10 Richest Single Moms In Hollywood

Being a single mom is challenging, to say the least. Taking care of children throughout the day means meeting their basic needs like feeding and clothing them. Of course, mothers also have to drive their kids to games and play dates and help them with homework. Then there’s the hard questions that kids have the ones that only parents can answer. Yes, being a mom can be as tough as it can be rewarding, even when children are being raised in the traditional sense, with a mother and father in the home.

Then there are single mothers. The women who clothe, feed, comfort and protect their children on their own for the most part. It takes a considerable amount of dedication and mental strength to be a great mom in any case, and many single moms are a great example of what it means to exhibit great time management skills.

Let’s be honest; one of the main concerns women have when it comes to raising children is how to care for them financially. This is one of the reasons being a single mom can be difficult for the average woman. Even some celebrity single moms struggle to manage their finances. However, there are many single moms in Hollywood who manage to have shining careers while raising some adorable kids.

These are ten of the richest single moms in Hollywood.


10 Taraji Henson

Taraji Henson’s career has certainly taken off. She’s now one of the main characters on the hit Fox drama Empire, and has also appeared in movies such as Hustle and Flow and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. She also starred in the television show Person of Interest. Henson recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and was the first Black woman to win a Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Cookie Lyons on Empire.

Henson has a son in college named Marcel. Marcel’s father was killed when Henson’s son was much younger. Before making her acting debut, Henson attended North Carolina A&T and Howard University.

9 Michelle Williams


This talented actress is worth $16 million. Williams has a daughter named Matilda, with the late actor Heath Ledger. The two worked together on the movie Brokeback Mountain and were together until Ledger died from a drug overdose. Williams is also known for her role in the hit teen drama Dawson’s Creek, and won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in the movie My Week With Marilyn.

At the start of her career, Michelle Williams made appearances on popular TV shows like Home Improvement and Step By Step. She also received fashion accolades when the dress she wore to the 2006 Academy Awards was voted one of the best Oscar dresses of all time by Cosmopolitan magazine.

8 Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi is a model and television host who is perhaps most well known for her work on Top Chef. She also studied theater arts at Clark University before launching her television career. Padma has a daughter named Krishna, and had difficulty getting pregnant, since she suffers from endometriosis. Krishna’s father was Teddy Rossman, who died from cancer at the age of 71. In addition to her own net worth of $20 million, Padma Lakshmi has $1.8 billion in a trust fund to care for Krishna. The money was left to Krishna by Rossman. Lakshmi and Rossman were together for several years before the birth of Krishna.

7 Diane Keaton


Keaton has been acting for decades and is worth $32 million. She is well known for the movies The First Wives Club, Father of the Bride and Marvin’s Room. Keaton is also a director, producer and writer. Diane Keaton has two children, Keaton and Dexter, whom she adopted. She didn’t follow conventional ways and get married before starting a family, and states that the death of her father inspired her to have a family of her own in the non-traditional sense. Diane Keaton has also been linked to famous actors like Al Pacino and Warren Beatty, who both went on to marry other women. Keaton remains friends with them both.

6 Sofia Vergara

Vergara won’t be single for long, since she is engaged to marry Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello. Sofia Vergara, who is a native of Colombia, is worth $85 million. Vergara starred in a few Tyler Perry productions before getting a starring role on the award-winning ABC comedy Modern Family. Vergara has also been in the news recently due to a dispute with her ex about embryos that were preserved for the couple to have children at a later time. Vergara has one son from a previous relationship who is now in his 20s. Sofia Vergara is also a television producer and model.

5 Christina Aguilera


Aguilera is known for her powerful voice and has been in the music industry for years. She started her career as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, along with fellow celebrities Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears. She debuted on the music scene in 1999 with her hit single Genie In a Bottle. Christina Aguilera is currently a judge on the NBC show The Voice, and is worth $310 million. The singer has also dabbled in acting, and is a songwriter and entrepreneur. Aguilera has a son with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman, and recently welcomed a daughter named Summer with her fiancé.

4 Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is a veteran actress who has a net worth of $200 million and looks pretty hot to be in her 50s. She has an adopted son named Louis, and often talks about how much she loves him and how fascinating he is. Bullock was once married to Jesse James, and officially adopted Louis after her divorce, although the adoption was in the works during her marriage. Bullock is known for her work in the Miss Congeniality movies, as well as films like The Proposal and The Lake House. She’s also a producer and has lent her voice to several animated films.


3 Britney Spears


Spears is still viewed at the princess of pop music, even though she’s had a pretty turbulent past. She’s worth $220 million, and is currently performing in Las Vegas. Britney Spears has two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline. For some time, Spears didn’t have custody of her children because she was dealing with substance abuse issues and Federline wanted to ensure the children’s safety. Recently, Spears has been spending more time with her children and they’ve even come to stay with her off and on while she’s in Vegas. In addition to making hit records, Spears also has a line of fragrances and is a businesswoman and television producer.

2 Jennifer Lopez

Lopez is an actress, singer, dancer and businesswoman. She’s also a judge on the hit show American Idol. Jennifer Lopez is known for her many Hollywood romances, including an engagement to Ben Affleck, a marriage to Marc Anthony and a long-term relationship with Sean Combs. However, the Puerto Rican bombshell and New York native is managing to raise a set of twins, Max and Emmy, in addition to succeeding at many of her professional pursuits. Jennifer Lopez is worth $300 million, and is currently preparing for a residency in Vegas that will no doubt increase her net worth even more.

1 Madonna


After her divorce from Guy Ritchie, Madonna, who has a net worth of $800 million, became a single mom. While the family dynamic has certainly changed, Madonna clearly isn’t hurting for money. Madonna had a daughter named Lourdes from a previous relationship, and three children with Ritchie—a son named Rocco and two adopted children, David and Mercy. In addition to being the queen of pop music, Madonna is also a businesswoman, producer, screenwriter and songwriter. After her divorce, Madonna has been known to date men who are decades younger than her, perhaps in an attempt to keep her youthful spirit.

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