10 Reasons Kanye West Would Make An Interesting President

So as many of you probably know by now, Kanye West had a rather ridiculous tirade at the MTV music awards this year that ended with him saying that he will be running for president in 2020. While Kanye made it quite clear beforehand he had smoked some herb and this all may be the ranting of an insane, stoned, bipolar megalomaniac - who also happens to be incredibly talented, whether people want to admit that or not - it still merits some speculation.

We all know Kanye West has massive delusions of grandeur, so there is a slim chance (and by slim, we mean about 80%) that he might have been serious. Kanye may actually want to run for president in 2020. Those who want to laugh and say "impossible!" apparently didn't live through the Reagan era. Or perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming Governor was lost on them, too.

The point is, things THIS absurd have happened before in popular culture, so to imply they won't again would be ignorant on our part. How about, from this point forth, we assume Kanye West was 100% serious? How about, for the next 1000 words or so, we actually think about the man and the impact he would have on this country were he given the reigns to run it? Why don't we take the good with the bad, and imagine our country united under the presidential banner of Yeezy? Or, you can just "runaway" now.

See what we did there?

10 We All Get Yeezys

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So of course, the initial news that came out the day after Kanye made his bold statement was the first course of action he would take if he were president. Every American citizen would get their own pair of his shoes, the Yeezys.

Now, non-sneaker heads may not think much of that, but those are $350.00 kicks. We may all know for a fact that Kanye would not actually do this, but what a great campaign lie to start off on.

We're sold so far.

9 The Most "Interesting" First Lady Ever

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Now, please re-read the title of this article. The word we used was INTERESTING president. We didn't say good. We didn't say intense. We didn't say horrible. We said interesting. One of the facts is if Kanye West became president (assuming they would still be married in 2020), Kim Kardashian would be the First Lady.

Granted, we find that as horrifying a prospect as everyone else. But think about White House interviews and magazine covers of her pretending be all professional when you know she just wants to take a selfie and shop.

8 Legal Marijuana

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Let's not mince any words here. Kanye even admitted to smoking some before giving his speech that night. Mr. West knows how to stop and enjoy life's pleasures now and then, and he makes that well known. One such pleasure is smoking the herb. We're pretty sure one of his first decisions (after giving us all his shoes) would be to ensure no one was getting busted for smoking weed. Huzzah to that. Great call, President West!

While life may be heading in this direction anyway, we still like his angle so far and are still on board.

7 Style Police

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This is where stuff starts getting weird. During his MTV speech, Kanye said we would not be slaves to brands, YET, he himself is constantly name dropping clothing designers and label names. Seeing as to how he has his own clothing line and considers fashion so important, would it be weird to assume that Yeezus would make it so all Americans HAD to wear his fashion, lest we be ticketed for looking shabby?

It sounds insane, but this IS Kanye West we are talking about. A man whose ego is so big he had to have the doorways to his home refitted to make room for his massive head.

6 Selective Prison Release

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This is another thing that would have to be thought about when bringing Kanye West to office. Let us not forget the president of the United States has power over everything (right...?). That includes who is kept in and let out of jail. Kanye seems an impassioned man about race and equality in the country, but do you think this could potentially result in him pardoning some convicts based on his own private feelings?

That is the thing about being the president. It CANNOT be about private feelings. One has to make decisions based on the welfare of the populace. One could argue that would not be Kanye's aim. Whatever the case, bringing Kanye in could lead to some changes in the prison system.

5 His Dedication To Causes

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Now everyone may want to write off Kanye West as pompous, but people also need to look into his history of altruism. Yes, we just said Kanye and altruism in the same sentence. Have you heard about how Kanye West gave the biggest donation ever to the Donda House in Chicago (which is a program that provides artistic outlets for kids in that city who may not be exposed to that side of life normally)? Almost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And you probably DIDN'T hear about it because he didn't make a big deal about it.

This tells us that should Kanye West be president, he would be more aware of problems and trying to fix them than most people would probably give him credit for.

Okay, he's winning us back.

4 Women Everywhere

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Seems an odd selling point, but Kanye West has made no allusions to hide the fact that he thinks women are beautiful. He has made no attempt to hide his history with some very lovely (albeit shallow and evil) women. Don't you think if Kanye was running, some of his team would consist of gorgeous, scantily clad women?

While underdressed women all around him may cost him some of the female vote - we couldn't possibly think of a more sexist thing - we all know the male vote would be LOCKED DOWN at that point.

3 Vice-President Jay Z

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Okay, so we may be stretching here, but who do YOU think he would choose as his VP? Half the fun is just going through a bunch of names and trying to lock down one. Would he go political? Would he pick a gorgeous woman to reiterate the last entry on the list? Would he just go insane and pick Jaden Smith?

The reality is, we have no friggin' idea, and half the fun would be so seeing who he chose and how oddly they fit into politics. But seriously, we all know it would be Jay Z.

Oddly enough, we're still on board.

2 Free Education

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Let's be real here. Kanye West would have no reason or incentive to make education for people costly. He came from a lower income family and brought himself up by using his passion and never giving up. Even though he may be an egomaniac, one thing that doesn't make him is unaware of his own youth or how beneficial en education can be (disregard the "College Dropout" thing).

A country run by Kanye West would most likely be a state where education was free or low cost. We may think the man is crazy, but we can assure you, that would land the man enough votes to land him in the White House. Real talk.

We're very much still on board.

1 Kanye Decrees Himself a God

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Again, to remind you one final time, we said INTERESTING president in the title, not good. We all know Kanye West has a serious God complex going on, and we all know he already refers to himself as Yeezus. The thing we need to consider is, if he were given the reigns of presidency, would he decree himself a full-on deity (pretty sure presidents can't do that, but, like, what would stop Yeezy?) or start naming holidays after himself every month?

Yes, he probably would, and it would be a hilarious thing to witness. Kinda like an old actor getting elected president. All aboad for Yeezy in 2020. Should be an interesting ride, though the God complex scares us a bit...


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