10 Shocking Things You Need To Know About Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of the most interesting people in the world. This isn’t my personal opinion; this is based upon the number of people that follow her every move. It doesn’t matter if it’s something super interesting, or something as simple as a stop at Starbucks for a coffee. It’s amazing how the world can be fixated on a single person’s life. It certainly can’t be easy to go through life knowing that every move you make will be written about in a matter of moments.

You may not believe this, but there are actually some people that don’t know who this 23-year-old woman is. For example, she got started as just a little kid on season 7 of Disney’s Barney and Friends in 2002. She parlayed that into several leading roles growing up, and now that she is an adult she is an actress and a singer. Love her or hate her, there is no doubt that she does both of them pretty successfully.

Lifetime just announced that she will produce a series for them that is based on her life growing up. It doesn’t have a name yet, but the world is already clamoring for as much information on the series as possible.

She has even been linked to Justin Bieber for many years now and the world just can’t get enough about them. Are they together, did they break up, are they friends?

This article is not only for those that don’t know much about her, but it’s also for those that think they know everything about her. There are a few things on this list that I’ll bet even those people don’t know.

So let’s get to it. Here are ten things that you need to know about Selena Gomez. Enjoy!

10 Who She Is Named After


9 The Role Of Barney And Her Mother


Gomez got her first taste of show business while watching her mother get ready for stage productions that she was involved with. She was drawn to the entertainment part of productions. This led to her to start auditioning for roles at a very young age and eventually she landed the spot on Barney and Friends.

Gomez said that she learned everything about the business during that show, but first she had to overcome inexperience and shyness.

"I was very shy when I was little… I didn't know what 'camera right' was. I didn't know what blocking was. I learned everything from Barney."

Between 2002 and 2004, she appeared in 14 episodes of the show before she was released because she was getting “too old”.

8 Her Production Company


7 Selena Lip Syncs?


6 Selena Had Lupus


During an interview with Billboard in late 2015 Gomez said that she had been diagnosed with lupus and that she had undergone chemotherapy.

Understandably, this caused her to take a break from the music business while she recovered. She told Ellen DeGeneres that she knew for three years that she had the disease and kept it secret. Who can blame her? She wouldn’t have got a minutes peace to recover.

In another interview she said that she went for treatment at two different facilities. But people seem to always want to focus on the negative or make something out of something that doesn’t exist. "I went to two different locations for those treatments. It's really frustrating, because I am 100 percent allowed to have that, but I think people just want to have some sort of—".

5 Her Thoughts On Her Childhood


Gomez grew up in front of cameras from the age of ten years old, but she says that it doesn’t bother her one bit. Many child stars get a reprieve when they get a little older and fade away from the limelight. Some go on to average careers and can still maintain a little bit of privacy. But the way she ascended to superstardom has given her very little privacy, if any, since that young age.

During an interview with GQ Magazine Gomez said that it doesn’t bother her at all. “I chose this. So I’m not gonna sit here and say, ‘Oh, my God, poor me. I didn’t have a normal childhood.’ I don’t give a f--k about that.”

But on the other hand she also said that she doesn’t like how adults are concerned with the lives of child stars as they grow up.

4 She Wants People to Focus on Her Now, Not Her Past

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Child stars that grow up in front of the cameras always have the same problem. As they grow up it doesn’t matter what they accomplish, they will always be remembered as that little kid. Gomez said the only way to combat that is to keep moving forward with her career and give people other things to talk about. The hope is that when enough things are done in her adult life, people will start to focus on that instead of when she was a teenager.

3 Selena Went To Rehab


Sometimes in life things get hectic and overwhelming and Selena Gomez is no different. The only difference between her and the regular Joe is that she has a much harder time finding privacy to deal with things.

2 Selena Exposed Instagram Flaws


Most people know that you can’t believe everything that you read. That’s because you just never know where the information came from. But sometimes even if it comes from a credible source, or even right from the horse’s mouth, it doesn’t make it true or factual.

Gomez was doing an interview with W Magazine at a Chili’s restaurant one time. During the interview her manager slipped her a note. It asked her to put up a photo of the man that played the part of her boyfriend in the upcoming “Hands to Myself” video.

As she posted the photo she said "No caption, nothing. Watch — it'll be crazy." She was exactly right. In half a day it went viral and the next morning Gomez was headline material. The post of a single photograph with no caption or text of any kind received 1.2 million “likes” in just 12 hours. And the next morning the headline on Cosmopolitan’s website read “IMPORTANT QUESTION: WHO IS THIS HOT MYSTERY MAN ON SELENA GOMEZ’S INSTAGRAM?” Everywhere you looked on the internet that next day you could find similar headlines wondering and suggesting who the man might be.

The man is Christopher Mason who is a model and as mentioned previously, he was playing the part of her boyfriend in the then unreleased video. Overnight she turned him into a worldwide headline simply by posting a photograph.

1 Selena Trashes Hotel Rooms

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The rumors about one of Selena Gomez’s bad habits were finally confirmed by an assistant who spoke with Star Magazine. Selena destroys hotel rooms on tour and leaves them in nasty condition with no regard of who may have to come clean it up.

She apparently doesn’t remove her makeup before going to bed so in the morning the bedding is caked with makeup stains.

If she doesn’t need or want to use some of the bedding that is provided, instead of putting it on a nearby chair or table, she just throws them all over the room. There are stains left behind from spilled drinks and fast food wrappers all over the room instead of in the garbage can where one might put them. But that’s not the worst of it.

Gomez leaves her used underwear all over the floor of the room that she spent the night in. The assistant said “I never expected to see a celebrity’s dirty undergarments, let alone have to pick them up!”

Come on now, that’s just disgusting. And it leads you to believe that sometime in the not too distant future you’ll be able to buy a pair on eBay. Isn’t that the way the world works now? And believe me when I say that if it ever does happen, the bidding war for them will net someone a huge payday.


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10 Shocking Things You Need To Know About Selena Gomez