10 Sexiest Female Superheroes Who Need Their Own Movie

With the overwhelming volume of films and TV shows based on comic books that have released in the past few years, and the onslaught of those movies that's currently hitting the screens (both big and small), we're definitely living in the age of comic book culture. Heroes like Ant-Man, The Atom and Static Shock are all making revivals with their upcoming shows and movies (Marvel’s Ant-Man movie, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Static Shock series, respectively). Comic book fans and enthusiasts are excited about the love the media is showing for these classic heroes, but many of those fans have been left wondering when any of the fantastic female superheroes are going to get their due screen time.

We've been lucky to see the on-screen realisation of many and varied, fantastic male superheroes, like Captain America or Thor. But the kickass female characters, like Black Widow in the Avengers movies, usually play second fiddle to the boys in the group. These are the top ten female superheroes that should be getting their own chance to star in their own movie.

10 Helena Bertinelli (Huntress)

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She’s sexy, she’s dangerous, she has a cool costume, and she can kick some serious butt. A popular character often featured in the Batman Universe and in the Birds of Prey comics, Helena Bertinelli, otherwise known as Huntress, definitely has the potential to stand on her own as the sole character in a movie.

Not only does she have a fairly large fan following, but Huntress is also simply an amazing character. As a mob boss’s daughter turned vigilante, or in DC’s alternate Earth-Two universe, the daughter of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (CatWoman), Huntress doesn't let anything or anyone get in the way of what she wants. She can kick butt, and she also looks pretty hot doing it.

9 Manhunter

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Kate Spencer, the first time a female DC character is under the name Manhunter, is singlehandedly one of the most badass characters DC has ever created. A single mother and a Federal prosecutor, Kate Spencer was tired of watching guilty criminals fall through the cracks of the justice system, so she took matters into her own hands. Donning a striking ensemble and a killer pair of gauntlets, Kate Spencer takes on the role of hard-core vigilante, while trying to coordinate her jobs as prosecutor and mother.

In today’s media, it’s hard to find strong depictions of female characters, especially female superheroes, and even harder to find ones who are also mothers. Aside from the crime-fighting skills and her take-no-prisoners attitude, a Manhunter movie would be extremely successful due to the fact that Kate Spencer is simply an extremely relatable character. Injustice occurs everyday, but few people know how to deal with it and many choose not to confront the problems of our society. To have a character see what’s going on, and tackle the situation while balancing her “regular” job and the roles that come with being a mother, is nothing short of awesome.

8 Catwoman

From her catlike persona to her sinuous costumes to her deft skill with a whip, Catwoman is easily one of DC’s most iconic and sexiest female characters. Catwoman was originally known solely for being Batman’s antagonist/love interest, but as the years progressed, CatWoman, otherwise known as Selina Kyle, has managed to mark herself as a formidable anti-hero.

While Catwoman occasionally helps out the good guys (i.e. Batman, her on-again, off-again beau), she never follows the rules and typically does what she wants. Be it cat-burglary or lounging in the lap of luxury, CatWoman always maintains an impressive and dramatic flair to everything she does.

Awful Catwoman movie (circa 2004) aside, Catwoman (the character) definitely has the fan-base and the interesting story background to stand on her own as the protagonist in her own movie. And if Batman shows up every once in a while to help out, there probably wouldn't be any complaints from the fans in the audience.

7 She-Hulk

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Sexy, lean and green. Considering Hulk’s popularity, think how much greater sales would be if Hulk became sexier and smarter. Jennifer Walters (AKA She-Hulk), has a fairly cool job working as a lawyer, constantly fighting for those who have fewer legal rights, such as minorities including the LGBTQ community.

Unlike her famous cousin Bruce Banner, She-Hulk’s green skin tone isn't just a temporary effect that happens when she gets angry, but something she lives with on a day-to-day basis.

Producers should definitely create a She-Hulk movie as the likelihood of a sexy, tall, emerald superheroine doing well in movie sales is fairly high, and there is a dire need for a female character that steps away from the looming shadow of the original male character.

6 Batwoman

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A woman, a lesbian, a former solider, and an all-around hero, Batwoman isn’t only an interesting character - she's a character that brings some much needed diversity to a male-dominated, hetero-normative world. After getting kicked out of the army under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, Katherine Kane (a.k.a. Batwoman) searched for a new way to serve her country, and she couldn't have picked a cooler choice than to become Batwoman, a soldier for Gotham City.

