10 Rich Celebs With Siblings That Have Failed Careers

It's so common to see a celebrity winning in every field possible; from acting to singing, business ventures, clothing lines, TV deals, etc. Everything they do, it tends to become a huge success. It's also common to see their siblings then try and duplicate that kind of phenomena, only to be left devastated when they realize that nobody is interested in them or whatever they have to bring to the table. For example, you can have a huge singer like Michael Jackson, who has sold over 400 million records worldwide. Then there is Latoya Jackson, who wants to follow in her brother's impressive footsteps, but after so many failed attempts in launching a successful singing career, you eventually give up. Want to know what's even worse? When your successful sibling tries to help you in your business, and it still ends up flopping. Clearly there's only room for one talented member in the family, not two. Imitation is flattering, but it has proven not to work -- even when you are the sibling to one of the biggest names in the world. Check out these 10 rich celebrities with siblings that have failed careers.

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10 Beyonce, Solange

Beyonce had sold millions of records worldwide, but the same can’t be said for her younger sister Solange, who has attempted to jumpstart her music career on multiple occasions. The I Decided songstress, was said to have been dropped from her record label after her sophomore album failed to chart anywhere in the world, and that’s despite being the sibling to one of the biggest artists in the world. To this day, people have always wondered why Beyonce doesn’t help her sister out by doing a collaborative song together — it may increase people’s interest in Solange’s music. Or not.

9 Jessica, Ashlee Simpson

With Jessica Simpson continuing to expand her billion dollar business empire, the same can’t be said for her sibling, Ashlee Simpson. Jessica, who seems to have lost her passion for music, is focusing her mind on her clothing collection, which is said to be making her more than $15 million — and she doesn’t even have to do anything. Meanwhile, her sister Ashlee has stayed awfully quiet in recent years, having failed to release any new music since 2008. Nobody really knows how she’s making her money these days.

8 Jamie Lynn, Britney Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears looked as if she had a promising career coming her way when she took on the lead role in Nickelodeon’s Zoey101, which was incredibly successful at the time. During that same period, Britney Spears was enjoying her worldwide stardom success, having just released a new album at that time. So with Britney having all of this fame, money and glory, Jamie’s own career took a 180 when she learned that she was expecting her first child. After that, her hit show was canceled and she disappeared to Nashville; after eight years, she’s now wanting to reinvent herself into a country artist. Oh dear.

7 Toni Braxton, Her Siblings


Toni Braxton is a musical genius, that’s for sure. Having grossed millions of dollars in touring revenue, penned one of the biggest songs of all time (Un-break My Heart), and being an exceptional vocalist, her sisters were bound to form some kind of jealousy, right? I say that only because Toni’s siblings have never really been able to step outside of her shadow, and that may purely be because they don’t have the same kind of talent that Toni possesses. Tamar Braxton could quite potentially be ruled out of this, but the others who rely on the reality show checks to make end’s meet, they don’t stand a chance.

6 Nick Jonas, Joe

Did you know that it was Joe Jonas who initially made the move to go solo, following Jonas Brothers’ decision to disband for good? Joe had released a couple of songs he had hoped would be supported by all the screaming fans who had his back when he was still performing with his brothers, but that clearly wasn’t the case. The solo career flopped. Nick, on the other hand, has been doing exceptionally well by himself, having enjoyed the success of his hit song Jealous, along with a critically acclaimed debut album. Nick is also set to go on tour next year with Demi Lovato, who just so happens to be Joe’s ex-girlfriend. Ouch!

5 Hilary Duff, Haylie

Yes, it’s shocking to think that Hilary Duff still has a career. But not because she’s not talented — more so for the fact that people still remember her. Well, Hilary has been doing very well for herself during the seven-year hiatus. Having starred in several shows, including Two And a Half Men, along with her recent project to release a new studio album, the money never really stopped pouring in. Her sister Haylie, though, hasn’t had that same luck. In fact, Haylie was always in Hilary’s shadow, but it’s worse now that Hilary has made a comeback and is back on top while Haylie is letting us know what she’s cooking for dinner on Twitter.

4 Frankie Grande, Ariana

Frankie Grande has one of the most likable personalities one can possibly have, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Mr. Grande has struggled to break out of Ariana Grande’s shadow. With Ariana pushing for superstardom worldwide, already being compared to the likes of Mariah Carey, Frankie is still clinging on to reality television shows with measly paychecks. It is believed that Frankie tried landing his own record deal a few years back, but there was little to no interest in executives signing him on. Just because your sister can sing, doesn’t mean you can too. But that’s how it usually works when one sibling is super successful, and the other isn’t.

3 Latoya Jackson, Janet

LaToya Jackson has the sweetest voice you will ever hear, but clearly nobody was interested to even hear what she sounded like, having attempted to launch a music career of her own in several different decades. Three decades ago, it didn’t work, and two decades ago, it didn’t work either. According to reports, the Jacksons had all hoped that they could follow in the footsteps of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, who were smashing music records with every new release. Janet and Michael were considered the King and Queen of Pop at the peak of their careers while their other siblings were trying to imitate their sound and style. Unfortunately for them, imitation can be spotted from a mile away.

2 Rob Kardashian, His Siblings

Poor Rob Kardashian. His sisters have created platforms for themselves that have them making money from all places possible. If they aren’t getting paid $10,000 to Tweet about a product they never use, they are making millions from their scripted reality show. But Rob, he doesn’t make anything. In fact, Rob doesn’t even have enough money to get his own place, hence why he’s staying with Khloe Kardashian. Kris Jenner famously said during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that she keeps her son, who is almost pushing 30, on an allowance, since he doesn’t work. 

1 Victoria Beckham, Louise Adams


Victoria Beckham went from mediocre singer to fashion mogul in a matter of years, and her sister tried to do the same but seemed to have failed. Louise Adams, the famous sibling to Posh Spice, hasn’t really made it in the Hollywood business to begin with. She supposedly tried doing something in the music industry, having seen the success Victoria had, but then moved to fashion, and didn’t seem to find an understanding in that field either. It’s unclear how she makes her money now, but it’s fair to assume that her rich sister is probably taking care of her now. There’s literally no reason to work anymore.

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