10 Ridiculous Ways Celebs Tried To Avoid The Paparazzi

Once you reach a certain level of fame, you’re going to have lots of pictures taken. People will want to take your picture at events, when you’re walking down the street, and even when you’re trying to spend quality time with your family. Someone may just come out of nowhere and snap a few photos of you when you’re getting your morning coffee at your favorites coffee shop or shopping at the grocery store.

These people are commonly known as paparazzi, of course. While the idea of always getting attention each time you step outside of your home may sound endearing, it can easily get really annoying. But it doesn’t look like the paparazzi are going to let up any time soon, since pictures of certain celebs are worth lots of money. Generally, the more famous you are, the more difficult it is for photographers to get a picture of you, the more valuable the photo is. This ultimately means that the paparazzi becomes more aggravating the more a celebrity’s career advances. This can be seen as a good sign. However, there comes a point when the pictures can become excessive. Here are 10 celebs who would rather not be photographed constantly.


10 Blake Lively

When Blake Lively was a Gossip Girl star and dating co-star Penn Badgley, she used a large bouquet of flowers from her boyfriend to hide her face. The paparazzi were taking pictures of the couple as they walked down the street. While Lively’s face was completely hidden, this didn’t deter the paparazzi from getting the pictures they wanted. Both celebrities still likely try to avoid getting their pictures taken too often, even though they are no longer together. Blake Lively has a thriving movie career and is now married to actor Ryan Reynolds, and the two recently welcomed a baby girl named James.

9 Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith, son of actor/rapper Will Smith and actress/singer Jada Pinkett-Smith, is just a teenager, but he’s already getting lots of attention for his eye-catching style. Many of the clothes he wears have a futuristic look to them, but he took it a step further and dressed like a Transformer to avoid the paparazzi. Obviously, this only made the paps want more pictures. The young Smith, who is also a rapper and actor like his father, also has some pretty interesting things to say when he’s not being excessively photographed. For instance, he has stated that he doesn’t think school is good for children, and that it keeps them from learning as much as they can. Intriguing.

8 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

This pair of talented actors have creative ways for trying to get the paparazzi to leave them alone. The couple, who star together in The Amazing Spider-Man, recently held up signs with the websites for a number of charities. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone wanted to send the message that the causes of these charities represent far more importance than trying to make money off celebrity pictures. It was a great way to use stardom as a way to get people to focus their attention on helping others. Of course, this won’t stop people from taking their pictures, since the paparazzi are likely curious to see what other clever ways the pair will use to avoid them.

7 Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale, who was a High School Musical star and currently produces the ABC Family show Young & Hungry, isn’t always in the mood to take pictures. One day, she was walking her dog when the paparazzi decided to make their move. So, she put her poodle in front of her to shield her face. This is certainly an inventive way to hide from the paps, to say the least. Ashley Tisdale also lent her voice to the Disney Channel cartoon Phineas and Ferb, and is believed to have a weird phobia. It’s been reported that she is scared of feet and hates to see anyone wear sandals.

6 Katy Perry

Perhaps hiding your head in a giant plush doughnut isn’ t the best way to send the message that you don’t want your picture taken. Katy Perry didn’t seem to get that memo. The Roar singer retreated to her doughnut to get a little privacy while traveling. Maybe she was exhausted from her SuperBowl performance and needed to take a breather. Or, maybe she was fresh off a world tour and wanted a few seconds of private time before talking with fans again. Whatever the case, everyone is entitled to a little privacy now and again. But, burying your face in an over-sized pastry probably isn’t the way to get it.

5 Shia LaBeouf

Shia Labeouf, who got his start on the Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens, is no stranger to the spotlight. After all, he’s been acting since he was a pre-teen, and was known for being boisterous and always getting into trouble on the show. But recently, the Transformers star, who didn’t speak well of the very film he starred in, doesn’t take kindly to having his picture taken. On days when he’d rather not be bothered, he covers his face with a paper bag. He cuts eye holes in the bag so that he can see in front of him, of course. Recently, LaBeouf has been in trouble with the law for his angry outbursts, so maybe it’s best that he steers clear of the paparazzi when he’s not in a good mood.

4 Justin Bieber

The pop sensation who was discovered on YouTube has a weird relationship with the paparazzi. One minute, it seems like he loves the attention and is very friendly and engaging. The next minute, he wears masks to keep the paps from getting his face in a picture. He recently wore a mask like the one the main character wore in V for Vendetta to keep the paparazzi from getting a decent photo of him. His various tattoos and the small sections of hair sticking out from under his hat made his identity obvious. He also gave the paparazzi a peace sign, to show that there are (maybe) no hard feelings.


3 Harry Styles

The heartthrob who is a favorite of many One Direction fans wore a stuffed elephant head in an attempt to dodge the paparazzi. The songwriter and singer, who hails from the UK, has won two BRIT Awards with his One Direction bandmates, and their single What Makes You Beautiful is one of the best-selling singles ever. While there has been a time or two when the paparazzi weren’t able to get a great shot of Styles, there are still plenty more pictures of his long brown locks and smoldering eyes for teens (and maybe even a few adults) to swoon over.

2 Rihanna

Rihanna is often the subject of paparazzi photos. She’s just as well-known for her outlandish outfits and trendy yet edgy hairstyles as she is for her music, so it’s only natural that anyone would want to document a Rihanna sighting. Recently, the singer was seen exiting NYC’s Bowery Hotel wearing over-sized Army fatigues in an attempt to hide from the ever-present cameras of the paparazzi. Obviously, her plan didn’t work. Maybe it was the camouflage that actually gave her away. Or maybe it was the fact that her long, bright burgundy tresses didn’t exactly blend in with the rest of her outfit.

1 Miley Cyrus

It would seem that the former star of Disney’s Hannah Montana wants to have her picture taken as often as possible. After all, there are countless photos of her holding up the peace sign and dangling her tongue out of her mouth. Let’s not forget those skimpy outfits and the disaster that was her performance with Robin Thicke and the MTV Video Music Awards. But not too long ago, Cyrus held up a sign in front of her face with a picture of a baby girl that said “no way!” Obviously, she wasn’t in the mood to be in the spotlight that day. Tomorrow could be a totally different story, though.



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