10 Shocking Things Beyonce Has Done To Piss Off Her Fans

There has never been any doubt that everything Beyonce does is under a microscope. She is one to watch when it comes to new trends and groundbreaking music. Because of her intoxicating ways she has a loyal bunch of followers conveniently called the Beyhives and they will defend her to the death, however, Beyonce is no angel and no matter how under wraps she tries to keep her life, little things (or in some cases big things) get out that make her look like a regular celeb who screwed up royally and is about to get ripped on social media.

While Beyonce’s fans stand with her on almost everything she does, she cannot escape them when she has pissed them off. Bey has managed to keep them pretty happy over the years but there are still incidents here and there that make people wonder “why the hell am I supporting Beyonce?”. She is so private about practically everything that we do not know, intimate details about her like we know of other celebs, she does not engage with her fans often enough for her to have a Beyhive and she seems to lack a personality but then again, that could simply be because she is a private person. For someone who makes a living off the backs of her fans, maybe she should try to refrain from aggravating them. Here is a list of 10 times Beyonce pissed off her fans, and here is to hoping that it never happens again.

10 She Woke Up Her Fans For A Diet

9 We Don’t Get To See Blue Ivy Enough

8 She Acts Like She Has No Idea Who Michelle, LaTavia and LeToya Are

7 She Worked With Chris Brown

6 She Allowed L’Oreal To Change Her Skin Tone

5 She Wastes Champagne

4 She Respects The Black Panthers

3 She Ate A Cheeseburger

2 She Never Clarified That Fight

1 She Released 'Formation'

Beyonce is known for popping up every few months and surprising people with new music or any other news that leaves a lasting impression. So when she released her new single “Formation” in February 2016, it had most people excited and feeling empowered but it left a good chunk of people pissed off and questioning why queen Bey was trying to start riots and race wars. The single continues to cause controversy and leaving people at odds with how much they can really love the song without offending someone else. It is not only some of her fans that are pissed; the list includes politicians, journalists and parents. Leave it to queen B to set people straight.


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10 Shocking Things Beyonce Has Done To Piss Off Her Fans