10 Reasons Why Celebs Shouldn't Date Their Hollywood Peers

It’s been a tough few weeks for Hollywood love with famous couples like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breaking up and Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama calling it quits after six years together. Then there’s the darker side with marriages that have gone way south such as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with the domestic violence allegations.

When it comes to dating and being in the spotlight, things don’t always go smoothly. It’s already hard for regular people like us so we can’t imagine how much harder it is for celebrities. On top of miscommunications, jealousy, and incompatibilities, famous people also have to deal with the limelight where their relationships are exposed to the public regardless if they want it that way or not. Their love life is out there in the media for people to watch and judge. That’s just one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t date in Hollywood.

Then there’s money, and other rich people’s problems that come into play when relationships don’t work out. While there’s usually compassion for these celebrity couples, sometimes the audience are the ones who get played as the two in the relationship are involved in the breakup act just for the fame. In other words, their breakup is fake and it’s just to gain more publicity.

It’s a twisted world out there in Hollywood and when you’re trying to date in it, it’s not any easier. So take a look at these 10 reasons why you shouldn’t date in Hollywood.

10 The Spotlight Is A Distraction


Don’t always under estimate celebrity couples. Some of them do seem like they were meant to be but the adventurous side of Hollywood can distract one of them and get in the way of what can really result from the relationship. In other words, if it wasn’t for being famous, they would most likely stay with their partner. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth went through something similar in the past. The two stars got back together after breaking up in 2013. The actor recently spoke about his relationship with the singer, saying that “it was real.” “Of course it was hard, man,” he told GQ Australia. “But at the time we were going in different directions and it's just what needed to happen. We were both super young and it was a good decision at the time…we both needed that.”

9 Real Or Fake?


8 Famous Co-Stars


When you’re an actor or performer, your job is to do your job, no matter who it involves. If you have a partner and she/he doesn’t like the fact that you’re going to be working with one of the hottest celebrities at the moment, then you need to make the decision if you love your job or partner more. Either way, someone gets hurt. Even if you do choose your partner over your career, chances are you’re going to regret it down the line. It happens often in real life and so to give up such a career like acting or singing or just being famous can be quite stressful in the long run. If you do choose your career over your lover, well it’s a no brainer they’re going to be heartbroken.

7 Difficult And Busy Schedules


6 The Desire To Live It Up


George Clooney takes the throne for being the ultimate player in Hollywood. He even embraced the idea of not wanting to settle down because he knew he was rich, famous and hot, so why not live it up while you can. Clooney was never successful in the dating department but he was a pro at seeking women and keeping them for a certain period of time without putting a ring on it. However, many flings later, he finally found Mrs. Right (hopefully) with Amal Alamuddin and decided it was time to get tied down. But other eligible bachelors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber, are still living the Clooney life. Leo knows how to have a blast and not rush to settle down. Justin is, well, Justin and trying to find himself at the moment while enjoying the single life.

5 Too Many Attractive People


Not only does jealousy exist in the Hollywood workplace, but it also exists out of it, especially in this industry where there’s a good looking person every time you turn around. There are countless of social events that provide the possibility of meeting attractive people and hooking up. Sometimes, staying relevant in the spotlight is the celebrity’s job so they have to go out and mingle. With that in mind, they’re bound to bump into someone else, famous or not, and canoodle for the meantime.

4 Infatuation


Being a part of Hollywood can take the reality of life away for some people. With that being said, it seems like it’s much more likely for couples who just met to get engaged and tie the knot immediately. This is obviously a recipe for disaster but it doesn’t feel that way when you’re a part of the glitz and glamour. It feels like a fairy tale story in the moment and the two who are involved are convinced that it will work.

3 Keeping Up With Each Other


It can get a little competitive in the Hollywood department. There’s that idea where you can’t do better than your ex. Well that applies to famous couples, too. Take Beyonce and Jay-Z. Sure, both are at the top of what they do, but let’s be real: Beyonce makes that relationship for what it is because she’s Beyonce. Anything she gets involved with, it explodes and everyone has to top it like the first Super Bowl halftime performance she did.

2 Public Humiliation


It’s bad enough to read rumors and twisted stories about your relationship. So it’s even worse when the rumors are true and you can’t help but deal with it for the rest of your career. If anyone knows how that feels, it's definitely Jennifer Aniston. After going through a divorce from Brad Pitt because of his alleged affair with Angelina Jolie, the “Friends” star hasn’t had a break from all the media attention. Soon after the split, Aniston was bombarded with questions regarding her ex-husband and his new love interest and it was obvious she was over the drama. It is a humiliating experience to lose your husband to another actress, and possibly of a higher profile, all in public. Eventually, it seemed like she realized she’d never escape it so the only option was to move on.

1 Privacy Is Gone


This one’s probably the most obvious one. As celebrities, not only is your job exposed to the public, but also your personal life. You cannot run away from the media, the rumors, the paparazzi, the photos, etc. This comes with the whole package. It’s understandable when some famous people try to keep their life as private as possible, but at the end of the day there’s always going to be something said about them whether it’s true or not. It becomes even more irritating when the relationship doesn’t feel like it’s just theirs. It almost feels as if they’re sharing it with others and that must not be a pleasurable feeling.

Take three Kardashians as examples, especially since they're the most media hungry celebrities at the moment. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been on and off for years and everyone has watched them go through it all on their E! reality TV show. Kourtney unfortunately had to find out that Scott was canoodling with someone else overseas through the media and this was while they were still together. In contrast, Kendall Jenner has been open about keeping her dating life private. She is the most lowkey out of all of them and people always wonder who she's dating. But that’s only because Kendall doesn’t expose her personal side for everyone to judge and get involved. Yet, there are still rumors surfacing about the model. There’s just no way in keeping a regular life without the exposure of the media.

Then there's Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, who have the biggest relationship drama out of the whole family surrounding some serious issues. Unfortunately, the fame doesn't make it any easier for them to solve their problems. These examples are exactly why you shouldn't fall in love and date in Hollywood.


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10 Reasons Why Celebs Shouldn't Date Their Hollywood Peers