10 Sexy Hollywood Cougars Who Prove ‘Age Is Just A Number‘

True love may or may not always stand the test of time, but it certainly breaks the barriers of age. Unfortunately though, the world that still conforms is unable to get around the ‘age is just a number’ concept. Many hot celebrities worldwide are labeled as cougars for being over 30 years of age and having found much younger partners.

The world may love to label these celebrities, gossip about them or share a joke or two at their expense, but there is one undeniable truth that cannot be refuted. The world is in awe of two things for sure – one, of how good these celebrities look despite their age and two, of how they always get the best and youngest guys of the lot. Now, wouldn’t we all want that!

10 Julianne Moore

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Would you believe that the beautiful, red haired Julianne Moore is 52? Oh but she is, and she’s one hot cougar too! She and her 9 years younger husband, Bart Freundlich initially got together in 1996. After spending 7 years together and having two beautiful children, the pair married and their relationship is still going strong. Considering that Julianne is so young at heart and is still bubbly, vivacious and vibrant, many who know her don’t think much of her actual age. The fact that the pair is so obviously in love with each other is also another fact that works completely in her favor. This beautiful relationship definitely makes us wish this gorgeous cougar and her partner lasting wishes of good luck and happiness.

9 Mariah Carey

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The gorgeous singing sensation Mariah Carey is another happy cougar. Many had predicted that Mariah’s initial interest in a 10 years junior, Nick Cannon would be just a passing affair. But with a wedding and children in tow now, such claims have since been retracted. Every year, the lovely couple renew their wedding vows and this seems to be becoming a fast celebrity trend. Their love too is visibly evident, especially when the two are together.

8 Madonna

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7 Halle Berry

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Not a long time cougar, Halle Berry has a daughter with 10 years younger model, Gabriel Aubry. Though the couple had parted ways after just a couple of years together, Halle’s stint as a cougar could hardly have gone unnoticed. It is hardly surprising then, that while Halle has clearly moved on from being labeled a cougar, she’s definitely made it on our list. Clearly not a fan of the tag though, Halle since then has seemingly stuck to men closer to her own age.

6 Demi Moore

5 Eva Longoria

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Hot and happening star, Eva Longoria has made cougar prowling something of an art. The 37-year-old actress was once married to 7 years younger, Tony Parker but that relationship ended with scandal. Not that she’s still moping about it, though. The star has since been seen with men that go progressively younger still. A short relationship with the New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez who is just a 25 year old, has been reported. She has also been known to have once dated Penelope Cruz’s younger brother, Eduardo Cruz, who’s just 27!

4 Gabrielle Union

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Does this gorgeous woman look anything over 20? Oh but she is, she's actually 40. Not just that, she’s a true cougar. She has about 10 years over her basketballer beau, Dwyane Wade. Considering that the two look so good together, one would never know of that age difference, unless one really checked. Rumors that Gabrielle was being sued by Dwayne’s ex wife for snatching her man were doing the rounds for a long time. Now isn’t that truly cougar-ish!

3 Drew Barrymore


Many people only categorize 30 plus woman as cougars, but for a self-professed cougar like Drew Barrymore, it is more about attitude than about age. Drew has gone on record with her love for younger men and she is unabashedly linked up with several of them. While Drew has recently hooked up with Gossip Girl’s hot guy, Ed Westwick (who is 12 years her junior), she has a long-standing list of these younger ‘prey’. She has previously dated 28 year old rock/alt drummer, Fabrizio Moretti and 30 year old, Justin Long.

2 Kylie Minogue


A true cougar to the core, Kylie has made it publicly known that she has a fondness of younger men. The record-breaking songstress is currently dating 10 years younger Spanish supermodel, Andres Velencoso. The 42 year old Minogue, openly admits that she really doesn't care much about the huge age gap between herself and her boyfriend. Now that’s the way to go for any true cougar.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

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No longer together, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and ex husband, Coldplay star, Chris Martin have 5 years between them. They were married in 2003 and have two children together. In a CBS interview, the musician has publicly admitted that on his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow, he felt like a huge winner. It’s a shame that the love didn't last, but despite their recent split, the two remain amicable friends.

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