10 Shocking Things Beyonce Has Done To Piss Off Her Fans

There has never been any doubt that everything Beyonce does is under a microscope. She is one to watch when it comes to new trends and groundbreaking music. Because of her intoxicating ways she has a loyal bunch of followers conveniently called the Beyhives and they will defend her to the death, however, Beyonce is no angel and no matter how under wraps she tries to keep her life, little things (or in some cases big things) get out that make her look like a regular celeb who screwed up royally and is about to get ripped on social media.

While Beyonce’s fans stand with her on almost everything she does, she cannot escape them when she has pissed them off. Bey has managed to keep them pretty happy over the years but there are still incidents here and there that make people wonder “why the hell am I supporting Beyonce?”. She is so private about practically everything that we do not know, intimate details about her like we know of other celebs, she does not engage with her fans often enough for her to have a Beyhive and she seems to lack a personality but then again, that could simply be because she is a private person. For someone who makes a living off the backs of her fans, maybe she should try to refrain from aggravating them. Here is a list of 10 times Beyonce pissed off her fans, and here is to hoping that it never happens again.


10 She Woke Up Her Fans For A Diet

In 2015 Beyonce announced that she had big big news and if we wanted to be the first to hear it we should all wake up at the crack of dawn to watch Good Morning America. Well, we all fell in line, woke up at about 5:45 in preparation anticipating what could be so important; maybe a new surprise album, or baby number 2 on the way. Nope, not at all, it was her talking about the reason why she looks so much better than all of us. She woke her fans up at an offensive hour to tell them that she is pursuing a vegan diet and it is changing her life. What about our lives Bey? We lost valuable sleeping time.

9 We Don’t Get To See Blue Ivy Enough

Blue Ivy Carter is like a national treasure. When she was born the world was on its heels waiting to see which rich parent she would look like. As she grows up we all want to catch as many glimpses of her as we can, unfortunately and rightfully Beyonce does not want the world checking in on her kid’s life. This has not stopped people from criticizing Beyonce as a mother though, and doubting that she was even pregnant to begin with. We love our celebrities but that does not mean every bit of their life is, or should be, at our disposal.

8 She Acts Like She Has No Idea Who Michelle, LaTavia and LeToya Are

Beyonce rose to fame in the all-girl pop group Destiney’s Child however, her solo career has skyrocketed and people seem to forget that Bey came from humble beginnings. While her and band mate Kelly Rowland are the best of friends, Beyonce does not seem to acknowledge the other three members Michelle, LaTavia and LeToya. She has not completely forgotten about them, she takes them out once every decade to show the world that she appreciates them and she has not forgotten them, but it does not seem like enough for a group that claimed to be comprised of childhood best friends.

7 She Worked With Chris Brown

Beyonce self identifies as a feminist, but she seemed to break her code when she decided to remix her song “Jealous” with Chris Brown. Unless you live under a rock you know that Brown and pop princess Rihanna, were in a physical altercation where he really roughed her up. Two things are wrong with this picture; 1. Beyonce considers Rihanna a friend and label mate, and 2. A feminist usually does not align themselves with someone who is classified as an abuser, especially someone who abused a friend. Needless to say, this got under the skin of a good amount of people and while it has not been the worst thing she has done, it is enough to make the list.

6 She Allowed L’Oreal To Change Her Skin Tone

Beyonce has been a spokesperson for L’Oreal for some time now and she has avoided the controversy that has surrounded this endorsement. Beyonce’s skin tone seemed to be appearing lighter and lighter in every new print ad and commercial. Bey never came out and addressed the issue but her fans were livid at not only L’Oreal for doing this, but at Beyonce for not acknowledging that a pretty popular company was screwing with her melanin. We cannot really blame her; she is being paid, she does not want to get sued for making the brand look bad but this has not stopped her fans from using their social media pages to express their outrage.

5 She Wastes Champagne

Bey is no stranger to the lavish lifestyle and she showed that off in her “Feeling Myself” music video by pouring a $20,000 bottle of champagne into a swimming pool. Something like this is not usually something that would make news but since Bey is a queen and her every move is being watched, social media was in an uproar as she wasted every drop of Armand de Brignac, commonly known as Ace of Spades. The hate was real as people shamed her for wasting the drink when there are people starving around the world and homeless. Some people even brought up how disrespectful it was to pour their tuition fee down the drain.

4 She Respects The Black Panthers

Beyonce’s new song “Formation” is an ode to the Black Lives Matter movement, she includes a number of references to black culture and while it is for a good cause she cannot please everyone, as she has managed to cause outrage amongst more than a few people. While the video is very cultured it was Bey’s Super Bowl Half Time show that really struck up outrage when she publicly marched in like a crew of modern Black Panthers. Bey has not addressed this situation and chances are she will not in the near future, but that does not stop people from being mad at her. At this point we all believe she could care less.


3 She Ate A Cheeseburger

Although Beyonce has taken the time to boast about this vegan diet that has done wonders for her, she has also managed to film a music video for her catchy song “Feeling Myself” with Nicki Minaj; great song, great video. There was one problem, she was chowing down a delicious looking burger like one from the McDonald's dollar menu. Before we jump to conclusions it could have been a veggie burger but then again, it could have been a meat burger. Needless to say, this ticked off a bunch of her fans because they gave up meat to be just like queen B.

2 She Never Clarified That Fight

In May of 2014 Beyonce’s younger sister Solange, got into a very public, very physical dispute with her brother-in-law Jay Z. The fight was caught on camera and watched by millions of people around the world. Normally in a dispute as public as this one involving a celebrity, that celeb would make a statement, whether it be on their social media page or through a publicist but Beyonce just acted like it never happened. Successfully pissing off a whole bunch of fans that were left wondering why her sister would attack her husband so viciously. It is almost two years later and Beyonce has barely acknowledged her involvement besides a pretty cryptic Tweet.

1 She Released 'Formation'

Beyonce is known for popping up every few months and surprising people with new music or any other news that leaves a lasting impression. So when she released her new single “Formation” in February 2016, it had most people excited and feeling empowered but it left a good chunk of people pissed off and questioning why queen Bey was trying to start riots and race wars. The single continues to cause controversy and leaving people at odds with how much they can really love the song without offending someone else. It is not only some of her fans that are pissed; the list includes politicians, journalists and parents. Leave it to queen B to set people straight.


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