10 Reasons Kim And Kanye Might Be Headed For Divorce

They haven’t even hit their first wedding anniversary yet, but cracks are already starting to appear in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage, signifying that their relationship will end sooner than later. With this being her third marriage, Kim wasn’t lying when she said she was a hopeless romantic who constantly falls in and out of love. Although, would this divorce shock anybody? After having ended her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries back in 2011, Kim was quick to rush into a relationship with Kanye just two months later. Clearly jumping into things has backfired on the reality star. She is said to be struggling in her controlled marriage to her rapper beau, who is believed to have been behind the infamous decision Kim made to dye her hair platinum blonde, among other things. Kanye also thinks that Kim posing nude for endless magazines despite being a mother is a great decision, letting the world know how ‘sexy’ his baby mama looks after birthing a child. Yikes.

We've gathered some of the reasons that we think are contributing to the couple’s marital problems. While everybody may have thought that Kim and Kanye being together was good for their business, think again, as one of their careers continues to decline year after year. See below for who it could possibly be.

10 Kanye West Is A Control Freak


If things aren’t going to Kanye’s plans, you are better off making a run for it before he lets off another tantrum of his. It’s been long reported that Kanye has the final say in whatever Kim does; whether it’s a club appearance, the clothes she wears or what hair color she will try out next. We won’t ever be able to forget the disastrous decision Kim made by agreeing to Kanye’s wishes in changing her hair platinum blonde. The ‘single Kim’ would’ve never gotten rid of her darker locks, but because Kanye likes to be the one in charge, Kim has seemingly become his puppet.

9 Kim Is A Hopeless Romantic


With two failed marriages behind her, Kim still continues to stress that she’s a hopeless romantic, adding that when she falls in love with someone, she falls hard. Which would explain her quick divorce to NBA player Kris Humphries, whom she ditched after having grown closer to her then-friend, Kanye. The two went on to make their relationship public just two months later, but you know what they say — if she can leave her former beau for her current, she can do the same to the next. And her excuse will be: “I’m a hopeless romantic.”

8 Kanye’s Friends Don’t Accept Kim


Yeezy’s friends are not fond of Kim Kardashian and her family. So much that his closest pals Beyonce and Jay-Z, reportedly boycotted his wedding in Italy simply because they couldn't stand being around Kim’s family. Note that Bey, Jay and Kanye have known each other for fifteen years — they were super close until Kim came into the picture. Speaking on having also been looked down on in the fashion industry for dating a reality star, Kanye told Style magazine: “And all the relationships, the somewhat friends that I had somewhat built up, completely turned their backs on her and me. They already had their back to her, and now they turned it to me.”

7 Marriage To Kim Bad For Business


While Kim may have gained a lot from the marriage so far, it hasn’t done so much for Kanye’s career. In fact, if anything, it has hurt him. Why? Prior to having made it known the rapper was dating Kim, it was rare to catch Kanye West on the cover of tabloid magazines each week. But now he’s not only in the tabs every Wednesday, he’s making appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and attempted to boost ratings for his mother-in-law’s failed talk-show, Kris. Some would say that West is trying too hard to fit into the family, having been referred to as Kanye Kardashian.

6 Kanye Clashes With Kardashian Family


If his tantrums at home are as bad as they are during public interviews, Kanye could definitely be a handful to deal with on a day-to-day basis. During Kim’s pregnancy with North West, Kanye was busy flying around the world to record his album Yeezus, leaving Kim by herself. Bruce Jenner was very vocal about it, stating that he doesn't appreciate his daughter being left alone so that her then-boyfriend could record an album. Bruce and Kanye have had a distant relationship since. Kanye has also found it hard accepting Kris Jenner with open arms, after she shared photos of North to news anchor, Matt Lauer, when he instructed her not to showcase the pics to anybody. Kris would go on to approach Kanye with an offer that would make her his manager, but Kanye instantly turned her down — he was not interested at all.

5 Kanye Can’t Focus On Music When He’s With Kim


Die-hard fans who have followed Kanye’s journey since 2004 were left disappointed with the rapper’s latest release Yeezus, criticizing the production of the album to be anything near Kanye’s capabilities. The album was harshly reviewed by music critics, calling the record Ye’s worst record to date. But that wasn’t all. Kanye would face more backlash in the music industry for not promoting his artist Big Sean, enough. Sean, who is signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label, suffered from a lack of public exposure when his album Hall of Fame, saw its release with first-week sales of just 72,000 copies.

4 Kimye Hardly Spend Time Together


When one is in Paris, the other is usually found in Los Angeles or New York. In simple terms, Kim and Kanye spend quite a lot of time apart from one another. After the couple’s brief honeymoon following their wedding, Kim and Kanye spent weeks away from each other as Kanye continued plans on relaunching his failed fashion business. Quite strange for Kim, who constantly gushes about how obsessed her husband is with her. Obsessed enough to keep his distance from the socialite for up to a month at a time.

3 Housing Issues — Still Living With Mom


Kim and Kanye are still living with Kris Jenner, almost three years after moving into the crowded Calabasas mansion. Kendall Jenner would go on to move out, and Bruce soon followed, but what’s stopping them from hopping over to their own crib? The two are already owners of two homes; one in Bel-Air and one in Hidden Hills. But there seems to be no step forward in actually giving Kris some privacy in her home. Some believe Kim is nervous about moving out because she may not know how to handle her daughter in certain situations, which Kris would be most appropriate to take care of. Whatever the case, a married couple who are still living with a family member seems strange.

2 They Love Themselves Too Much


Kim is notoriously known for putting fame and publicity before anything else. If the attention isn’t on her, Kim will find a way to place herself back in the headlines. With Kanye, it’s the same thing. Whether it’s crashing an award show and stressing who he thought should’ve won the award, or ranting on what a ‘creative genius’ he is, Kim and Kanye have shown strong signs that the love they have for themselves can’t compare to the supposed love they have for one another.

1 Kanye Is Still Texting His Ex

Following a nasty public spat between Kanye and his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, the socialite decided to put her former beau on blast, claiming he’s still texting her. “Kim was also crying to Kanye about how Beyonce doesn't like her. And he came RUNNING to me for advice weak ass n****,” Rose wrote on her official Twitter page. Amber went on to claim Kanye had attempted to rekindle their romance while he was with Kim, but she turned him away because of how badly he had treated her during their two-year relationship.

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