10 Sitcom Characters We All Love To Hate

When we watch a particular comedy show, we always have certain sitcom characters we love to hate. A lot of times, these characters are specifically designed to annoy the other characters on the show.

Some of these sitcom characters are notorious for their obnoxious personalities, and are often loathed by the other people on the show. Sometimes these characters are considered to be incredibly pretentious, or even insult the more likable characters on the show. Another reason that fans may get frustrated with a character is because they had virtually no character development since the show's beginning, or they're tired of the same antics over and over again.

Some of these characters on this list deserve all the hate they get from other characters and fans. However, for other characters, you may actually warm up to them. In all honesty though, as much as you hate some of these characters, you will never tune into their respective shows without them. Without further ado, here are the 10 sitcom characters we love to hate.


10 Kimmy Gibbler

Kimmy Gibbler is a starring character on the popular sitcom, Full House. She is considered to be DJ Tanner’s best friend on the show.

She, along with her family, are known to be very eccentric. That said, DJ is the only character in the Tanner family that can actually stand her. Other than the fact that she can be a bit annoying at times, there is very little reason to hate her. In fact, she has a rather dysfunctional personal life, and can be considered to be a sympathetic character. In all honesty, the Tanner family is far too hostile to Kimmy.

9 Stuart Minkus

Stuart Minkus appeared as a main character of the first season of Boy Meets World. Like a few other characters on this list, he fit every nerd stereotype in the book. He was the teacher’s pet and always got straight A’s. He was the type of kid who always killed the curve on a hard exam. In the season one finale, the series' two main characters, Corey Matthews and Shawn Hunter, willed him to disappear.

After the first season, he was written out of the cast, and did not appear again until season 5 of the show, when the main cast graduated high school. He is low on this list because he only appeared in one season. 

8 Ted Mosby 

Ted Mosby is the primary protagonist on the popular show, How I Met Your Mother. Throughout the series, Ted tries to pursue a relationship with his close friend, Robin Scherbatsky. Eventually, fans got irritated by his pursuits because Robin clearly wasn't interested in him. Another annoying trait he has is that he tends to wallow in self-pity a lot.

Lastly, he is hated because of the controversial finale, and the fact that he ended up with Robin. For many long-term fans of the series, this was a big slap in the face. To this day, people still complain about the finale on the How I Met Your Mother Facebook page. I think it's time for people to move on.

7 Screech

Samuel Powers, nicknamed “Screech” is a main character on the show, Saved by the Bell. On the show, he was portrayed as a stereotypical nerd, and had an unrequited crush on Lisa Turtle. Even though she constantly rejects his advances, he incessantly pursues her throughout the series, which often irritates her. He also has an obnoxious personality, and often times, he can get on people’s nerves.

Despite his annoying idiosyncrasies, Screech is loyal to his friends and he has a heart of gold. For example, when he won Valedictorian, he gave the honor to his friend Jesse because she wanted it more. He is the only character to appear in every incarnation of the series.

6 Fran Fine

Fran Fine is the primary protagonist on the popular show, The Nanny. On the show, she was the nanny for the Sheffield family. She is well known for her nasally voice and laugh. However, many people consider these traits to be very obnoxious. Once you hear her laugh, it is very difficult to get it out of your head.

Other than that, she has many redeemable qualities. She is the only nanny that is able to control the family's three children, and sometimes takes on a motherly role to them. In the pilot episode, it is revealed that the kids have driven away all the other nannies.

5 Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper is a protagonist on the hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. In the show, he works as a physicist, and has a genius level IQ. On the other hand, he has extremely inept social skills. Due to his high intelligence and narcissistic personality, he often makes condescending remarks to his friends, especially Penny.

His countless idiosyncrasies also makes him a hard person to put up with. In fact, his friend Leonard is the only person who is actually able to live with him. When you first watch the show, he will most likely get on your nerves, but eventually, he will likely warm up to you.

4 Marcy D’arcy

Marcy D’arcy is a character who appeared on the show, Married With Children. She was a neighbor of the Bundy family, and was often at odds with the show's protagonist, Al Bundy. She dislikes Al because he has a misogynist attitude towards women. While she had a valid reason to hate Al Bundy, she is considered to be a hypocrite because of her sexist attitude towards men.

In addition, she has a superiority complex, who thinks she is better than the Bundy family in all facets of life. Lastly, she rarely shows any empathy when Al is miserable and actually enjoys it. 


3 Benny Lopez

Benny Lopez is a character on the television show, George Lopez. On the show, she played George Lopez’s abusive alcoholic mother. Prior to the series, during George Lopez’s childhood, his father abandoned him and his mother, leaving only Benny to raise him. She is the most responsible for George’s traumatic childhood. In many episodes, many of George’s and Benny’s interactions evolve them constantly insulting one another.

However, the two have gotten along on some occasions. Not to mention, she also hid many secrets from George, something he resented her for. Lastly, she does not get along with her daughter in law, Angie Lopez.

2 Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper was the main character on the long-running sitcom, Two and a Half Men, for its first eight seasons. On the show, he was a womanizing alcoholic, which are is most known traits. Over his run on the show, he did not receive much character development, and towards the end of his run on the show, many people started to get tired of his antics.

It is also important to note that the actor that played him, Charlie Sheen, had a mental breakdown in his personal life. Sheen appeared in the media saying very bizarre things, which rubbed many people the wrong way. At the beginning of season nine, his character was allegedly killed off, but it was revealed in the finale that he was kept captive by Rose all these years.

1 Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel is known for being the main character on the hit television show, Family Matters. He is the quintessential sitcom character that everyone loves to hate.

He originally was intended to appear on one episode as Laura Winslow’s date. However, because the audience loved him so much, he became a part of the cast, and eventually became the most popular character on the show. He is hated because of his annoying personality and the fact that he fits every nerd stereotype in the book. Not to mention, some people find his various catchphrases to be very irritating. Today, you would never recognize the actor that played him.


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