10 Romantic Movies That Can Make You Believe In Love

We spend our whole lives chasing this crazy little thing called love, yet no one can come up with a definition that properly describes the feeling of love. When asked, “how do you know when your in love,” most people respond with, “when you know, you know.” Although this is true in every sense of the word, it can seem confusing to anyone who hasn’t experienced the feeling. Love is the kind of feeling that needs to be felt with your whole body and soul, in order for someone to truly understand it.

Some people need assurance that true love actually exists and while finding someone who you can love inexplicably is undoubtedly the best way to prove the existence of true love, movies can help if you haven’t found that special someone in the meantime. There are quite a lot of romance movies out there, but only a select few make audiences believe that true love is real. These are the movies that show all sides of love, the good, the bad and the ugly, because lets face it, even though love is grand, it can sometimes hurt. Below is a list of ten movies that have the potential to make even the biggest skeptic, a proponent of true love. They are movies that made us laugh, cry and most importantly, believe. Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

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10 The Fault in our Stars (2014)

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The Fault in Our Stars is a romantic comedy/drama thats based on the novel of the same name by John Green. The movie tells the story of two teens who meet in a support group for kids that are either in remission or living with cancer. Gus is in remission from a type of cancer that claimed his leg, while Hazel continues to live with cancer that requires her to carry around an oxygen tank. Hazel’s cancer has never been anything but terminal. When the two meet, they have an instant connection that is shown through their witty humor and their disdain for the conventional. Although the story is technically about two kids who have cancer, it’s so much more than that. Green crafts a story that reminds audiences and readers that love conquers all and that even in a short amount of time, in a world, “that is not a wish-granting factory,” you can create your own little infinity with the one you love. After seeing this heartwarming, yet painful tale, I dare you to say, “okay,” without tearing up a bit.

9 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

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10 Things About You is one of those rare teen-romance comedies that’s actually a quality film. The movie is based on Shakespeare’s play, The Taming of the Shrew. The story follows Patrick, as he tries to win the heart of “bad girl” Kat in order for Cameron to date Kat’s younger sister Bianca. Eventually, Patrick falls for Kat and vice versa. After a few mishaps, the two end up happily together, allowing Bianca and Cameron to find their own happy ending. The movie shows audiences that love can come out of the most unlikely of situations and that everyone can find someone out there to love.

8 The Princess Bride (1987)

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The Princess Bride is a classic film that is based on the novel of the same name by William Goldman. The film tells the story of a young woman named Buttercup, who falls in with a farm boy called Westley. When Buttercup finally realizes that Westley is in love with her, Westley goes to seek his fortune so they can marry. Unfortunately, his ship is attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts and Westley is presumed dead. Years later, Buttercup is still devastated by Westley’s disappearance and is being forced to marry the evil Prince Humperdink. Eventually Westley comes back, rescues Buttercup, and the two ride off into the sunset to begin their happily ever after. Throughout the movie, audiences are reminded again and again that good will always triumph over evil and most importantly, true love will win in the end. After all, Buttercup and Westley’s love survived a pirate attack, a sadistic Prince, death and the fire swamp. How much more evidence do you need?

7 Wall-E (2008)

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Wall-E is a film that tells the story of a robot named Wall-E, whose duty it is to clean up the waste left on Earth. During his mission, he meets and falls in love with a robot named EVE, whose task brings her into outer space. Wall-E follows EVE and their adventure begins. Although the main characters in this movie aren’t human, they exhibit human emotions. They show happiness, sadness and of course, they are capable of love. Wall-E does everything he can to save his love and EVE does the same for Wall-E, humanizing them even further. Wall-E displays that anyone can experience true love.

6 50 First Dates (2004)

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50 First Dates tells the story of Henry Roth, a man who falls in love with a woman who has amnesia. The woman, Lucy, was involved in a car crash and as a result she can only remember the events that happen in one day, after that, her memories are gone. But Henry doesn't let anything as simple as a case of amnesia get in the way of true love and ends up trying to win the affection of Lucy, everyday from anew. Even though there are a lot of complications with their one-of-a-kind romance, the two end up living out there own version of a happily ever after. The movie is sweet, funny and heart-warming. It gives all of us hope that love really can conquer all.

5 Love Actually (2003)

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Love Actually is a romantic comedy that follows different couples, families and friends, trying to make it through the holidays. The film opens up by talking about an airport. David, a character in the film, says that whenever he’s feeling sad he just thinks about all the people at Heathrow Airport and the pure and uncomplicated love that the families and friends show towards one another. Although the love stories that are told throughout the movie are anything but uncomplicated, the movie gives the feeling that behind these complicated relationships is pure, beautiful, love. The movie continually shows the importance of love, whether it be love of your family, friends or a significant other. It shows that even though love can be complicated and messy, it’s still beautiful.

4 500 Days of Summer (2009)

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500 Days of Summer is a refreshingly honest portrayal of what relationships are like. In the movie, Tom is a character who only thinks about true love, so much so that he believes that his life will never be complete until he finds “the one.” Tom’s love interest, Summer, has the exact opposite feelings towards love. She believes that love is a made up notion that everyone has basically been forced to buy into. The movie plays out the unlikely couple’s relationship and shows audiences the good and bad of it all. Eventually, the couple breaks up and Summer marries someone else. After she gets married, she tells Tom that he was right. Although Tom doesn't get the girl in the end, the movie leaves audiences with a feeling of hope. A hope that even if you haven’t found the one yet, and even if you have gone through heartbreak, that doesn't mean true love isn’t going to find you.

3 Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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Pride and Prejudice is based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen. It tells the story of a rich and brooding man, who falls for a young lady who is below his class. The whole movie is a case of will they, or won’t they. Throughout the entirety of the film, Mr. Darcy shows that he loves Elizabeth, even though it isn’t always in the right way. On the other hand, Elizabeth stands firm to her morals, of not marrying anyone who finds her embarrassing to be with. She rejects Mr. Darcy’s proposals, until Mr. Darcy proves to her that he considers them to be equals. Eventually, the happy couple finally end up together. Pride and Prejudice shows love crossing over class, boundaries and prejudices. It is yet another case of true love conquering all. Because when two people are as perfect for each other as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, there is no keeping them apart for long.

2 The Notebook (2004)

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The Notebook is a romantic drama that is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. It is a classic tale of a young poor boy, falling for a young rich girl. The story follows the young couple, Allie and Noah, as they are forced apart only to find their way back to one another in the end. It’s a heartbreaking story that allows audiences a peak into the triumphs of true love. The couple’s story is told from a nursing home by an old man. It’s not until later in the movie that we find out that the story is being told by Noah to Allie, who has lost her memory. The tale ends with the two finding each other one final time, before they both pass away. The Notebook shows audiences how powerful true love can be. It’s Powerful enough for a man to love a woman through a devastating illness, and powerful enough to recover a once lost memory.

1 Titanic (1997)


No list about the most romantic movies of all time would be complete without mentioning Titanic. It’s an epic story about love, adventure and how to make each day count. Were Assuming that almost everyone has seen Titanic but just in case, here’s the lowdown on this epic tale. A rich woman named Rose, and a poor boy named Jack, meet on the Titanic. The two have an instant connection there’s just a few problems, Rose’s fiance is a psychopath and they’re on a ship that is headed for imminent disaster. Eventually, true love prevails and Rose and Jack are able to spend Jack’s last minutes together, before Rose promptly dumps him in the ocean. Even though their story doesn't end in a happily ever after, the movie shows audiences that even if you find that special someone for even the briefest of moments, it can change your life forever, because love is the most powerful of forces.

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