10 Reasons Why Priyanka Chopra is Taking Hollywood By Storm

There is no doubt that in the last 10 years, we have seen some of the most exotic and popular entertainers emerge from unexpected places around the world. America used to be the place that people thought they could make it in the entertainment industry, but times have most definitely changed. Foreign talent started to take the world by storm with entertainers from Australia, Sweden, Britain, the Caribbean, Canada and Asia all making an impact. When we hear the names of these countries, a lot of us start to think about Alicia Vikander, Rihanna, Jackie Chan, Justin Bieber and Friedo Pinto.

It’s time to get ready for a fresh new face. Her name is Priyanka Chopra and if you haven’t already seen her on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she’s currently filming as a lead actress in BayWatch. She is also a producer, singer and philanthropist that has made a name for herself in Bollywood which is a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. Priyanka is one of Bollywood’s top paid actresses acting in 42 and a half movies, and is considered the world’s most attractive Asian woman according to media outlets.

I once thought that after Slumdog Millionaire played on the big screen that Frieda Pinto and Dev Patel would reign among the other actors and actresses, but it seems that their careers have taken a slight pause. On the bright side, there is enough opportunity for all of these entertainers in Hollywood, but they may want to work a bit more harder to catch up to Priyanka Chopra.

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9 She's The Second Most Googled Celebrity

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When Priyanka Chopra walked the red carpet at the 2016 Oscar Awards, she stole the show. She was dressed to impress in a silhouette white dress with diamond dripped earrings at a value of $3.2 million! I wouldn’t be surprised if the value of her earrings increased after that night. While we thought we just saw a beautiful face, she was the second most Googled celebrity with Leonardo Di Caprio beating her by a few points after the awards show.

For an actress that just arrived in Hollywood and is wooing internet fans among A-list actors, that is a good way to start a career.

9. She's Focused And Resilient

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When Priyanka Chopra left home at 13 years of age to move to the United States, she probably thought that being a top actress was the last dream that would end up coming true. Many of us dread the idea of living away from our family but even at a young age, she was determined. She moved in with her aunt and would later move from Massachusetts, Iowa to New York City.

Although it is hard to believe, she was considered a nerd in high school with a low self-esteem and was teased for her “gawky” appearance. She was made fun of so much that she made the decision to leave America and move back home with her parents. Despite the death of her father to Cancer in 2013, she had the courage to keep going and ended up as a voice character in the Disney movie called Planes and filmed the video for her song “Exotic” with Miami rapper Pitbull.

8 She Won Miss World

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After Priyanka blossomed from a geek to a bombshell, she won the May Queen beauty pageant during her last year of high school. While this sounds very exciting, she attracted the wrong type of admirers and her family had to put bars on their house for her protection.

She ended up in second place in the 2000 Femina Miss India contest with the World title. Just when you would thought her streak of success with winning pageants would end, she later won the Miss World title that year and was the fifth Indian contestant to win. The next thing you know, Priyanka started receiving multiple offers to appear as an actress in films and started taking the world by storm.

7 She Has A Great Taste In Cars

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She admitted on the Live! With Kelly and Michael show this year, that she drives a Rolls-Royce back home in India. This line of British manufactured car is well known internationally for its jet engine. The Rolls-Royce has been around since 1904 and whether she has a throw back vintage model or the Phantom, this is one lady that knows how to choose them well.

She is very down to earth and while growing up in humble beginnings while rising to the top of her career, we can expect her to know how to work alongside the crème de la crème of seasoned entertainers in Hollywood with her success in entertainment.

6 She Loves To Dance

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In her many years of acting in Bollywood movies, Priyanka was an expert at one thing, and that was being able to dance. If you haven’t had a chance to watch a fun Bollywood movie, now is the time. There is dancing, singing, laughter, romance, action and drama all in one story line. When you think you are going to sit down for an hour and watch a regular foreign film, you will find yourself dancing in your seat during the musical dances. She mentioned on Extra that she misses dancing on set but I am sure her opportunity on the big screen will come soon.

5 She Embraces Her Flaws

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There are many entertainers that turn from humble to egotistical the minute they win an Award or are consistently chosen to play in A-list movies. The one thing that all of us love is when an actress admits her flaws, and Priyanka Chopra is one of them. On Extra, she encouraged up and coming actors and actresses to embrace their imperfections. She believes that it is important to find their strengths and use them in their roles as an actor when they land their first acting gig. Another inspiring thought she mentioned was that if it doesn’t work out for a person in acting, the world is their oyster to pursue anything else they want to achieve.

4 She's No Stranger To Awards

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Right when you think being a popular Miss World pageant winner turned actress had the most success that she can experience, the award nominations and wins are enormous. She was nominated for five (not one) Filmfare Awards, won the Padma Shri and a highest Civilian award from the Government of India this year. The year is just getting started and government is already recognizing her for her talent!

As a presenter at the 2016 Oscars Awards, she had the chance to present The Best Editing nominations. Does this mean she may win an Oscar one day? We will just have to wait and see.

3 Priyanka Loves America!

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Priyanka is very familiar with America and has had amazing support from her fans so far. She is accustomed to the culture and lived in the US for 3 years before moving back home to India. On The Tonight Show, she showed us that she can be hilarious by competing in a chicken wings eating contest with Jimmy. Even after Jimmy drenched her chicken wings in hot sauce, she won after eating a few pieces.

She is proud to admit that she grew up in Queens, New York City. If there is one place that can make or break you, NYC is one of them. Luckily enough, she made it through successfully. One of the favorite parts of being in the big apple for her is eating NY hot dogs and pizza.

2 Her Musical Talents

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One day, she would like to collaborate musically with Bono, Beyonce, Drake and Jay Z. Her dream collaborations may not be too far from becoming a reality. She has already had the chance to work with song producer Timbaland, and Pitbull who has worked with Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez. Can you picture Priyanka Chopra working with Will.i.am? She accomplished this already with her hit single “In My City.” In 2012, she won an award for the Best International Debut at the People’s Choice Awards in India for the song. While it would be interesting to see her rise on the pop charts, she has decided to step down from the music industry and continue to pursue what she does best, acting.

1 Her Current and Future Acting Roles

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Priyanka Chopra is the first Indian actress to act in a leading role on American television. She plays in the TV hit series Quantico and is working on her swimsuit role in the action drama series turned movie Baywatch. It is being filmed in the sunshine state of Florida in Deerfield Beach. Priyanka will be sharing beach scenes with model and actress Kelly Rohrback, Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson, and comedian Hannibal Burress. The expected release date of the movie is May 19, 2017. Until next summer comes, get your popcorn ready because we will definitely be seeing more of this lady for the rest of the year.

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