10 Reasons Scott Disick Is The Only Relatable Kardashian

Scott Disick is a reality TV personality who appears on Keeping Up With The Kardashians since 2007, a show that is still successfully (surprisingly?) running to this day. His relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest of the three Kardashian sisters, has been featured throughout the entire filming of the show. Certainly, being Kourtney’s long time on-again, off-again (currently off-again) beau and baby daddy of their three young kids has had its perks for Disick’s career.

One can argue about the family’s kontroversial worth to society, as the reality show based on their lives that reaps millions per year is infamously reputed to glorify ostentatiousness of wealth, fame, and superficiality. True, the Kardashians may not be as pure as diamonds, but none can deny that almost everything they touch turns to gold… and Scott Disick is a benefactor of this Midas effect.

But Disick has earned, in his own right, a place on the celebrity platform. Loathe him as much as you want, the guy is as entertaining as it gets. Known for his brutal honesty and sarcastic remarks, he is a breath of fresh air compared to his co-stars’ perfectly-curated TV personas.

The man is not perfect, but that's what makes him likable. His fans love his relentless jabs towards his family-in-law, and, with all his dirty laundry aired-out for the world to see, you can’t help but sympathize with him. Ultimately, Scott Disick is the only, truly, relatable Kardashian… and here are 10 reasons that prove it.

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10 His Upbringing Was (Moderately) Down-to-Earth

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Unlike most of his Kardashian relatives and many of his friends, Scott Disick didn’t grow up in a Hollywood setting, let alone on the West Coast. No, Disick was born and raised in Eastport, Long Island, New York.

Granted, Eastport is definitely upper middle class, so Disick did grow up within a social class belonging to the top tier of the American population (roughly 15% of fortunate Americans). But he still had to deal with less-than-glamorous winters as a kid, so points for that.

Disick is also an only child, which probably explains his spoiled nature, and has always been very close to his Jewish-American parents. You can’t get more typical than that.

9 He Has an Embarrassing Adolescent Past

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Puberty isn't fun for anyone and is often the cause of embarrassing teenage moments we would all like to forget. Unless you’re a celebrity spawn, which wasn’t Disick’s case. Indeed, possibly worse than pimples or braces, he was the cover model for a set of ultra-cheesy teen romance novels. The kind you bought during Scholastic school fairs in the early 2000s with your saved-up lunch money. The embarrassing pictures currently circulate online.

Worse than that, Disick was plagued, like many of us, with terrible nicknames during high school, where he had the reputation of being a not-so-nice guy and ladies’ man. One particularly awful nickname was “STD”, which was clearly not an acronym for Scott T. Disick. Another one was “Number One Scum”. Whether or not he deserved these nicknames is up for debate.

8 He Speaks his Mind

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Credit must be given to those bold enough to speak their minds, even if it ruffles a few feathers. Scott Disick is in a league of his own, throwing out his thoughts and zingy one-liners.

This is an example of him answering to ignorant comments: "You don't respect my religion? I don't respect your outfit." Another example for explaining his business model for success: “I like to work as little as possible to make the most money possible.”

Scott Disick often times verbalizes what we’re all thinking, and is unapologetic about it, usually doing so when defending things he holds dear in his heart. Being a jerk when it matters feels a little more acceptable and deserves some applause.

7 He Ridicules the Kardashians' Lifestyle

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Sure, Scott Disick has totally sold himself out to live a glamourous lifestyle too, but even he has a limit to the over-the-top life he shares with the Kardashians. Disick has never been afraid to poke at the ridiculousness of their lives, and when his baby mama and her family lose touch with reality, he always calls them out on it.

An example - Kim receives a surprise in the mail: “Oh look, someone sent us a free yoga membership!” Scott: “Thank god. Otherwise, you’d never be able to afford it.”

Another example - Kris is reminiscing about the previous year: “I think my favorite day of this last year was probably the day when Oprah came over.” Scott, in reply: “Not the day when Penelope (your granddaughter) was born? You heartless wench.”

