10 Signs 2016 Could Be The End For The Kardashians

Could 2016 possibly be the end of the Kardashians? No, we don’t mean them leaving earth and vanishing from the planet, but more or less focusing our attention on their businesses, their scandals, their boyfriends, their television shows, and how many of these things have declined. From magazine covers, which are reportedly no longer selling as well as they used to, to tabloids boycotting them from their weekly reports. And then there are the endless amount of cheating scandals, the scandalous boyfriends, the rivalries, and the idea that A-list celebs have neglected them. With references from some credible outlets, we have gathered together our 10 reasons as to why 2016 could quite possibly be the end of the Kardashian brand; from television to magazines, and more.


10 Magazines Aren’t Selling

According to recent studies, every magazine that featured a Kardashian/Jenner on the cover in 2015 reportedly saw a massive decline in sales for that particular month. The family’s Cosmopolitan cover from last year was said to have been the magazine's worst-selling issue in years, despite the fact that every single Kardashian/Jenner agreed to partake in the photoshoot. Magazines are usually a huge sign whether that celebrity is still keeping themselves relevant with the consumers, or whether people have moved on to other celebrities. This seems to be the case

9 Ratings Are Dropping

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been declining in ratings for the past two seasons now, and it’s getting to the point to where the E! network may soon consider canceling the show entirely. Here’s the thing… the Kardashian shows have not surpassed 3 million viewers in the ratings for almost two seasons, having most of their episodes average near 2.2 million or less. This is a huge decline to what the family was drawing in just four years ago with 3.5 million viewers per episode. Are the storylines becoming boring to those who watch the program? It appears so.

8 Kylie/Kim Rivalry Will Explode

There’s a lot of talk about a Kylie Jenner/Kim Kardashian rivalry brewing. With Kylie surpassing Kim on so many social media platforms, people are convinced that Kim will become jealous over her sister’s success, who has evidently become a fascinating member in the family. This could eventually lead the two to clash, which could probably lead to one deciding not to film the reality show anymore, or they may choose to run businesses outside of the family.

7 Kanye’s Music Is Suffering


Kanye West’s music is suffering. The rapper, who sold millions of records prior to marrying Kim, has also struggled to recapture the interest of his die-hard fans, for they have not appreciated his music ever since he got with the reality star. Many critics have noticed a huge shift in Kanye’s sound, which they claim as being “boring” and anything but innovative, which would explain why Mr. West has not had a top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 since 2011. When looking at the situation more carefully, this means that since he got with Kim, he’s not had a massively popular hit on his own.

6 Tabloids Are Shifting From Them

Long gone are the days when tabloids would be itching for a new Kardashian story to print in their tabloid publication. These days, it’s not so common to see a Kardashian grace the cover of every tabloid magazine, and that’s said to be because — again — sales are dropping. It’s fair to say that the tabloids have covered every story possible regarding the family, so there’s no shocker to then learn why the Kardashians are losing people’s interest. Consumers don’t seem to be interested to know what the family is doing anymore.

5 Rob’s Life-Threatening Diabetics Health Scare Affected


Rob Kardashian’s recent revelation that he is battling life-threatening diabetes over his ongoing weight struggle could affect the Kardashians deeply. Seeing that Rob has gotten bigger and bigger over the years, it’s not surprising to hear that Rob struggles to deal with the photographers, who try to capture any shot they can of the ailing star. Rob probably wants nothing more than his family to just focus on him and not the cameras and their mobile phones, for his weight gain struggle continues to worsen and could potentially lead to an untimely death.

4 Kanye and Kim Are Likely To Divorce

Following Kim’s previous marriage that only lasted 72 days, nobody would be surprised if the socialite was to divorce again. Her and Kanye West have been married since 2014, and while the couple appears to be happy when they are hitting the red carpet, it has been reported for months that the twosome haven’t been as happy as when they first got together. Kanye is supposedly always traveling and hasn’t been too happy with the idea of living with Kim’s mom as they continue building their dream home, which has been in construction for almost four years.


3 Cheating Affairs Exposed

Cheating affairs are unavoidable to talk about when mentioning a Kardashian. From the likes of Tyga, who is often alleged to have texted underage girls, to Kanye himself, who was rumored to have hooked up with a female companion before marrying Kim, these scandals have proven to do nothing but harm the family’s reputation. With the amount of cheating scandals that have surfaced in the Kardashian/Jenner household over the past years, it’s no shocker to see why people have given them such a bad name.

2 Hollywood Has Boycotted Them

Many Hollywood stars have actually kept their distance from the Kardashian family, stating that they don’t approve of what they stand for. The likes of Beyonce and David Schwimmer are two of a few celebrities who have allegedly avoided the Kardashians at public events, supposedly because they do not want people to think they are affiliated with them in any way. Beyonce, who is best friends with Kanye West, opted out of attending his wedding to Kim because she didn’t want to chill with the Kardashians, it was reported at the time.

1 New Stars Are Taking Over

And finally, with social media being so advanced these days, there are dozens of upcoming celebrities who are bound to fill the positions that the Kardashians are currently holding on to. Not for nothing, but there are reality shows, which have proven themselves to be even more entertaining than Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which has led a lot of people to believe that those stars, including those on social media, will soon take over the Kardashians.


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