the Sith master. There are also times with a force ghost can be used to truly make things difficult.

It looks as if Darth Sidious may be seen in Rogue One, but going forward Sidious clearly can come back into play if the movie writers feel it is good to do. His power is beyond almost all in the Star Wars universe when it comes to Sith masters, lords, or Emperors. It would be odd to not at least try to bring him back into play for a short stint of time.

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