10 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Kanye West

By now, we have learned that Kanye has a mind of his own. He makes for great music and even greater controversy. 2016 isn't even halfway done and Kanye West has already started several Twitter rants and stirred back up controversy with former award-show foe Taylor Swift, but Kanye hasn't always been the arrogant mogul the media has made him out to be.

Before he was running on stage and stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift and breaking the paparazzi's cameras, Kanye was working behind the scenes producing some of the most iconic songs in hip-hop such as Jay-Z's "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)". In fact, you'd be quite surprised to find out that the rapper actually came from humble beginnings; which just might explain his ego now.

Kanye has been through a lot over the years; from surviving an almost fatal car crash to losing his mother. He owes it to himself to celebrate his life like there's no tomorrow—even if that means doing and saying some of the outlandish things he's known for. But as egotistical and arrogant as he may seem, there's two sides to every person. Here are 10 shocking facts about Kanye West.


9 He Was Actually Born In Atlanta, GA

If you're a true Kanye West fan, you have probably learned that from his lyrics, he represents Chi-town (Chicago) faithfully. However, it may come as a shock to some to learn that the rapper was actually born in Atlanta, Georgia. After his parents divorced when he was three, he moved to Chicago with his mother and would visit his father in the summer.

9. His Braids Got Him A Felony

While battling a legal dispute with a paparazzi member whom West got into a physical altercation with in 2013, it was revealed through a deposition that West was arrested back in 2000 for a different incident. In the deposition, West explains that he was accused of stealing printers from an Office Max location. He believed he was racially profiled because of his braids and white T-shirt. Police arrested him and convicted him of a felony. West claimed law enforcement wrongfully convicted him and doctored the police reports.

8 His Jaw Was Once Wired Shut


As outspoken as he is, it is kind of hard to imagine the rapper's mouth was once wired shut. In 2002, Kanye took a major hit when he was injured in a car accident after leaving a recording studio in California. The end result was a fractured jaw which had to be wired shut for several weeks. This setback fueled the inspiration behind his 2003 single "Through The Wire" which he recorded while his jaw was still shut. In the song, the rapper recollects the night and how it changed his life, rapping:

"Good dude, bad night, right place, wrong time

In the blink of an eye, his whole life changed"

7 Evel Knievel Sued Him

In 2006, Robert Craig Knievel, best known as Evel Knievel, sued Kanye for infringement after the rapper's 2006 music video for "Touch The Sky". Knievel claimed the video was "vulgar and offensive" which caused damage to his reputation. In the video, Kanye wears attire similar to that of the infamous daredevil's. West's attorneys claimed the video was satirical which is covered under the First Amendment. Knievel and West eventually settled the lawsuit on good terms.

6 A South Park Episode Hurt His Feelings


South Park rarely holds back when it comes to its humor and spared the rapper no mercy in its 2009 episode titled "Fishsticks". According to South Park Studios, the episode was one of the most watched episodes on the website. In the episode, Jimmy writes a joke which spreads like wildfire but Kanye West is the only one who does not understand the joke. West becomes enraged but won't allow anyone to explain it to him because he believes himself to be a genius. After the episode aired, West took to his blog and wrote:

"South Park murdered me last night, and it’s pretty funny. It hurts my feelings, but what can you expect from South Park?”

5 He Worked As A Telemarketer

The thin line of patience Kanye West has demonstrated when dealing with paparazzi makes it hard to believe that he was once a telemarketer. After he dropped out of college, West worked as a telemarketer full time selling insurance. While we can't guarantee if his customer service skills were up to par, he claimed he was "way better than most of the people there" (of course he did).

4 He Sent Nudes To Lisa Ann

One thing we can always look forward to is a good Kanye Twitter rant. This year when Kanye compiled a thread of Tweets humiliating rapper Wiz Khalifah and former girlfriend, Amber Rose, we found out a couple things about the rapper that were better left unsaid. Most critics said Kanye hit a low-blow when he brought Khalifah and Rose's child into his rant. One particular individual, ex-porn star Lisa Ann, took his Tweets personally and stood up for Rose. Ann responded: “I’m sorry, are strippers a new race we don’t know about Kanye? You chased them all, me included". She continued and even threatened to leak the alleged nudes he sent her.

3 He Thought About Making Inappropriate Videos

During an interview, West elaborated on his fetish with p*rn. He first came across one of his father's adult magazines at a young age and claimed that he was fascinated ever since. West stated: "That career choice popped in my head once or twice". Perhaps his wife Kim Kardashian talked some sense into him from her own experience.


2 Drake Made Him Step His Game Up


You would think the most confident musician sees nobody else in his lane, but surprisingly, even Kanye knows when to pay his respect. In an XXL interview, West said that Drake was the first to scare him and put the pressure on him. He continued:

"When I feel pressure, I step my game up. So I believe that Drake made great music for people to love and enjoy, but he also forced me to step my game up, because I have to be Kanye West."

I wonder if the two will collaborate in the future.

1 Kanye Cheated On Amber To Be With Kim


Before Kim and Kanye's extravagant wedding and birth of two beautiful children, Kanye was dating model Amber Rose while Kim was dating Reggie Bush. Though Kim and Kanye were 'just friends', they were always infatuated with each other. They were so infatuated that they both allegedly cheated in their relationships and began texting each other some inappropriate messages. When asked the reason for Kanye and Rose's split, Rose claimed: “Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together,” adding, “She’s a home wrecker! They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.” Since then, they have all made amends and even posted a picture on Instagram.


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