10 Reasons To Avoid Watching Game of Thrones With Your Parents

You know that uneasy feeling you get when the latest episode of your favorite show opens on an attractive naked woman who is also unfortunately being flogged (already confusing enough) and then your mom puts her hands over your grown-person eyes to deal with the awkwardness in her own way? Let me put that differently: Have you ever been simultaneously aroused and horrified and then had a blood relative touch you? If you are lucky, you will have answered "no," to these questions, and will continue watching Game of Thrones with peers or alone.

Some nuclear families pride themselves on being able to discuss just about anything amongst themselves and, to a certain extent, a parent's duties do include broaching tough subjects to provide their offspring guidance. But most of us learned the hard way to avoid talking politics, religion, or sex, drugs, and rock & roll with the 'rents; we learned through blowout fights over partisan politics, veganism, sexuality, etc. or by suffering through painfully awkward silences and intense, emotional onscreen moments.

In honor of all those who have gotten their wires crossed and mildly traumatized themselves while viewing and/or discussing an episode of GoT with family, here are 10 Reasons To Avoid Watching Game Of Thrones With Your Parents.

10 Remote Control...Control

9 Talking At The Worst Time, It's What They Do

8 You Need To Binge-Watch And They Can't "Hang"

7 "Wait, Hold On, Start From The Beginning"

6 Haters Gonna Hate

5 Never Talk Politics/Social Issues

4 Moral Ambiguity

3 Remember, You've Been De-Sensitized

Author George R.R. Martin’s writings are often classified as grimdark fantasy, a literary subgenre defined by a ‘grittiness’ or realism that departs from sugarcoated, sorcery-heavy fantasy series’ like J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, and tends toward historical fiction in that gut-wrenching detail is valued over euphemisms and implied violence that coddle readers/viewers.

2 The Birds And The Bees...And The Dragons

1 A Lose-Lose Situation

Mom’s not going to like the action, Dad’s not going to like the touchy feely stuff and even if your parents do not fit into these cookie-cutter gender roles, it is guaranteed that neither of them will appreciate any of the "mature content" and they will inevitably turn to trying to understand where they went wrong as a parent and why their offspring likes the show in the first place. Or, maybe you'll get into an argument about censorship and the difference between p*rn and erotica, and that between good storytelling and shock value, ending with the back-in-the-day-we-didn't-need-to-be-vulgar-to-get-our-point-across speech. Sound fun?


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10 Reasons To Avoid Watching Game of Thrones With Your Parents