What’s fantastic about Batwoman (at least the New 52 version), aside from her impressive crime-fighting skills and cool demeanor, is that this character finally breaks away from the cliché that any woman who works with Batman (or any other male superhero for that matter) eventually hooks up with him. Batwoman plays a role outside of the Dark Knight’s sidekick or love-interest. Besides being a major win on the side of diversity and feminism, Batwoman is simply an exceptionally impressive character that deserves to have her story told.

5 Female Thor

Fans literally hit the roof when they found out just who would be starring as the latest Thor in the comic book series, as of October 2014: A woman. And not just any woman, but Jane Foster, otherwise known as all-around brilliant scientist and on-again-off-again girlfriend of Thor (Odinson, that is). What’s remarkable about this character, aside from the obvious fact that it is the first time Thor has ever been depicted as a female character, is that this Thor, a female Thor, is not another case of someone breaking a rib off Adam. Unlike other female characters inspired by the original male superhero, such as She-Hulk or Hawkgirl, Jane Foster is simply Thor, not She-Thor or Lady Thor, but Thor, pure and simple.

As if that wasn't enough, Jane Foster is also a woman battling breast cancer and undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatments. In her Thor-state, Jane is one of the strongest people in the universe; however, once she’s a regular human again she is battling against the ravages that come along with her demanding disease. Jane Foster, be it her regular form or her Thor state, is a warrior; simply put, Jane Foster is an incredibly strong person who fights for what she wants, whether she’s battling a nasty disease or even nastier (and occasionally misogynistic) villains.

People don’t only want a female Thor, but they need one. We need a character that doesn’t just claim to be gender-neutral, but actually accomplishes the task of being so while still being an exceptionally fascinating character.

4 Vixen

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Vixen, otherwise known as Mari Jiwe McCabe, is possibly one of the chicest, not to mention coolest, women in the entire DC Universe. Possessing the abilities of the entire animal kingdom (such as the strength of an ox or the speed of a cheetah), along with a killer sense of style, Vixen is a fascinating and particularly under-played character. She was originally intended to be first female DC character to star in her own series in 1978. but the first issue of the series was canceled before it was ever released. Thus, Vixen has never really gotten the chance to stand on her own as a character - until recently, that is.

In 2015, the CW (network featuring shows such as Arrow, Flash, iZombie) announced that they would be releasing an animated series featuring this feisty female. While fans are loving the fact that such an awesome character is finally getting a little more attention, to give her an animated series while two guys (the Arrow & the Flash) get their own live-action series seems a little half-hearted. Producers should just take the plunge and give Vixen a chance to star in her own live-action movie.

3 Black Canary

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Even taking a simple (cursory) glance at Black Canary’s outfit (typically black leather jacket, fishnets, and a leotard, or as is the case with the Arrow series, a skin-tight black leather outfit with a black eye mask) lets you know that she’s a pretty awesome character. Her famous canary cry paired with her amazing combat skills and her run on the Birds of Prey, The Justice League, and Arrow sets this superheroine as one of the coolest and most well-known women in the DC Universe.

In a fictional setting where there are so few women in a large group of men (referring to the Justice League, Arrow, etc.), it takes a person with an unyielding personality and heaps of talent to stay afloat, let alone rise to the top of the ranks.

We've already seen what her colleagues (Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, etc.) can do, it’s about time we let this bird spread her wings (excusing the pun here).

2 Spider-Girl

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The daughter of Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man) and Mary-Jane Watson, May Parker follows in her dad’s legendary footsteps as Spider-Girl. Everything we love about Spider-Man - the costume, the powers, the extremely dorky sense of humor - are wrapped up in the body and mind of this sassy teenager.

People love a progeny story, it would be a new take on a classic story and we would be able to see is the line: “With great power comes great responsibility” still holds up after all this time. The fact that this gives producers yet another chance to promote a new Spider-Man themed movie series doesn't hurt matters any…

1 Black Widow

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Black Widow, without a doubt, is one of the best possible candidates to have her own movie, even casting all thoughts of gender aside. Not only has she starred in several Avengers and Marvel movies already (accruing her very own fan base), but she’s also an extremely astonishing character. Not only can she hold her own with the boys (proving herself to be smarter than they are most of the time), but she also kicks butt and fights crime better than any hero, male or female, out there.

Instead of simply casting her as yet another side character or sole female in a group of male superheroes, we should simply give Black Widow her own movie. Not only does she have the already large fan-base to back her up, but her character’s already been established and would be much easier to develop a movie for than say a character called Ant-Man. In what world do we give a movie to a superhero named after a tiny, six-legged insect before we give one to a tough-as-nails, sexy and independent female superhero such as Black Widow?

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