10 Real World Animals That Could Be A Pokemon

It has been nearly twenty years since many of us captured our first Pokemon. A video game craze that has spawned countless game sequels, tv shows, films, a card game, an endless stream of toys and even a short-lived theme park. For those of you living under a rock, Pokemon is an adventure game that revolves around children traveling around the world capturing animals gifted with elemental powers, training them and then fighting other trainers in your inevitable goal to become the very best and to capture them all.

The game started with 150 Pokemon and I bet if you clicked this link you could probably name the vast majority of them. Its sequels would expand the world and the creatures into a total of 720. Most of these Pokemon are quite simple and resemble birds, rodents or bugs. While some are just insane, designed by a crazy person and should not exist at all. However, many more of them could have only been created by artists with very unique imaginations.

You may look at these imaginary creatures and think that there is no way that a creature like this could exist in the real world. However, there are a number of real life plants and animals that one could confuse with Pokemon.

10 Dumbo Octopus


9 Narwhal


8 Axolotl ‘The Mexican Walking Fish’

7 Platypus


6 Blue Sea Slug


5 Pangolin

4 Shoebill Stork

3 Proboscis Monkey


2 Golden Crowned Flying Fox


1 Red Panda


So far, every creature on this list has been scary, slimy or strange. However, every trainer needs their Pikachu. The animal friend you don’t have the nerve to put into their Pokeball. More like a raccoon than it is a panda, the only thing it has in common with the panda is that both of them tend to eat nothing but bamboo. These adorable fluff balls are very acrobatic, extremely sociable and natural escape artists. There are many stories of them finding elaborate ways to escape from zoos all around the world. They are also known as a Firefox in some parts of the world, so no doubt if it were a Pokemon it would be the fire equivalent to Pikachu’s electric mouse. However, its main power and greatest strength would be using its cuteness to attract girl trainers to talk to you.

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10 Real World Animals That Could Be A Pokemon