10 Sexy Comic Book Vixens We Need To See In Movies

For years, comic book movies have been criticised for their lack of female characters. To be fair to the movie studios involved in their production and the people behind the movies, they are clearly t

For years, comic book movies have been criticised for their lack of female characters. To be fair to the movie studios involved in their production and the people behind the movies, they are clearly trying to rectify this issue, as the likes of Black Widow, Peggy Carter, Gamora and Scarlet Witch have already made their presence felt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Captain Marvel is set to get her own movie in the franchise in 2018.

The likes of Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are coming to the DC Cinematic Universe as well, so the female contingent in such movies is definitely set to increase - but there's still going to be a major imbalance when it comes to the number of female characters in comparison to the males.

With that in mind, wouldn't it be great to see a few more? Moreover, wouldn't it be great if they were sexy to boot? There isn't really much better than a sexy female character who can kick ass, so let's take a look at a few who would be welcome additions the world of live action comic book movies. Here are ten sexy comic book vixens we'd love to see on our screens.

10 Umar

via:Marvel Comics

Umar - who is also known as Umar the Unrelenting - is a Marvel Comics villain who first appeared on panel in 1966. She is the sister of Dormammu and mother of Clea - two characters strongly associated with Doctor Strange - and, given that the Sorcerer Supreme is heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's every chance she could follow him.

9 Power Girl

via:DC Comics

Live action DC Comics movies have distinctly lacked strong female characters in the past. Wonder Woman is, of course, on the way - with Gal Gadot set to play the Amazonian warrior in the DC Cinematic Universe - but would anyone really begrudge the appearance of a busty Kryptonian heroine as well?

8 Bomb Queen

via:Image Comics

Bomb Queen is an awesome character who first appeared on panel in 2006. She's an Image Comics property and, as such, would be one of only a handful of characters from Image to receive the live action treatment (Spawn got a movie in 1997 and Witchblade had a television series in 2001-02, for example).

7 Angela

via:Marvel Comics

Angela, for the most part of her existence (she first appeared on panel in 1993), has been an Image Comics property. However, in 2013 she was acquired by Marvel Comics and appeared in the aftermath of the Age of Ultron arc due to a tear in reality caused by the events of said arc.

6 Selene

via:Marvel Comics

The X-Men movie franchise is severely lacking in decent female villains. Mystique has been the one decent lady adversary to the titular heroes  and granted, the actresses who've played her have been awesome and sexy as hell, but a few more wouldn't go amiss (Emma Frost was pretty underwhelming). Step forward Selene.

5 Zatanna

via:DC Comics

Zatanna is a DC Comics heroine who first appeared on panel way back in 1964. As a prominent member of the Justice League, there's every chance that she could go on to appear in the expanded DC Cinematic Universe in the near future, given that the team are coming to our screens in the next few years.

4 Witchblade

via:Top Cow Productions

As previously touched upon in this article, Witchblade is an Image Comics character who has actually had her own television series in 2001-02 - and it's about time she had her own movie as well. As a matter of fact, a film almost happened in 2009, but it was ultimately cancelled and that's a real shame.

3 She-Hulk

via:Marvel Comics

The Hulk is already an established live action character, with Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno having played him in the 1970s and 1980s television show and Eric Bana, Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo having played him in post-millennium movies (the latter two playing the same character in different movies) - and yet his female counterpart She-Hulk AKA Jennifer Walters is yet to be adapted in live action.

2 She-Ra

via:DC Comics

Unlike her brother He-Man, She-Ra - who emerged in 1985 - has never been given a live action adaptation. Granted, 1987's Masters of the Universe was awful, but the fact is that She-Ra is every bit as interesting as He-Man and she deserves a shot at big screen stardom.

1 Shanna The She-Devil

via:Marvel Comics

Shanna the She-Devil is a great character from the pages of Marvel Comics who could potentially be added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in future movies. Having first appeared in 1972, the predominantly jungle-based character has gone on to interact with a number of characters who currently reside in the MCU, such as Black Widow and Daredevil.

A jungle-based movie would make for an interesting shift in tone for the MCU and seeing such a character mingling with the city-based characters that are already established would be refreshing. Moreover, any beautiful actress donning Shanna's makeshift jungle bikini would look extremely sexy.

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10 Sexy Comic Book Vixens We Need To See In Movies