10 Reasons Why Zayn Malik Will Be More Successful Than One Direction

It’s been almost a year since Zayn Malik abruptly quit One Direction, leaving the band to finish off the remaining shows of their sold out world tour on their own. And while his former bandmates are no longer in contact with the former X Factor contestant, Zayn doesn’t seem to be bothered, for he is guaranteed to have one hell of a successful solo career. Following his departure, Malik kept busy by signing an impressive multi-million dollar deal with RCA Records, earning himself endless features in top magazines and not to mention he's dating one of the hottest models in the fashion industry right now.

But those aren’t the only things that stand to Zayn’s advantage in order to shape a prosperous music career for himself. See below for the 10 reasons why Zayn will be more successful than One Direction .

10 He’s Working With A-List Producers


After separating himself from the group, Zayn Malik reportedly approached the likes of Naughty Boy to help shape his new sound. One should note that Naughty Boy has quite an impressive catalog, having recently produced Beyonce’s platinum-selling song, ‘Runnin.’ Hiring a specific person to work on a new album — particularly someone who’s current and shares similar creative ideas — will work in Zayn’s favor, for he’s no longer associated with his previous studio team. Besides, the sound that the producers for One Direction were creating was very generic to say the least.

9 Wider Social Media Following


While he may not have the most followers on Twitter out of all the One Direction boys, Zayn does tend to get the most Likes, re-Tweets and Shares on anything he posts. Niall Horan, as an example, could have 20 million followers but only averages at 90,000 re-Tweets, whereas Zayn constantly surpasses more than 200,000 Likes and Shares on Instagram and Twitter. This gives a great insight as to how relevant and popular Zayn has remained following his departure from the group; people are clearly still interested in him and his new projects.

8 Stepping Away From “Bubblegum” Music


“Bubblegum” music can be considered as a particular sound with no actual meanings behind them. ‘The Best Song Ever’ and ‘Live While We’re Young’ prove my point on the type of songs which are lyrically filled with gibberish. Well, it seems as if Zayn is finally removing himself from that category of music, reportedly hoping to fall into the R&B, Soul and Pop lane. Some sources say that his debut album could sound something like Justin Bieber’s Purpose, mixed with The Weekend and Frank Ocean.

7 He Has More Personality Than The Group Combined


Let’s face it, Zayn has the most outspoken personality out of all the boys in the band. When the singer felt offended and unhappy about a given situation, he wouldn’t shy away from it. Compared to his ex-bandmates, Malik seems more relatable and doesn’t try to shield his flaws from the media, who have notoriously exposed Zayn for cheating on former girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, on multiple occasions. While an easy lie printed through the PR team could’ve handled the bad press quite easily, Zayn admitted to his wrongdoing and became apologetic for hurting his ex-girlfriend. Harry Styles, on the other hand, who was alleged to have cheated on Taylor Swift, wouldn’t even comment on the allegations.

6 A Star-studded Fanbase


Zayn is adored by some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians and even Justin Bieber. With his impressive list of star-studded fans, once Zayn starts releasing his music material, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will have their full support all the way. And one thing that’ll come in Zayn’s favor will be the obvious signs that he’ll have an astounding amount of first-week sales through the help of his famous friends and loyal fans.

5 He Spends Wisely


Zayn is not a crazy spender like Harry, who is known to throw expensive parties for his friends ever so often. The 23-year-old seems quite humble with his impressive $20 million net worth, having stressed that the only (and most) expensive thing he owned was his former $6 million home in the UK. Following his split from ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards, the house was sold. So it seems that the only expensive purchases that Zayn is willing to make come from things he really lays worth on, such as a nice home. Saving money is its own kind of success — especially for those who are handed so much money at an early age.

4 Signing With RCA Records; Collaborating With Artists


In July 2015, Malik confirmed his signing with RCA Records, having previously claimed he wanted to take a break from music. Clearly that wasn’t the case. Regardless of his sudden change of mind, Malik’s deal with RCA Records seems perfect since the record label is also home to popular artists including Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and many more.

3 The Media Loves Him


Having briefly touched on his infamous alleged cheating affairs that seemingly made their way to every news outlet, Zayn has become a media fascination. In the UK, he is known to make endless headlines — he’s more or less the UK’s version of the Kardashians, making news for literally everything and anything. But again, the tabloids and the influence of the media will benefit Zayn’s reputation, his relevancy, and most importantly the sales of his music. Since outlets have such a strong interest in his personal life, fans will always be in-the-know of the singer’s scandalous actions if anything should ever occur.

2 He’s No Longer Locked Down

It is evidently clear that One Direction couldn’t have their own say in anything. The group is managed by Simon Cowell, who has presented the boys in a way in which they seem effortlessly perfect to their fans. Because of this, any negative scandals can really hurt their reputation — this goes for choice in songs, too. The music has to be fun, generic and family friendly. With his new RCA signing, Zayn is free to be and do whatever he wants; nobody is pulling his strings to tell him how to behave, what to sing, how to talk in interviews, and who he can date.

1 Popular With The Ladies (Who Just So Happen To Be Famous)


Following his breakup with Perrie, Zayn has been linked to multiple women in Hollywood over the past year. Only one of the rumored girls ended up being confirmed by the singer himself, and that was Gigi Hadid. The model, who has walked for all the major fashion brands, is said to be dating Malik, despite having ended her relationship to Joe Jonas over her busy work schedule. Either way, Gigi seems like the perfect girl for Zayn. Not only is she incredibly humble, she also has connections all over Los Angeles that can further Malik’s career and turn him into the new Justin Timberlake of this era.


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10 Reasons Why Zayn Malik Will Be More Successful Than One Direction