10 Reasons Why The Avengers Films Are Better Than The X-Men Films

While you may be excited, it looks like X-Men: Apocalypse isn't getting a whole lot of positive reviews. Matthew Vaughn brought the X-Men franchise back into popularity with the very well-received X-Men: First Class, then Bryan Singer doubled-down on that success when he returned to the series to helm X-Men: Days of Future Past. But with this latest entry in the mutant franchise, it looks as if Singer, and perhaps the studio itself, is starting to reveal one of their best-kept secrets; that they do not truly understand these characters or this universe.

Marvel Studios understand their characters and the world that they live in perfectly. When watching a film like Captain America: Civil War, it becomes difficult not to immediately compare it - not only to Batman v Superman - but to the X-Men franchise. There are a number of reasons for these comparisons, and the result ends up illustrating just how better an ensemble group like the Avengers is handled better than the X-Men. At least as far as these big budget movies are concerned - in the comics, the two teams have certainly clashed and have equally great stores - but that's another list for another day.

In just about every way, the Avengers are a better and more successful group of superpowered individuals than the X-Men. Not only because of their unique and perfectly designed costumes or their pitch-perfect characterizations, but also the fact that the Avengers function much better as a team, as opposed to the X-Men who have rarely ever exhibited any instances of teamwork in these films.

Don't agree with me? I bet you will by the end of this list. Either way, here are 10 reasons why The Avengers are a way better team than the X-Men!

10 Captain America As Leader Makes Sense; Mystique...Not So Much


Cap is a soldier who is brilliant when it comes to strategy and tactics while in the field. He's definitely earned the title of Captain. Bryan Singer referred to Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique as being the Harriet Tubman of Mutants's just not believable. First, it just doesn't make any sense for this particular character to be such a positive role model for mutants, given her villainous history in the comics. If the trailers are any indication, she also doesn't appear to be in her natural mutant form very much in X-Men: Apocalypse. How can you lead the mutants while choosing to ignore your natural mutant form?

9 The Avengers Already Dealt With Outer Space and Aliens


X-Men are mutants but they have had plenty of encounters with aliens as well as numerous adventures in space and on other planets. Although, none of this has ever been explored in the films...that have existed for 16 years. In fact, there may not be even be one hint or reference to any kind of extraterrestrial life in these films. Jean Grey went from being the weakest member of the X-Men to the most powerful when she embodies the Phoenix Force, a transformation that occurred during interstellar travel. But no one has even so much as mentioned aliens in these films.

8 The Avengers Have Better Costumes


Everybody remembers the horrible black leather costumes in those early X-Men movies. Though it may have seemed like a more realistic approach all those years ago, it's no longer strange or unbelievable for superpowered individuals to be wearing some bright colors and uniquely designed attire. For over a decade, Wolverine fans have been clamoring to see Logan in his classic costume - either the yellow and blue mix or the yellow and brown mix which sustained the longest run in the comics of any of Wolverine's costumes. Still no appearance, and in contrast, The Avengers are kicking ass in style.

7 The Avengers Quicksilver Was Better


When X-Men: Days of Future Past came out, everybody was ranting and raving over that one sequence featuring Quicksilver - whose name was Peter in the film, played by Evan Peters. Rather than actually getting to see him run using his super speed, the scene is just slowed down and we see him running at regular speed. That's interesting, sure, but it is not the best visual illustration of the character's powers and abilities.

6 The Avengers Characters Are Funnier


These X-Men movies are bleak and that was really cool 16 years ago when the first one came out, but not so much anymore! Starting your comic book movie in 1944, in a concentration camp in German-occupied Poland was a pretty bold move for Singer and it's one he should be commended for. However, there has been a serious lack of fun in these movies, and with all of the constant and impending wars brewing, there's not a whole lot of room for humor.

5 Cap Is The Leader Cyclops Should Be


Steve Rogers and Scott Summers do have some similar characteristics as they are both excellent strategic leaders of their respective teams. At least that's how they've been portrayed in the comic books. That's carried over for Captain America, but Cyclops has never really emerged as the confident and wise leader of the X-Men. In fact, he's always been pushed aside so the films can highlight Wolverine instead because so many people think he's a better character - which is completely false.

4 The Avengers Make Better Use Of Their Powers


This particular point is so key, because it's one of the biggest reasons we go and see these movies. We want to see these characters not only using their powers but demonstrating them in completely unique and amazing ways. For example, Cap became more and more surgical with that shield, as well as with his hand-to-hand combat, as each movie went on. In Civil War, there is just an incredible amount of detail put into how each character moves and functions in relation to their power/enhancement/tech, and we got to see more of that in Age of Ultron.

3 Minorities Actually Get Speaking Roles and Are Important to the Avengers Plot


The X-Men have Storm, Jubilee, Bishop, Psylocke, Forge, Sunfire and a whole plethora of female characters and characters of color. It's too bad a lot of these mutants - specifically those who are black or Asian - don't get very much time on screen. People complained when Darwin, played by Edi Gathegi, was abruptly killed off in First Class. Most of the characters in these films who get big arcs and speaking roles happen to be white.

2 The Characterizations Are Accurate in The Avengers


Tony Stark is an egotistical billionaire who ultimately has a heart of gold. Steve Rogers is a proud and noble American who always fights for what is right. The Marvel characters have largely all been quite accurate to their comic book counterparts, as well as the side characters that inhabit the worlds they live in. Of course, two of the best aspects of Captain America: Civil War - Spider-Man and Black Panther - have been receiving nothing but overwhelmingly positive praise, largely because the characters are handled so extremely well.

1 The Avengers Show Better Teamwork


Communication is always a big part of teamwork and the Avengers have that in spades. This is just one element that allows that team to function so well. Captain America understands what everybody is good at and suited for, and he is always keeping his team together and informed on what needs to be done next. There have not been a whole lot of examples of teamwork in the X-Men films, you may think there are, but it just isn't the case. The teamwork is barely hinted at and not emphasized strongly enough.

There is a difference between several characters being in one place together, fighting off villains, versus those characters bouncing information off of each other and assisting them whenever there is an opportunity. The X-Men have never felt like a functional team that understands how and what each member brings their powers to the table. Their powers are never used in unique ways to bounce off of each other, whereas The Avengers seem to compliment each other more and more in battle with every opportunity.

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10 Reasons Why The Avengers Films Are Better Than The X-Men Films