10 Reasons Kendrick Lamar Is The Best Rapper Right Now

Despite what some people think, there's no reason to compare J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. They're two completely different artists, and moreover, comparing Cole to Kendrick is just unfair. Anyone should be able to tell that Kendrick is miles ahead of what Cole is able to do, and insinuating otherwise is just radically false. But that's a bit unfair to Cole, since Kendrick can rap circles around almost every other mainstream rapper out there. Kendrick's skill has been evident for a while. So many hip-hop heads have known for quite some time now that Kendrick Lamar truly is an unstoppable beast.

Sure, Drake is making so much more money (ridiculously so) than Kendrick, and Aubrey is certainly at the top, as far as monetary success, but he isn't making music that can even come close to what Kendrick is making. You've got President Obama letting everybody know that Lamar is a better rapper, because he is, and then Drake takes a shot at Obama in one of his songs - but not at Kendrick. It's laughable at this point, Drake could win all the Grammys and earn all the endorsement deals, but Kendrick is truly Drake's Achilles heel. Drake knows how good Kendrick is, he'll just never say it out loud.

Really, all of TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) is just killing it right now, with Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Isaiah Rashad, SZA and probably more to come. But it is clear that Kendrick's the golden child. Kanye West may be more controversial, for the wrong reasons, but Lamar stirs up a fair amount of conversations and arguments and for all the right reasons. To Pimp a Butterfly got reviews and respect that no other rap album got in 2015. On top of being outstanding to listen to, it inspired countless think-pieces and online publications that discuss the many layers of that project. Only true talent can inspire that kind of public discourse.

It is these reasons and so much more, as to why it is clear that Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper in the world.

10 "Alright"

9 The Positivity


8 His Music Videos

7 How He Alters His Voice

6 Versatility

5 Live Performances

4 Lyricism

3 To Pimp a Butterfly


2 Untitled Unmastered


1 He Is Relentless

The man is dedicated to his craft like no other, and the evidence you need is everything I've listed above. Kendrick is on a mission, he's said so himself. Rather than taking one or two songs and making socially/politically conscious - which is what most rappers tend to do - Kendrick will take the entire album and make every song a statement. And there just aren't many rappers who are willing to do that, especially those that are within the mainstream. Lamar seems to constantly be working, whether it's on music videos, or special tours and concerts and even new material for future projects. All of this is what makes Kendrick Lamar the best rapper in the game right now.

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10 Reasons Kendrick Lamar Is The Best Rapper Right Now