10 Shocking Hidden Adult Innuendos In Kids Media

Kids shows. Children sitting at home with the TV on know how much these are loved. Even some adults love them as well. Pretty much everyone who has a TV in their home loves them; either to keep their young ones entertained or to be entertained themselves.

These shows can range from educational documentaries to downright hilarious shows with no actual reasoning behind anything. Each show is extremely well created and unique in its own way, sporting the best comedy its creators can come up with.

But if you look past these creative plots and children-friendly jokes, you can find some slip ups and a lot of very inappropriate adult humour that the majority of children won't comprehend. Who knew shows like Spongebob and Madagascar had disturbingly inappropriate adult humour hidden in them?

Here are 10 hidden adult innuendos found in children's shows.

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10 "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" - Madagascar

Madagascar is a pretty popular movie franchise, full of talking animals who have adventures together. But as heartwarming as this set of children friendly movies is, they do have some hidden adult innuendos in them.

When Marty and Alex find each other on the beach, after escaping from transfer boxes, Marty almost embraces Alex in a hug. This changes when Marty remembers he's still mad at Alex. Then Marty starts chanting "Sugar Honey Iced Tea," which is his way of saying a four letter word that he really wanted to say, but would be way too inappropriate for a children's movie.

9 "Foot Size Doesn't Matter" - Frozen

The next children's film on our list, Frozen is probably one of the most well known Disney movies, focusing on sisters instead of two lovers. It's nice to see a change for once.

During one part of the movie when Kristoff and Anna are in the sleigh on their way to Elsa's ice castle, Kristoff starts a conversation about Anna's soon-to-be husband, Hans. He tries to prove how little Anna actually knows about Hans, and ends up asking his foot size. Anna replies with "Size doesn't matter," which can also compare to the famous saying about a male's private area. Not appropriate for children.

8 "So It's A Girl House..." - Monster House

Released in 2006, Monster House comes in at number eight. Although this isn't technically a show, it does have an adult innuendo hidden in it.

When DJ, Chowder, and Jenny go into the house to investigate, Jenny starts by looking around and comparing the human anatomy to the house. She then says, "If those are the teeth, and that's the tongue, then that must be the uvula."

Chowder speaks up, with his knowledge of female anatomy and says "so it's a girl house?" Thinking the uvula means the vulva, a part of the lower female body region. Not the same thing, and not something most kids need to know.

7 "Wipe Your...Face" - Shrek

Everyone knows of the green ogre who rescued the princes in this not-so-fairy tale love story.

When Shrek and Donkey first reach Duloc, before heading to rescue the princess, they are greeted by a box of singing wooden puppets. Their song isn't the most appropriate when they start singing "Please keep off the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your........face," which could have gone more than one way. Any kid who can rhyme will be able to put the pieces together.

6 "Lord Farquaad" - Shrek

Via Hollywood.com

This next one also comes from Shrek at number six. If you've ever seen this movie, you should know of the short man who was hated from the first time he talked to the magic mirror.

Well, besides trying to get with the princess, he sure has a pretty misleading name - Lord Farquaad. But it doesn't sound completely like it's said. Try saying it five times fast and you'll see understand what I'm talking about.

5 "Do You Want Some Of My Pie?" - Batman: The Animated Series

Harley Quinn is one of the most beloved DC villains, and those of you who watched the Batman cartoon growing up know why.

In the episode "Beware the Creeper" Harley starts by singing the Joker an anniversary song to cheer up the good ole Mr. J. She finishes by asking "Do you want some of my pie?...I'm sure you'll want seconds." She then winks seductively. With a scene like this, You're just left to wonder how the creators didn't get in trouble.

4 "Don't Drop 'Em" - Spongebob Squarepants

Via youtube.com

Spongebob is probably one of the most well known children cartoons of all time. Kids everywhere know about the talking sponge who annoys his neighbour and works at the Krusty Krab.

In one episode, Spongebob is attempting to give his pet snail Gary a bath. After he tries to bribe his snail with money, they go into the bathroom to try a different way of going about this. Spongebob tries seducing Gary with the soap saying "Soap...don't drop them." I bet Gary didn't have a bath after this bad prison joke.

3 "I Was An Accident Too" - The Powerpuff Girls

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are three extraordinary girls from an older show, called The Powerpuff Girls.

In one episode, the girls bring home their new friend Robin. After they introduce Robin to the professor, Bubbles starts explaining how he made the girls by accident in a lab. While the professor is blushing to himself, Robin speaks up and says "It's okay professor, I was an accident too." Not referring to being made in a lab.

2 "Fastest Man Alive" - Justice League

People who watched the old Justice League TV show as a kid know how flirty The Flash is.

In one episode, while everybody is in the space shuttle, The Flash tries to  flirt with Hawkgirl, failing miserably. He completely got shot down.

Flash was trying to explain how fast he was at putting out flames. Being overly confident, he made a mistake when calling himself "the fastest man alive" and Hawkgirl quickly replied without hesitation, "That explains why you can't get a date." This could be code for something adult related, and utterly disturbing.

1 1."Those Are My Dumplings" - Kung Fu Panda

Via swaggerjaggernusaibah.wordpress.com

Kung Fu Panda is a newer movie but still popular nonetheless, starring a way too clumsy panda who is supposed to be a dragon warrior.

During the newest movie, Kung Fu Panda Poe familiarizes himself with the panda village. He then sits down to eat with the rest of the pandas and his adoptive father Mr. Ping.

When they sit down to eat, one of the other pandas, being curious, kept asking what kind of Panda Mr. Ping is, although he's a bird. She started pointing to random parts of his body and asking "What's that?" After a few more rounds, she asks "What's that?" pointing to a lower region of the screen that isn't in frame. Mr. Ping, without missing a beat says "These are my dumplings" and shows his dumplings. But, the way the context was laid out, that could have ended in a totally different manner.

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