6 The Fame Gets to his Head

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Disick is known for his obnoxiousness, what with his quest to manorial lordship and his knack for referring to people as “peasants”. During a trip to London, he claimed the title of “Lord of the Manor of Cruckton Ford”, which is a type of non-royal title that can be bought by anyone who has the money for it. This little self-indulgence further blew up Disick’s already big ego.

But, if we’re being honest here, can we really blame him for letting fame and fortune get to his head? How many of us could swear never to buy into the kind of glamour brought on by the spotlight he is in? If any of us were in Disick’s shoes and position of power, we would definitely have our diva moments, too.

5 He Never Wins With the In-Laws

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To anyone who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it is no secret that matriarch and mommager Kris Jenner has never been a huge fan of Disick. In her defense, any parent would probably feel protective of their daughter as she introduces a new boyfriend - especially one that is a Scott Disick-type.

Disick has made it clear that he will never genuinely get along with most of his girlfriend’s family, but compromises for her sake - even if it means losing some battles. Since day one, we saw Disick and Jenner clash. Both have been wrong and both have been right. But over the years, their issues with each other have not been able to mend fully. The tensions still exist, proven by Jenner recently calling Disick an a**hole at her birthday bash.

Many are those who have struggled with being fully accepted by their partner’s family. It is a tale as old as time. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and soldier through.

4 He Has Had His Fair Share of Tragedy

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Famous or not, Scott Disick has suffered his fair share of unfairness in life. This fact is especially prominent when referring to the recent loss of both his parents, whom he was very close with, and who died only 3 months apart. These kinds of events, so close after one another, could screw up almost anyone.

As of late, the end of his relationship of almost ten years with long time love Kourtney is plastered all over gossip sites and magazines. Disick is no different than a huge percentage of married couples: his relationship failed (the two may not have been married, but a decade of commitment is often more than most marriages last nowadays). As a parent, it must be doubly difficult; it’s hard enough to keep yourself afloat, let alone shielding three young kids during the process. Break-ups are never easy; public ones must be unimaginable.

3 Some Things He Does Keep Private

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You know who doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page? Scott Disick. Or rather, he did at one point but chose to delete it. We can assume that he prefers to keep some sense of privacy, compared to the rest of the Kardashian family.

Another interesting lack of over-share on Disick’s part concerns his parents. As we previously mentioned, both of his parents passed away only months apart and the details of both their deaths are still left unclear. It is alluded to, in interviews as well as on the reality show, that Disick’s parents suffered from long illnesses, but the subject is only skimmed.

We can only assume that Disick wishes to keep some form of privacy about certain things out of respect for others, which is only natural and pretty decent.

2 It Is Suspected That He Suffers From Mental Illness

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It has been long suspected that Scott Disick suffers from some form of mental illness, with speculations ranging from anger management issues to depression to bipolar disease. Several times, Disick has checked himself into rehab and there have been reports of him seeking outpatient treatment for alcohol and psychological issues. He himself has admitted to suffering from high highs and low lows.

The thing about mental illness is that it plagues almost 1 in 5 North Americans, and yet stigma persists on the subject. The more people are open about such issues, especially celebrities who have a louder voice with the public, the better we can break down these taboos.

Disick has not publicly shared details about his demons, but has shared his optimism regarding this aspect of his life. "I had to take a look at where my life is going. Or where it was going go if I kept acting the way I was. I never ever wanted to admit that I may have a problem."

The man is way more human than we thought he was.

1 He Can Actually Be Humble

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Unlike his famous sister-on-law, Kim, who is often quoted defending that her status is due to hard work and dedication, Scott Disick seems to not only be more honest with others, but also more honest with himself. He once said: “I’m not sure I deserve a lot of things, but they come to me.”

While the rest of the K-clan go above and beyond to convince the world that their success is not simply a result of the “famous for being famous” phenomenon, Disick is able to recognize that lucky stars have played a much bigger role than what the Kardashians want to let on.

Listen, there’s no shame in being an opportunist and making the most of what you stumble upon. Many successful people can thank this character trait for getting them to where they are today. What matters is whether or not you own up to it, and Disick does just that. He may not be the most likable person, but he is self-aware, which puts him in a higher esteemed rank than 90% of today’s reality stars.

Our hats off to you, Lord. Keep keeping it real.


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