10 Reasons Kendall & Kylie Will Eventually Surpass Kim

People either love them or hate their guts. After all, what did they really do to enjoy their current celebrity status? They didn’t win an Oscar or a Nobel Prize or serve a country. Instead, they spill their guts to the world in a reality show that many people deem trashy. Yet, week after week, year after year, viewers tune in to watch their antics and family drama. The Kardashians are proof that reality shows can turn nobodies into celebrities.

The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is none other than its most famous mainstay, Kim. They say she’s the best-looking and most magnetic among her siblings, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian and definitely worlds above their controling mother, Kris. With Kim’s personal life perennially in the spotlight, colorful and controversial as it is, the other members of the family are often relegated to the supporting cast—up until recently.

When the reality show began, viewers would occasionally see two little girls in the background. These two cuties were Kim’s half-sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. But as the show’s seasons progressed, fans saw the two little ones grow up before their eyes. Today, they’re both stunning teenagers. And they’ve slowly started making their way into the limelight. With all this fame at such a young age, it will be no surprise if they soon outshine their big sister, Kim. Here are just some of the many reasons we think so.

10 They're Hotter

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Last May, FHM came up with their “world’s sexiest women” list and only two of the five sisters made it to the list: Kim and 18-year-old Kendall. And Kendall all but outranked Kim, coming in at 31 while her big sister came in at only 38! That was the first time anyone from the clan outdid Kim. Maybe her being married and a mother knocked her down several notches, but the fact remains clear. Her kid sisters are hotter now!

9 They're Way Classier

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The Kardashian haters refer to them as white trash and sometimes, this isn’t difficult to understand. Just look at all the photos published of Kim and the ones she posts on social media. She’s almost always in ill-fitting outfits or posting tactless nonsense. Kendall and Kylie, on the other hand, are a notch above her in terms of class. They dress better and are more tasteful in their appearances and social media posts. True, they’re still young and their path to success or failure is a long one. Hopefully, they always choose to take the high road and not tarnish their still-clean images.

8 Kim Overload!

All the hype about the “Kimye” wedding (Kim’s wedding to pop artist and music producer, Kanye West) before, during, and way after it already happened had people complaining that they were all Kim-ed out. And because everyone is getting sick and tired of everything Kim, the Jenner girls are a breath of fresh air. They’re just starting to take to the spotlight and take to it, they certainly do!

7 Photographers Prefers The Jenners Vs. Their Big Sister

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Next to young ones like Kendall and Kylie, Kim is practically a has-been. Though Kim is still very much a favorite target of the paparazzi, more and more pictures of her little sisters have been surfacing. If not for the attention-grabbing events that constantly happen in Kim’s colorful life, like her divorce from Kris Humphries or the birth of her daughter North West, Kendall and Kylie would hands-down, be photographed a hundred times more than their big sister! Everyone loves new blood, after all!

6 They Gained Fame In A Cleaner, More Wholesome Way

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Sure, they may have come into the public eye as just the little sisters of the Kardashian siblings. But being known as such and using this as a launching pad is much better than the way Kim gained unexpected fame. A sex tape with her then boyfriend, Ray J was leaked to the public while her divorce from her first husband was still being finalized. This inadvertently catapulted her to fame—or maybe notoriety.

5 They’re More Grounded

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Kim is 33 and has been married three times. She eloped with her first husband at the age of 19 and has been married twice since. Luckily, the Jenner girls don’t seem to be that impulsive. When Kendall turned 16, her mom Kris wanted to throw her a lavish surprise birthday bash in the Bahamas, but Kendall vehemently protested against it, saying she preferred a small intimate gathering with just close friends. At the party, which Kris threw anyway despite the celebrant’s disapproval, Kendall asked her guests not to give her gifts, but instead make a donation to the Children’s Hospital in L.A. What a noble and compassionate gesture for a young teenager to do!

4 They Know What Their Priorities Are

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Education isn’t a priority in the Kardashian household. Among all the siblings, only Kourtney and Rob attended college. And with the news that both Kendall and Kylie dropped out of high school with the blessing of their mother to pursue careers in modeling and fashion, many criticized this bad move and declared the girls are bad role models for teens. It’s a lucky thing that the girls’ father, Bruce Jenner, is very vocal about wanting his girls to go to college, saying they shouldn’t rely on their looks and connections to succeed in life. Kendall and Kylie have said in an interview that they do intend to go to college someday. Hopefully, their dad will be able to influence them to do it sooner rather than later! During an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Kendall explained that her priority is focused 100% on her modeling career, even stating that she is not interested in any type of a reality-show spin-off. With her modeling career on the rise, she vows not to let boyfriends interfere with her goals.

3 They Have Great Endorsement Deals

Though Kim has built a business empire carrying her own line of clothes and perfume, she has also accepted endorsement deals with brands such as Skechers, QuickTrim, and Sears. But many have questioned her endorsements and claimed that they are dubious at best, because of the false promises they’ve made to the consumers. Kendall and Kylie have likewise jumped onto the family bandwagon and have become endorsers of OPI nail polish in the wake of their older sisters. But perhaps the most laudable endorsement deal is Kendall’s taking part in Givenchy’s latest fashion campaign. This, along with her stints on the ramp for big fashion couture names like Marc Jacobs, certainly shows how she’s making a name for herself in the fashion world.

2 Kendall Can Stand Up To Her Mother When She Needs To

Momager Kris Jenner has been the backbone of the entire Kardashian-Jenner business empire, from their public appearances to their clothing lines to their endorsements. There’s no doubt that the girls wouldn’t be where they are today if not for their mother. On the downside, tiger mama Kris isn’t just a tough businesswoman—she also loves publicity too much. Anything to get her daughters into the spotlight and earn money, she’d do, including staging Kendall’s extravagant sixteenth birthday bash and to include it in the reality show, just to get endorsements. Luckily, Kendall is able to stand up to her mother and put her foot down about what she wants and doesn’t want. That’s something her other sisters, including Kim, constantly struggle to do when it comes to their iron lady of a mom!

1 Even Kim Said That Her Little Sisters Will Attain Greater Success Than Her

Everyone needs to have a big sister who’s supportive and luckily, Kendall and Kylie’s three older sisters are not just supportive, but also very proud of their younger siblings. Just look at Kim’s Instagram and Twitter accounts and you’ll see her posting some stuff about Kendall and Kylie’s accomplishments, milestones or simple shout-outs to them. In fact, Kim herself mentioned in one of the earlier seasons of their reality show that she’s sure her two half-sisters will surpass whatever accomplishments she’s had or will have.

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