10 Reasons The Kardashian and Jenner Clan Is Likely To Feud

The Kardashians and Jenners are arguably the most famous family in the world. Anytime the Kardashians are in attendance, the paparazzi and media just can't seem to get enough of them. They have made their way to becoming a staple in America's pop-culture. But before their critically-acclaimed rise to fame, they began as a semi-normal family in the affluent town of Calabasas, California.

The family first stole the airwaves back in 2007 with their reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Now, even almost a decade later, they are 10 seasons strong with even spin-off's of the show running consecutively such as Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and Khloé & Lamar.

Between boutiques, books, perfumes and a clothing line, the Kardashian-Jenner empire has taken over the world with their mother Kris Jenner, being the ring-leader behind their success. Collectively, between the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, they are said to be worth $101 million. But just as with any other family, that means more money, more problems. And when you have so many members in just one family, sibling-rivalry is bound to happen. In the event that if any of the following feuds were to happen, get the popcorn ready!


9 Taking The Best Selfie

Ah, the fight for the best selfie would not die and would probably start a huge competition between the two families. This feud would probably be the most intense between Kylie Jenner and older half-sister, Kim Kardashian. Kylie and Kim are infamous for their selfies on Instagram. And what better way to celebrate their followers on Instagram than with, well, another selfie! When Kylie received 30 millions followers on Instagram, she thanked her followers by posting a modest selfie. Recently, Kim upstaged her little sister by thanking all 50 million of her followers by posting a selfie, this time with hubby Kanye West. Although Kylie still has time to perfect her selfie-skills, we'll have to go with Kim on this one. After all, she did release a book dedicated to her selfies titled: Selfish.

8 Whether Or Not Kourtney Is Getting Married

When Kim and Khloe threw their bouquet at their weddings, I can only imagine Kourtney sitting there and not batting a single eyelash. Kourtney, who is the oldest of the siblings, was the first to have children and most likely the last to be married. Like any other mother, I'm sure Kris has hounded Kourtney for having children out of wedlock and pressured her to get married. But who can blame Kourtney for not wanting to give up that famous last name to a man who has commitment issues? If she does decide to tie the knot, the bridesmaids dresses would make for an even greater argument.

7 Who Stole Each Other's Clothes

If you have a sister, then you know closets becomes a voluntary swap meet and you're sure to never see your favorite skirt, or that shirt you just bought, ever again. With as stylish as these group of ladies are, I'm sure there's pieces in their closets that haven't sacrificed for looking good on the red carpet. Kim even admitted that she steals clothes from Kylie's closet!

6 Who Has The Best App

Kim first released her first app: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in 2014, which allegedly made $700,000 a day. It's safe to say that Kim inspired the rest of her sisters to create their own customized smartphone apps. This year, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie all recently released their own individual apps which gives fans an insight to their day-to-day lives. Unlike the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app, fans will have to subscribe for $2.99 a month, with the first seven days free. The competition for each sister to post the best content is probably unspoken of, but they have to make their money somehow!

5 When Kim Is Moving Out

We all know the struggle of being an adult but living at home with our parents. They are constantly questioning your whereabouts and always asking what you are doing with your life. There's rarely, if any, privacy, and the arguments and tension happen every other week. Given that Kris is a newly single woman and all of her kids are adults, she probably wants to kick back her feet and enjoy empty nest syndrome. Kim has moved back in with Kris a couple times, even with Kanye! We all know how emotional pregnant women can be, so we can only imagine a fiery storm of estrogen between the mother-daughter duo.

4 Who's Mommy's Favorite Is


There's probably a reason why Kris keeps letting Kim move back in. On multiple occasions, Khloé has chastised Kris for showing favoritism towards Kim. As a mother, you would think that a mom would love each and every one her children unconditionally and equally, but Kris took to Twitter and even Tweeted that Kim was by far her favorite daughter. In an interview with Barbara Walters, when the siblings were asked who they felt Kris' favorite was, they all chimed "Kim"! Sheesh, that must be a tough pill to swallow knowing that your mother chooses favorites!

4. Who Would Sacrifice Their Fame

If it came down to it, which family member do you think would sacrifice their fame and live a normal life? Since becoming world-famous, the Kardashian-Jenner crew have not shied away from the cameras and garnering any publicity they can get. It's no secret they thrive off of the attention. Infamous for her sex tape, Kim once bawled her eyes out and vowed to never get naked again. I guess she spoke too soon. After making that promise, she stripped down and got naked again for Paper, GQ and Love magazine. Between the family, Rob Kardashian seems the least big-headed and has probably had enough of his family's antics given he's been hibernating for the past few years.

3 Who Spends The Most Money?

When you're young and wealthy, money can be a very dangerous thing. You find yourself splurging on things you may not necessarily need. That being said, momager Kris has probably scrutinized her daughters for how much they are spending. In 2013, Kim spent $21,600 on her face alone which included an acid peel, fitness facial, diamond peel and light treatments. Not to mention, the wedding dress she wore on her wedding to Kanye alone cost $2.1 million. Following right behind her is Kylie who spent $195,000 on her 2014 Range Rover which is now on the market for sale. She also spent an additional $25,000 customizing it. Girls just want to have fun!


2 Who Had The Best Makeover?

Since the Kardashian-Jenner family stepped onto the reality scene in 2007, a lot has changed. That change includes re-branding and making things look new and fresh. This change is not limited to their dramatic face-and-body transformation that most of the family has undergone. Between Kourtney's boobjob, Kylie's lip fillers, and Kim's nose-job, the family is well known in the plastic surgeon's office. Despite everyone's amazing makeover though, the best one would have to go to Caitlyn Jenner (hands down).

1 Who Has The Biggest Butt?

If the Kardashians ever fell flat on hard times, they'd have some great cushioning just in case. It's true that Kim's sex tape propelled the family into fame. Yet, her sisters weren't going to let Kimmy take all the credit. Their curvaceous bodies helped brand and shape their image. Khloe recently starred in Complex Magazine, which featured the 31-year old oiled up and showing off her backside. To upstage her photoshoot, Kylie posted a picture on Instagram accentuating her backside which appeared to form out of nowhere. Of course, Kim would shut her competition down in perfect Kim-style seeing that her derriere is what made them famous. Whether or not it's all natural is a story for another day, but there's no doubt these ladies make curves look good!


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