10 Reasons Why Every Women Wants To Date A Superhero

Arrow, Man of Steel, The Flash, The Amazing Spiderman; what do all these movies and TV shows have in common: they all feature extremely handsome male superheroes that women (time and time again) fall

Arrow, Man of Steel, The Flash, The Amazing Spiderman; what do all these movies and TV shows have in common: they all feature extremely handsome male superheroes that women (time and time again) fall in love with and want to date. Whether its Stephen Amell’s (extremely hot) role as the Arrow on the hit series of the same name, or Henry Cavill’s (gorgeous) Superman in the Man of Steel movies, both manly and self-sacrificing characters, or Andrew Garfield’s nerdy but adorable persona as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man films; women simply swoon over these super-powered men.

Whether climbing up walls or flying through the air, the male superhero has managed to capture a woman’s attention in a way no other man (fictional or otherwise) has been able to. What is it about these heroic men that have women constantly falling in love with these fictional characters; is it their amazing physiques? Their incredible powers? Their gorgeously designed costumes? Or is it just their overall heroic natures?

So here’s the question that has been floating around in my head: What is it about these male superheroes that make women fall in love with them and want to date them? In answer to this inquiry, here are the top ten reasons why women want to date these supermen.

10 These Guys Are Pretty Cool

Slinging webs flying through the air, kicking bad guys' butts, superheroes get to do some pretty cool stuff, and that’s what we love about them. These guys get to do the stuff we only dream about doing in real-life; saving the day, getting justice for misdoings, getting to stick adamantium claws into the people we don’t like (Wolverine-style). Say what you want about Superman (or any other superhero living a double-life) but there is something to be said about a man who wears dorky glasses and a suit in his “real” life, then gets to rip off the boring button-down and fly up, up, and away.

To be a superhero, it takes a certain kind of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to pull off the things they do. No ordinary man can pull off a skin-tight cape, yet heroes like Batman pull it off without a second, and it is pretty impressive.

9 Superhero Boyfriends Are A Limited Edition Item

Superhero boyfriends are to women what designer purses are to fashion junkies; a limited edition item that is extremely elusive and that one simply has to have. Anyone can snag a lawyer or a doctor, but how many women can say they’re dating a man of steel (Superman) or a hot cape-wearing vigilante (Batman)?

8 Super-Powered Babies

Spider-Girl, Damian Wayne (Robin), Daken (Dark Wolverine, otherwise known as Wolverine’s angsty and equally hot son), are all the offspring of some of our favorite superheroes (Spider-Man, Batman and Wolverine, respectively). One of the best advantages with dating, and mating with male superheroes is the awesome super-powered babies that come along. These kids have amazing role models to begin with, let alone the abilities they are likely to inherit from their super-powered fathers…

7 Great Sense of Humor

As Oscar Wilde put it: “We women, as some one says, love with our ears, just as you men love with your eyes...”

Anyone who has watched or read Spider-Man in anything he’s ever starred in, knows about his famous sense of humor, his catchy quips in the face of danger and looming death. Studies have shown that one of the most attractive things about a man is his sense of humor, and if Spider-Man is any indication, this theory is correct.

6 They Break The Rules (Thus The Ultimate Bad Boy)

Guys like Wolverine (the rough-and-tumble adamantium clawed X-man) or Batman (the sexy and dangerous vigilante so many of us fantasize about) constantly break the rules of the law, and that’s what we find so sexy about them. The belief that every girl loves a bad boy holds a little bit of truth behind it when we see these sexy, reckless hunks disregarding authority and usually getting away with it, such as with the hot X-Men character Gambit (the sexy, if somewhat reckless Cajun thief-turned-hero) and his constant run-ins with the law. In spite of, or maybe because of, his trouble following the rules, we still think he’s very Très Bon.

5 Fantastic Physiques

As movies like Magic Mike or anything with Ryan Gosling in it can verify, women love men with toned physiques, and who would have a better body than men who are constantly toning their physical skills and fighting bad guys.

4 Their Great Sense Of Taste

As any woman who’s ever seen, or drooled over, a well-dressed man can testify, “Clothes Make the Man”. This is especially true in case of men wearing some pretty cool, very fitted ensembles.

3 Going Along On Their Fantastic Adventures

As cool as it is to be the girlfriend of a hero, actually getting to help your super-powered beau fight crimes and save the day has got to be one of the coolest things a girl can do (you know, aside from actually saving the day herself).

2 Big Romantic Gestures

Such as with their muscles, their abilities and their adventures, when a superhero does something, he does it big and in a very dramatic way. If there is any one major perk to dating a superhero, it is checking out the “super” romantic gesture he has in store for you, such as Spider-Man writing to Gwen Stacy “I Love You” in webbing across the Brooklyn Bridge (refer to the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2).

1 They Are The Ultimate Good Guys

The biggest reason why we want to date a superhero is because, simply put, they are the ultimate Good-Guy. Superheroes don’t do the things they do because they want the fame and glory (otherwise why would so many of them wear masks and costumes); there are way too many hazards in crime fighting job title for lame things like money or publicity.

These superheroes are amazing in the eyes of so many women because they do what so many other men are too lazy or simply not willing to do: they constantly risk their lives to help their common man, and ask for nothing in return. Firefighters, policemen, superheroes, these are all men who go out into the world to protect the lives of others, and (putting aside their sexy uniforms) that’s the thing we love most about them. That being said, it doesn’t hurt that the majority of superheroes are heart-achingly gorgeous, but that’s more of an added bonus to the overall heroic package.

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10 Reasons Why Every Women Wants To Date A Superhero