10 Of The Smelliest Rappers In Hollywood

Apparently Kim Kardashian has complained of Kanye West's smelliness and Beyonce has said that singer-songwriter Jay-Z's scent used to actually make her sick. And rappers like Missy Elliott and Flavor Fav have been put down big time for their overall stinkyness. With as much pot smoking as reportedly goes on in the hip-hop world, it won't surprise you that complaints of bad breath and overall weedy smells are all over the place.

Rappers sell themselves on a lot of bad boy, in your face vibes. So why worry about a little thing like bad breath or body odor? What you see is what you get, right? Sometimes it's bad breath, whether from poor hygiene or smoking some substance or another. Sometimes it's stinky feet or sweaty, smelly underarms. Ewe. Sometimes though, it's a little more personal, if you know what we mean. Here are 10 rappers whose music is magic, but whose body odors can leave others gasping.


9 Kanye West

Apparently Kim K isn't smiling. Not one little bit. And it's not just because of her Botox frozen face. According to The National Enquirer, Kanye's feet smell "like rotten cheese", and Kim has taken to getting him to coat them in baby powder. But that's not all. According to the same story, Kanye has odorous sweaty underarms. You'll never guess what Kim reportedly wants him to do. Well, rumor has it that Kim is urging him to have Botox injected into his underarms to get the sweaty pits under control. Apparently, it's a trick used by Hollywood stars on the red carpet to stop those, oh so tacky sweat stains. Kim must know what she's talking about when it comes to Botox.

8 Snoop Dogg


It's a fact: Pot smokers have bad, bad breath and body odor problems. Their breath smells and they reek of the smell of the weed that, literally, oozes from their pores. Maybe they don't care, but what about the rest of us? Let's turn to one of the greats when it comes to pot smoking: Rapper Snoop Dogg. In "Breathe It In", he said it all: "Breathe in, breathe it out, now let it out." And what you let out is not nice. The "Smoke Pot Everyday" songwriter has even bragged that he smoked weed in the White House. According to The Daily Mail,  he went into a White House bathroom and smoked a joint, telling Secret Service men that it was a lit napkin. Like they don't have noses? Remember those stories of Obama and his pot days, and how he said of course he inhaled? That was the whole point. Maybe Snoop and Prez talked weed or lit napkins, or some such.

7 Missy Elliot

Missy Elliott is rapper royalty. The 40-something winner of 5 Grammy Awards, has 6 platinum albums and reportedly has odor problems. In her memoir, Confessions of a Video Vixen, Superhead (a.k.a. Karrine Steffans) said that Missy was smelly in a private kind of way. By the way, Superhead seems to have been one busy girl when it came to bedding rappers. The list is mind-boggling. Other sources have said "she just stinks". After a long battle with Graves disease and an absence from the music scene, she is returning to the music scene, with stand out performances that include the 2015 Super Bowl and new singles with rapper Timbaland.

6 Pusha T

Born Terence Thornton, Pusha T is half of the hip hop duo, Clipse. The 30-something gets the thumbs up (big time) for his music, but apparently his breath leaves something to be desired. In her memoir, Superhead has flat out said that his breath stinks in a big, big way. Also to get the thumbs down in the breath department are rapper Mos Def and Haitian musician, Wyclef Jean. With all those millions they can't afford breath mints? And what was with her story of Usher smelling like fish? Or maybe that was his dressing room. All the same, really. It stinks. Besides, Superhead has also said Usher isn't exactly packing big time. Ouch.

5 Wiz Khalifa

Okay, the man has his own line of rolling papers. That will tell you something. And he could toke with the best of them. And the breath was a problem. Big time. But then Amber Rose came along. Apparently she gets sick at the smell of the stuff (never mind Wiz's breath) and so reports suggest that he gave it up. Now that they are reportedly on the outs, maybe things have changed. And talk about a different kind of smell. Apparently, Amber Rose makes her own stinky. Rumor has it that Wiz is putting out pictures of Amber Rose's dirty house, complete with dog poop lying around on the floor. Stinky couple, we think. What can you say about people who would name their kid "Bash"? We think the divorce is going to get down and dirty. We can't wait.

4 Busta Rhymes


Apparently, none other than Diddy (who himself usually ranks high in the bad breath stakes) has said Busta's breath smells like "horse sh*t". That's pretty graphic, we think. Notorious for his bad breath, Busta also tends to spit as he talks, leaving you drenched in his smell. Not a nice thought. From the man who brought you the 2012 disc, Year of the Dragon comes dragon breath that reportedly lingers long after he has left the building. But with his mean, bad a** vibe, who's gonna have the nerve to break the news? No word on what Busta thinks of Diddy dissing him. And Diddy is hardly one to complain. His bad breath is legendary. Or nightmarish.

3 Lil Wayne

The teeth are more than a little scary, not to mention expensive.The man who brought you "I Am Not a Human Being" and weed, go way back. Some have said he smells of the stuff big time. Reeks of it even. The man who recently threw a mic and stormed off stage at a concert, reportedly had trouble selling a condo because of a certain pervasive smell. And it wasn't fish odor, trust us. The New Orleans native is known for his music, but also for his temper and his, well, weed-like smell. Some uncharitable souls have said he gives the impression that he smells like he just came in from recess or like something from a corner of the New York subway. Now, play nice children.


2 Jay-Z


Like celebrities the world over, Beyonce and Jay-Z have put out fragrances. So, in this case, it's not so much bad body odor, but the wrong kind of body odor. Cologne kind of smell. Apparently when she was pregnant with their first child, the smell of his signature scent made her stomach churn. But then she has admitted that her smell sensors were in overdrive. Now, she should talk, as some have said that Beyonce and her breath leave a lot to be desired. But then, at the end of the day, Queen B and Jay-Z smell mostly of crisp green money. And lots and lots of it.

1 Flavor Flav

He became famous with the group Public Enemy, and he's been in and out of jail and been in trouble with the law on a number of fronts since adolescence. The 50-something has the real 'bad boy thing' going on. Apparently, he also smells, body odor, breath you name it. Still a force in the music biz, he and in your face Public Enemy released "Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp" in 2012. The father of 7 (yes 7) seems to have had a string of bad luck events, including getting busted for speeding and possession on the way to his mother's funeral. No word from the many women in his life as to their opinion on his smell.



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